Our goal here at Lychee the Label is to provide aspiring fashion icons with the latest Asian streetwear pieces to stand out and embody their uniqueness. We make it accessible and affordable for anyone who strives to look as good as they feel. With the saturation of basic fast fashion dominating the market, we want to appeal to the women out there who want to stand out and feel empowered and edgy, both inside and out. Clothes are a different avenue of self expression, and we truly believe that it is the most obvious way to assert your style and independence. We want to give women the ability and tools to do so by having access to fashion and streetwear that speaks to them wholeheartedly.

Lychee The Label aims to rebrand streetwear by giving it a feminine edge. Too often do we find pieces out here that are labelled modern streetwear, only to have it take the form of something a little more genderless and unisex. There is a saturation in streetwear clothes that tend to gravitate towards joggers and your typical hoodies. Though street fashion traditionally catered to men, we want to provide our Lychee Girls with pieces that rival our male streetwear counterparts that oversaturate the streetwear market and bring forth a wider variety of clothes that actually flatter and is made with women in mind. This includes more than just joggers and hoodies, and extend far into categories such as shorts, skirts, crop tops, jackets and more. We believe the variation of streetwear clothes available to women will give us girls a larger pool of choices when it comes to self expression. With a mix of soft grunge and tech wear aesthetics, we want our customers to always be the baddest babe rocking clothes that are bound to turn heads.

Launched in the summer of 2019, Lychee the Label came to be through two aspiring fashion bloggers that met through their mutual love for asian streetwear. With our desire to make a mark in the female streetwear industry, we sought out the plan to bring this dream into reality. While passionate about streetwear fashion on the current markets today, we were also passionate about the importance of Asian representation in society and media. As a result, all photos shot and shown on Lychee the Label are taken by the co-founders themselves. Our inclusion of Asian representation doesn't just stop there--it goes beyond the photos and into every individual product as well, as many of the clothes are initially inspired by popular Asian foods we personally grew up with such as Mochi, Bao, Tiramisu and Sago to name a few. We wanted to leave a mark in a number of ways, and Asian representation along with women empowerment in everything we do in Lychee the Label always stands at the forefront.

Originally operated both in New York City and Toronto, we continued to expand and we are happy to announce that Lychee the Label operates and fully ships from our Los Angeles headquarters. While we had originally only shipped within the US, Lychee the Label has now also expanded to ship to several countries including Canada, Australia and the UK. Our social platforms have also extended beyond the countries we currently ship to, as we have gathered followers from all over the world seeking to represent Lychee the Label. We have grown beyond our Instagram platform and have now made a presence on several other socials such as Tik Tok, Pinterest and of course Twitter.

As two aspiring fashion icons ourselves, we wanted to launch a brand that reflects what we felt was missing in the market today. Clothes are the greatest expression of our creativity, and we want to push everyone to be in control of what they want to reflect from themselves.

Keep up with us at our socials @lycheethelabel for the latest updates. Our Instagram platform showcases daily inspiration from both our co-founders and customers alike. Join us on Tik Tok to see Lychee the Label in action! Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates on new stocks and arrivals. Join our family and be a #LycheeGirl by tagging us at @lycheethelabel and #LycheexMe on your social media platforms. We love browsing through them and it gives us the chance to feature you on own social platforms as well. We love seeing our Lychee Fam style their fits.