Top 6 BLACKPINK Fashion Inspired Outfits

We know you've been looking for where to shop for BLACKPINK stage outfits or, honestly, all BLACKPINK clothes! BLACKPINK fashion really embodies the latest streetwear style trends and each member looks so confident rocking iconic outfits on stage. Sometimes, we just want to look and feel the exact same way--but obviously, on a budget and in a more toned down alternative for casual wear. While we don't dress BLACKPINK ourselves (we wish!), our clothing is inspired by streetwear style BLACKPINK fashion. Here are our top six picks for pieces inspired by iconic BLACKPINK outfits that you can find here at Lychee the Label. 

Jennie BLACKPINK Inspired Kpop Outfits

jennie black pink stage outfit plaid matching set black and white

Jennie wore a matching black and white plaid outfit in her performance of KILL THIS LOVE that meshed perfectly. Both the tube top and skirt feature a triple strap and zip up. You know how much we love adding strap details to our own clothes at Lychee the Label. Jennie also layered her tube top over a short sleeve dress shirt that gave the outfit a modest appeal. This look gave off a business casual vibe, but 90% casual. This outfit shows off a streetwear look that is both feminine and sophisticated! Here is our pick for some Lychee the Label pieces inspired by this Jennie's look. This is one of the classic BLACKPINK fashion looks that inspired us when we opened Lychee the Label. 

 lychee the label plaid print skirt and top in black and white

      An alternative to the plaid tube top above, the Raspberry Plaid Waist Strap Crop Top is a great option with spaghetti straps for those that feel less daring. The top features a similar classic plaid print that you can never go wrong with. It’s both cropped and has a zip up right in the middle. Instead of the three straps that go across the torso, the Raspberry Plaid Waist Strap Crop Top features one strap that wraps near the bottom by the waist for a cleaner look. 

          The Salt n’ Pepper Plaid Suspender Skirt can be a great alternative if you’re looking for more of a bodycon fit in comparison to Jennie’s original outfit. Featuring the same matching plaid print as the Raspberry Plaid Waist Strap Crop Top, the skirt also has straps right at the top middle of the skirt. Additionally, this skirt actually comes with suspender straps that can be worn both on or off for that edgy Kpop feel. 
          jennie blackpink white and black classy stage outfit

          Here's another iconic look from Jennie during her performance. BLACKPINK Jennie outfits stand out with their dimension, such as above with the multilayered open side skirt. She sported this gorgeous outfit that just caught our attention right away. Giving slight flight attendant vibes, the pinstripe color blocking top definitely elevates the look and gives it a level of sophistication. In contrast, she wore a flirty and edgy side slit skirt that featured dangling chain details. Check out our pick for some pieces inspired by another look of Jennie's. 

          chain detail open side skirt on purple hair model


            A similar alternative to Jennie’s black chain skirt is the Mochi Button Strap Skort. Featuring similar open side skirt details, both black skirts have the iconic side slit, except the Mochi Button Strap Skort has mock shorts underneath that come attached to the skirt. Our skort also features an extra strap detail on the thigh that is fully adjustable. Further, there are two button details that are seen side by side rather than stacked on top of each other. The chain detail is not located across the shorts, but rather draped across the entire skort from the belt loop.

            Lisa BLACKPINK Inspired Kpop Outfits 

            lisa black pink stage outfit matching set in black and white on stage

            In Thailand, BLACKPINK Lisa's outfit was the perfect mix of girly and sporty. BLACKPINK Lisa wore an iconic Kpop outfit that was sure to turn heads. Combining futuristic techwear with modern streetwear, she wore an asymmetrical white bomber that wrapped around her torso. Below, she was decked out in a unique open side slit pleated skirt that exposed the side of her shorts, similar to our Mochi Button Strap Skort above. The schoolgirl style skirt was cropped to a short and flirty length and was clasped on Lisa’s side. The outfit was daring and played with color blocking several neutral tones. Here is our pick for some pieces inspired by this very look.  

            reflective cropped bomber jacket on red hair model

                While Lisa had her bomber slashed in half, the overall shape and aesthetic of a high cropped bomber still stays true in our take on the streetwear bomber style. With sleeves fitted tightly at the wrist and the neckline rising to expose any top layered below, the Gelato Cropped Reflective Bomber is a great inspired alternative for a futuristic feel. While Lisa’s original bomber was made of a shiny white fabric, our Gelato Cropped Reflective Bomber here is instead highly reflective and takes on a whiter tone when light is shined on it. 

