Rave Fashion Trends: Reflective Rave Clothing

Reflective rave wear has been the hottest trend for music festival goers. Reflective clothing comes in all forms and is worn as a statement piece to any outfit. As their name suggests, these pieces reflect the lights from the festival and give your outfit a striking glow. These pieces are instantly noticeable, which makes it so eye catching and popular at the rave scene when it's hard to distinguish yourself amongst so many people.
July 29, 2020
Tags: rave outfits

Lychee the Label: Refreshed Collection

Introducing our latest collection: Lychee Refreshed. With the suggestions we took into consideration from our amazing Lychee fanbase, we have re-designed our existing best sellers.
July 22, 2020

2019 Lychee the Label Collection

Lychee the Label launched in June of 2019. And throughout this year, we introduced a variety of streetwear apparel inspired by a K-pop aesthetic. We focused on bringing styles that spoke to the modern women - something that can empower and make anyone look as good as they feel. Today we're going to take a look at our 2019 collection and revisit a few of our favorites.
July 18, 2020

COVID-19 Shipping Delays

Due to difficulties of transportation and changing border regulations, our carriers are experiencing severe delays with all our shipments. During this time, we would like to note that delivery dates cannot be guaranteed anymore and should be seen as a guideline for an estimate date of delivery instead.
July 15, 2020

Lychee the Label: One Year Anniversary

In light of our one year anniversary since launch, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that believed and supported us. Our first year with Lychee the Label was truly an incredible journey that would not have been the same without the amazing community we built around our #LycheeGirls. To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to share a bit about our brand and its humble beginnings with our fans.
July 09, 2020