Women's Streetwear

Inspired by streetwear aesthetics, Lychee the Label aims to bring a feminine edge to women’s streetwear. Featuring women’s streetwear fashion with a modern urban twist.

Our Mission

We’re a women-owned company of just two and super proud of it. We personally know the struggle of searching for cute and edgy women’s streetwear outfits. We’ve been there, scrolling endlessly through inspiration images but not finding any easily accessible styles. After all, our inspiration to create Lychee the Label was founded on this very struggle. We believe it shouldn’t be as difficult as it is to shop womens streetwear styles. It’s especially hard to find inspiration for womens urban clothing styles, especially those easily wearable day-to-day. That’s where we come in! Our mission is to create and share women’s streetwear trends, taking inspiration from the masculine and utilitarian traditional mens streetwear style and brands. No longer will womens streetwear clothing be as restrictive or unattainable in styles.  We provide the trendiest and edgiest streetwear outfits but womens. We’re aiming to make womens streetwear more feminine, more modernized, and more accessible--meant for the modern urban woman. We want women to feel empowered with our new view of streetwear culture. You can see these original streetwear clothing influences in each of our pieces with edgy aesthetic crop tops, strappy plaid mini and a-line skirts, and reflective techwear joggers. Hypebeast who? Make way for hype bae. 

Best selling

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We’ve got the latest hookups for all your streetwear clothing girls. We’ve taken your basics and elevated them to create our personal take on womens urban streetwear. Need inspiration for womens streetwear outfits? You don’t have to worry at all. Yep, we've got you covered there too! Each of our product pages features individual photo galleries of our favorite Lychee Girls (and us!) in their own personalized take on outfits put together with our own streetwear clothing pieces. So many unique combinations of our styles exist, as we pride ourselves on having easily paired and easily layered pieces. We're getting new arrivals in stock every week, so make sure to check back often! We’ve got super cropped jackets to show off tops, mesh layers for over or under, and chain accessories to top it all off. Looking for more streetwear outfit inspiration? Our Instagram @lycheethelabel features daily posts so you’ll have no issue styling our pieces with each other. Our Instashop makes it easy to shop our Instagram posts, as we've gone ahead and tagged all products featured in each post! Want to be featured once you try out (and fall in love with, we’re sure!) our womens streetwear pieces? Drop us a tag or a mention! We love sharing all the creative looks you girls have come up with. If you're looking for a sign to buy a specific outfit, check back on our Promos page often as we'll often have deals for specific tops and bottoms that we personally have loved styling together. 

black sweater with a chest cutout

Reflective jackets, crop tops with straps, belts, chains, mesh, and more inspired womens streetwear details -- streetwear clothing girls, you know we got you in that aspect. Whether you’re looking for an all-out reflective attention-grabbing outfit or just dipping your toes into womens streetwear for the first time, we’ve got urban streetwear clothing styles that you’re sure to love. What better to wear for those nights out than our most extra and reflective pieces that’ll have you standing out from everyone? You’ll be set at concerts, festivals, or raves with our rave outfits for women. Check out our reflective cropped bomber and reflective ribbon socks when you want to stand out, or a pleated plaid mini skirt and short shorts combo for when you want to dance freely. Who needs to carry bags at a rave when our pants and jeans come with additional aesthetic and practical pockets? We've even taken basic t-shirts and created edgy upgrades. Want to wear a crop top but also be warm? Try our easily layered mesh tops and shirts along with our cropped jackets and hoodies. Top it off with some thigh high socks on the bottom and you can dance the night away---even in colder weather. We’ve got womens streetwear clothing pieces for every single occasion, from a casual brunch out with friends to a rave night beyond your wildest dreams.

black sweater with a chest cutout
leg strap shorts
mesh drawstring waist strap top

All of our womens urban streetwear clothing has a little extra touch, whether it’s a cropped shirt with metal hardware additions or contrasting color straps for days. Our goal is to make that womens urban clothing aesthetic really pop--even if you love to wear all black just like us. We’ve got the latest womens streetwear trends up for grabs and we’re constantly announcing new drops for every season. We may be a small business, but we aim to move fast and keep your closet constantly looking fresh. Lychee the Label is founded by two women who wear many hats but seek to continually provide the best shopping experience. Not only that, we’ve recently added support for sizes Small through Extra Large with a goal of expanding our size selection further as our capacity grows. Our clothing maintains the balance of accessibility and quality with each of our custom designed styles. Check out our New In collection of streetwear clothing for females for our latest drops. Our womens streetwear clothing aims to be extra so you can show off your personality. Not only that, but our streetwear clothing is practical too. We’ve added pockets to skirts to hold all your goodies because we know that struggle of not wanting to carry your phone or a heavy purse in your hand all day. Love to dance? We have shorts that pair with our bestselling adjustable open side slit skirts to move around freely, and adjustable straps and belts for days on most of our styles. Get your festival shoes ready. Let your loud personality show through your womens streetwear fashion outfits as well. Stand out anywhere you go, all day every day. We’re not afraid to be extra, and we know you aren’t either. You may have heard of household streetwear brands, such as Nike and Adidas. We're here to change the game as the next rising women streetwear site. Before, the streetwear scene focused on men. Please, we're here to steal the spotlight. Catch us in the news as a top 100 rising women's streetwear brand based out of New York and Los Angeles. We're creating items with a luxury street designer experience and design, without the huge cost. And yes, we have international shipping too. Questions about your orders, how to track an order, returns, shipping conditions, or our brand? We're always available to help. Email us today at hello@lycheethelabel.com or check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Looking for inspiration? Check out our Instagram account and Pinterest boards. No YouTube yet, but reach out if you post a video--we'd love to shout you out.

Lychee the Label, the one-stop-shop modern womens streetwear brand.