                cross strap waist strap crop top and plaid slit skirt on red hair model looking in the mirror
                  The skirt Lisa wore is unique in the sense that it cuts off at the side and only wraps to cover 3/4 of the way around. Our pick for an inspired skirt is the Latte Adjustable Side Slit Plaid Skirt, which features the same pleated tennis skirt and slit side style. Both have the option of wrapping a belt around and clasping it at the side, leaving it quite easy to adjust for a perfect fit on your waist. While her skirt is a muted grey color, we opted for more of a statement plaid skirt and went with the black and white plaid print for our inspired look. 
                  Lisa Blackpink stage black asymmetrical outfit
                  Lisa came out rocking this all black fit during the IN YOUR AREA tour of 2018-2020. Although quite simple and muted, the shapes and cuts of her Kpop streetwear outfit gave it a fierce minimal look. She was spotted wearing an asymmetrical long sleeve top that had a strap going across one side of her shoulder. She wore a pair of simple black bottoms that was decked out in a sparkly black holster attached by the waist. Here is our pick for some pieces inspired by Lisa's second look. 
                  asymmetrical reflective crop top and black shorts on purple hair model
                    Her top can be best compared to the Hazelnut Asymmetrical Reflective Top. Both tops feature a snug fit with an asymmetrical strap that attaches at the shoulder. The Hazelnut Asymmetrical Reflective Top has one full length sleeve, with an added bonus of reflective piping that goes all the way down from the shoulders. The shoulder strap also has a metallic buckle detail. Both tops can be described very similarly, with the inspired top having slightly more details than the top Lisa is seen wearing.

                    Rose BLACKPINK Inspired Kpop Outfit

                    rose blackpink mesh top with lace up detailing on stage
                    We loved this all-black fierce look from Rosé. BLACKPINK Rose outfits are always fierce and edgy, and we're here for it. Here you can see she went with a dark mesh theme, with mesh fabric found on both her top and the wrap around her shorts. Her long sleeve mesh top can be seen layered with a simple black tube top. There are lace up details found along the front of her skirt, with ribbons draping loosely below. She finished the outfit with simple black shorts to keep it minimal and clean. Here is our pick for some pieces inspired by Rosé's look. 
                    mesh top with waist strap and black strappy shorts on pink hair model with black face mask
                      The most iconic part about this Kpop outfit is definitely her unique top. The Espresso Mesh Buckle Detail Top is a great top inspired by this look. Featuring the same long sleeve mesh detail, this top is actually layered over its own built in mesh tank top inside. Rather than the lace up detail on Rosé's top, this top features two drawstring details that can be cinched up higher. In addition, the Espresso Mesh Buckle Detail Top also features an added bonus fully adjustable buckle waist strap. 

                      Jisoo BLACKPINK Inspired Kpop Outfit

                      jisoo blackpink harness top in an all black attire on stage performing
                      Jisoo can be seen rocking an outfit that just embodies Kpop streetwear. With all the layers of clothing and accessories, she is able to create so much dimension in this outfit. She can be seen wearing a black tank, layered over with a long sleeve drawstring mesh top, similar to the Espresso Mesh Buckle Detail Top above. On top of that she is wearing half of a structured dress shirt with added labels and pocket details. To pull it all together, her adjustable leather harness cinches the layers into place and keeps her waist looking snatched! Here is our pick for some pieces inspired by Jisoo's look. 
                      adjustable double waist strap harness and strappy shorts on purple hair model
                        What we loved most about this outfit was her harness. It really pulled the whole look together by bringing shape back to all the layers. Our dupe for her leather harness is the Passionfruit Adjustable Double Strap Harness. Featuring the same detail of being fully adjustable, this harness has multiple clasps that can loosen both the shoulder strap and waist straps. While leather could be a little bulky and intimidating to wear for day-to-day activities, the fabric of the Passion Fruit harness is more catered for everyday casual wear. It features the same double waist strap detail as well. 
                        These are our top six BLACKPINK outfit dupes. We've got even more pieces for you to mix and match your own BLACKPINK inspired outfits. Find our entire collection here: Kpop fashion BLACKPINK shop. We wanted to showcase outfits that still represent that edgy streetwear BLACKPINK style that they tend to wear as BLACKPINK stage outfits, while still being affordable enough for the average consumers to readily buy! Who is your favorite member of  BLACKPINK and which outfit would you rock out of all of them? We can’t decide whose team we are on--they're all such powerful female figures that truly empower and inspire all of us.  For more Kpop outfit inspiration, check out our BTS inspired outfits blog post for your daily binge on Kpop outfits! Looking to channel that Kpop star energy? Check out our guide on how to dress like a k-pop star. Once your base outfit's looking on point, you'll want to shop Kpop jewelry. With the full ensemble ready, check out our top Kpop apps to make you look your best on social media.
                        September 23, 2020