Inspired by K-Pop harness fashion, this  womens’ body harness features adjustable shoulder straps and a double adjustable waist strap detail.

Fabric contents: 80% Polyester 20% Rayon.

Size & Fit

Model wears size Small. Style runs large as it is meant to be worn over other layers.

Please double check the size chart, specifically your bust area to see if the fit would work, as the harness strap does go over parts of the chest.

Size Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Length (cm)
S 81 64 19
M 86 69 20
L 91 74 21
XL 98 81 22
Size Bust (in) Waist (in) Length (in)
S 32 25 7.5
M 34 27 8
L 36 29 8
XL 39 32 8.5

Finally, Lychee the Label dropped a K-Pop harness inspired by the edgy fashion of the Korean music scene, and it's a total baddie. Our Passion Fruit Harness features four fully adjustable straps. Two of them are located right at the shoulder to allow versatility in how low you want this adjustable strap harness to fit, whether it's under the bust or over the bust. There are two more straps found at the waistline which can secure your top as tight or as loose as you want it to be. Pairing it with a fitted top? The tightest option might work best for you as it will stay tight and snug around your waistline, guaranteeing you look good day or night! Pairing this K-Pop harness it with a bulky oversized dress skirt? You might want some leeway--loosen it a few notches to give you an effortless streetwear style fit while maintaining some shape on your waistline for an hourglass look. 

Our Passionfruit Adjustable Harness will keep your waistline looking cinched and curvy with anything you choose to layer it with. Either way, you have a ton of control when it comes to adjusting this K-Pop harness for all your streetwear outfits. The harness is made to ensure the utmost comfort as you snap away for your Twitter post or Instagram pictures. Typically harnesses can be quite intimidating and edgy to wear. You’ll love how our lightweight and comfortable wearable K-Pop harness option will have you gravitating towards pulling it from your closet on a daily basis.

Pair our rave harness with:
  • An oversized loose tee
  • An oversized loose boyfriend dress shirt
  • A plain fitted top you want to add dimension to

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Emily R.
So cool and versatile!

So it does run a little large, but this is one of the funnest and most versatile pieces of dancewear I’ve ever owned! It can go on top of anything and make it bada$$; basic t shirts, fancy lace dresses, crop tops and dance bras…it’s emphasizes everything! Super love it ❤️

Absolutely love

Okay don't question it just get it! I listened to some reviews that it's a bit bigger (in case you wanna layer it over thick clothes) but the style I wanted to do was tighter tops so I went for a size below what I normally do and the straps were perfect! ❤️

Mercedes M.
Super cute!

The harness is great quality and sturdy, and has lots of adjustment options. I do tighten it to the tightest ones and got a small though I’m usually an XS so maybe size down since there’s plenty of adjustment!

Great product, runs a little big!

The harness is very comfortable and beautiful, I really enjoy the style and the quality is great. It doesn't quite fit me as an under-bust harness, it's too loose in the top strap so I wear that one across my chest instead of under and I'm on the smallest setting for everything (for reference I'm a 30D, 5'5", and I purchased a small). However this does not bother me because I like that style, but if you're smaller and expecting it to look like the photos it might fit you a little differently!

Too Fye

I love this harness. I never thought this type of style would fit me. But it did. And happy that I ordered this piece. I will definitely be shopping here again

Laura S.
My all time fave. I got 2.

Absolute fave. Once I fell on love with the first one I got and how its a vibe with everything. I immediately ordered a second bc I fear it'll not exist ever again and then I'll need another one for however long I can make them last lololol. ABSOLUTE LOVE.


Good quality, sizing is a bit odd though. I went with an L it fits but I have to use the first or second hole. Which makes me think I should have gone with an XL for a comfy fit. However the straps for the arms (?) are so longgggg they keep slipping of my shoulders. So I can only imagine how long XL will be. Anyways I can fix the shoulder straps so this works for me and for reference my bra size is 38B. Depending on the look you prefer you might want to size up. But for this I wanted a fitted look so it works out.