Inspired by K-Pop harness fashion, this  womens’ body harness features adjustable shoulder straps and a double adjustable waist strap detail.

Fabric contents: 80% Polyester 20% Rayon.

Size & Fit

Model wears size Small. Style runs large as it is meant to be worn over other layers.

Please double check the size chart, specifically your bust area to see if the fit would work, as the harness strap does go over parts of the chest.

Size Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Length (cm)
S 81 64 19
M 86 69 20
L 91 74 21
XL 98 81 22
Size Bust (in) Waist (in) Length (in)
S 32 25 7.5
M 34 27 8
L 36 29 8
XL 39 32 8.5

Finally, Lychee the Label dropped a K-Pop harness inspired by the edgy fashion of the Korean music scene, and it's a total baddie. Our Passion Fruit Harness features four fully adjustable straps. Two of them are located right at the shoulder to allow versatility in how low you want this adjustable strap harness to fit, whether it's under the bust or over the bust. There are two more straps found at the waistline which can secure your top as tight or as loose as you want it to be. Pairing it with a fitted top? The tightest option might work best for you as it will stay tight and snug around your waistline, guaranteeing you look good day or night! Pairing this K-Pop harness it with a bulky oversized dress skirt? You might want some leeway--loosen it a few notches to give you an effortless streetwear style fit while maintaining some shape on your waistline for an hourglass look. 

Our Passionfruit Adjustable Harness will keep your waistline looking cinched and curvy with anything you choose to layer it with. Either way, you have a ton of control when it comes to adjusting this K-Pop harness for all your streetwear outfits. The harness is made to ensure the utmost comfort as you snap away for your Twitter post or Instagram pictures. Typically harnesses can be quite intimidating and edgy to wear. You’ll love how our lightweight and comfortable wearable K-Pop harness option will have you gravitating towards pulling it from your closet on a daily basis.

Pair our rave harness with:
  • An oversized loose tee
  • An oversized loose boyfriend dress shirt
  • A plain fitted top you want to add dimension to

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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews

This harness makes me feel powerful okay I love it

Christina O.
Fit: Runs small
Order up

If you have boobs, you need to size up. I'm 32DD and the L fits snugly across the chest. I ordered a S many years ago and it just sat in my closet because I couldn't get it to close around the boob area. The shoulder straps for both of them are really weird and super long, so that is a bit awkward.


I like it! it’s super cute and easy to put on.

Perfect staple to dress up a look !

Looove this harness ! It seriously can dress up any basic/plain top and really elevate your look ! It also pairs well with anything else strappy/or oversized, and paired especially great with a crop top ! The only gripe is that even in a small, it is loose/can fall off the shoulders even on the tightest loop setting ! This is also coming from someone with narrow/petite shoulders ! So it definitely runs a bit large (at least at the shoulder area !)
For reference: Bust: 34in Waist: 25in Size: Small

Overall happy

This is a tough one to review. I pored over the other reviews to figure out what size to get and I like... somewhat did ok? I frequently struggle with straps being too long so I ordered the Small to avoid that. I am glad I did that because it fits the top at the shortest adjustment setting and I'd worry a Medium would be too long. However, the ubderbust straps are quite tight. It's not uncomfortable but there's definitely not really wiggle room and I'm at the widest open adjustment strap. My bust is somewhere between 36-38" and my waist is 27". Should I have gotten a medium? Maybe. But this does still look good and my fear of too long shoulder straps is just too overwhelming!!

Years-long dream finally came true LOL

I’ve wanted this harness for at least three years. I finally put the money down and have no regrets, it layers great with everything. I bought it to layer over basic t-shirts like the model did to make them way more interesting, and it’s great for that.

alyssa s.

I work in the music industry and I’ve been looking for cute black accessories to add to my collection. This is by far a favorite of mine. I want to order another just to have 😆 I feel so sexy in it and it’s a bonus it can be adjusted to fit anything I’m wearing!!