Where does it all begin?

Here at Lychee the Label, we prioritize small but thoughtful clothing releases. Our new arrivals occur on a rarer basis compared to other brands as we manage the entire release process from design to launch with just two people heading the operation.
lychee the label design overview
Our designs always start with an idea of a clothing niche to fill. For example, we’ve always loved the idea of skirts, from pleated to bodycon, but noticed they can be rather impractical. As such, we love to include hidden shorts in our skirts whenever possible! All our designs start with something we find lacking in women's streetwear that we would like to solve.
rosehip dress drawing

Sketching it out

Once we have a general idea in mind, we begin the sketching process. 
clothing sketches
We then work with our supplier to work through the best material for the fabric movement, thickness, and overall feel that we want. This involves going through several swatches to find the perfect one for the new arrival.
Once that’s decided, we receive a sample–essentially our drawing come to life! We test run these samples and note any issues, whether it is with practicality or overall look. We’ll discuss and iterate on our designs until we arrive at the perfect piece to share with you.

Follow along at our Instagram @lycheethelabel for more behind-the-scenes of our design process!

After the final design is settled on, we as the co-founders will prepare for the launch with a photo shoot. We make sure to take photos of our clothing in action and from various angles to give you a better sense of how it looks worn, as we do not have a brick-and-mortar store. We aim to provide clear descriptions and photos of every piece to make your online shopping experience smoother!