Shopping for Kpop Jewelry 

We all know that an outfit is never complete until you accessorize. The finishing touches often make the biggest difference due to the extra detailing and effort you put into a look. Here at Lychee the Label, we love the Kpop style and embrace it wholeheartedly as our everyday streetwear look. But our Kpop inspired outfit will not feel perfectly completed without some Kpop accessories to go along with it. This includes Kpop rings, Kpop necklaces, Kpop earrings and inspired Korean celebrity jewelry in general. For those that are new to the style, it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out what exactly is considered Kpop jewelry. As experts in the field, we’re about to show you a whole new world of Kpop jewelry and help you figure out the trendiest styles to go with your Kpop outfit and look. Some of these shops may be familiar to you from our 5 best Kpop shops to find online. Here’s our take on what to look for when buying Kpop jewelry. 

Where to buy Kpop jewelry


This popular website was also featured in our blog post about where to buy the best Kpop merch. Not surprisingly, they also have a Kpop jewelry section that is nothing short of impressive. With over 36 pages of Kpop Jewelry to choose from, you will find yourself browsing for hours on their vast selections. Interestingly enough, they are also one of the only websites that categorizes and filters your selection by specific Kpop groups! From BTS, SNSD to BIG BANG and EXO, search for your specific Kpop inspired jewelry at this one-stop-shop for Kpop jewelry and merch. You can find their selection in the jewelry section of their website. 


One of the best shops you can buy your Kpop jewelry from on Etsy, Perfice sells a variety of Kpop necklaces, Kpop rings, and Kpop earrings. This small business attempts to replicate popular pieces worn by specific Kpop groups, so if you have a particular piece in mind that you saw your celebrity crush rocked, this could be your chance! Her specialty lies in Kpop earrings, but she also offers amazing mystery jewelry box that comes with jewelry and BTS merch that could range from a Tshirt to notebooks or even one of their official bags. Shipping is free and her shop has thousands of amazing reviews to stand by her product. A shop worth checking for Korean celebrity jewelry. Check our Perfice to shop for handmade and personalized jewelry. 


If you’re not looking to wear replicas of your favorite Kpop artist’s jewelry, perhaps you might want to wear jewelry that is inspired by your love for the group! ShopMOONGEE specializes in custom engraving Kpop rings. From BTS to SEVENTEEN rings, you are able to choose between your color, size and even font. This shop is based in the US, and offers free shipping within it. The most endearing thing about this shop, however, is the personalized touches added to every order. Thousands of reviews raved about the Kpop freebies and adorable packaging that comes with every order. Check out this shop’s custom engraving for Kpop jewelry over at shopMOONGEE. 

What to look for in your KPop Jewelry 

Kpop Earrings

The earrings may be the most iconic part of a Kpop outfit’s accessories. They’re often the focal point of the Kpop jewelry worn as they get the most attention, being so close to the star’s face. A common style seen in Kpop earrings is the asymmetrical and mismatching look. Often, we will find that a pair will feature the same design, but one side might have an additional added detail, such as dangling chains. This mismatched look is popular and common among both men and women jewelry. To rock your Kpop look and bring your whole outfit together, try matching your outfit with mismatched dangling earrings! 

a flat lay of silver dangling kpop earrings

Kpop Rings

You’ll often find that rings are rarely worn on their own when it comes to Kpop jewelry. Celebrities love to layer and stack a variety of rings to bring attention to their hands. Rings that stand on their own are usually sturdier and more of a statement piece, while rings that stack amongst each other are daintier and thinner. Rings are not limited to your middle three fingers as many people conventionally like to wear them. It’s almost encouraged to go outside of the box and wear statement rings on your thumb, or very tiny dainty rings on your pinky. Have a go and play around with existing rings you have to see what you can mix, match and stack for your look. 

kpop rings worn on three fingers on the same hand

Kpop Necklaces

Depending on the look you are going for, your choice of the necklace will be affected. Most common in the Kpop world right now is the use of layering necklaces through a variety of lengths. Chokers and longer necklaces compliment each other very well to offer depth and interest to your outfit as it draws the eyes further out. While you can opt for a more minimal look, the dangling jewelry aesthetic has been rather trendy on necklaces, as you will often find these days. If the Kpop aesthetic is not what you’re going for, you’ll find that fans often wear nameplates of their favorite Kpop groups to honor their love and support for them! 

delicate kpop necklace over a jewelry plate


Now that you have a better idea of what to look out for in your Kpop jewelry, don't forget to find your matching fit with our recommendations on Blackpink outfit dupes! Remember, there is a lot of versatility when it comes to jewelry and you can go in many different directions. There are several Kpop jewelry stores that offer jewelry based on a replica of popular jewelry worn by Korean celebrities, but there are also many shops that offer jewelry that features logos, symbols or names of your favorite Kpop group. Either way, you are open to exploring either option when it comes down to what you want to match your clothes with. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out Lychee the Label’s section of Kpop jewelry to create your Kpop outfit base with! For more tips on Kpop style, be sure to read up on our tips on How to dress like a Kpop star too!

April 23, 2021
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