Features adjustable double-layered buckle shoulder strap and adjustable stretchy waist strap.

Fabric contents: 100% Cotton.

Size & Fit

Model wears size Small.

Size Bust (cm) Length (cm)
S 81 13
M 86 14
L 91 15
XL 98 16
Size Bust (in) Length (in)
S 32 5
M 34 5
L 36 6
XL 39 6


You already know. At Lychee the Label, we take the basics and elevate it to exactly what you’re looking for. Who knew your tube top just needed straps? Actually, we did. Inspired by our first classic, the Grass Jelly Strap Crop Top, we decided to ramp it up a notch and give you even more studs, clasp and metallic details without you even asking. The new Sesame Cross Strap Top features the same cross crop top aesthetic with a thicker neckline strap that features two metallic hoops per row. It’s secured with a thick and sturdy clasp that is held over on one side of the crop. The metallic clasp is made from a rustic matte finish. This strap can be fully adjustable to be worn across your neckline or even over as a simple straight strap. Additionally this crop top also features another adjustable strap found right at the waistline. This allows you to adjust for a perfect fit without sagging or discomfort. The Sesame Cross Strap Crop Top is an edgy streetwear statement piece that will have you feeling powerful and in charge. This top is a bold statement piece that will complement your grunge theme outfits and will have you turning heads. 

Mix and Match
Our Sesame Cross Strap Top can be worn with a number of Lychee the Label goodies. This crop top goes best with our Mochi Strap Chain Skort as it features the same adjustable strap detail found across the thigh. For something a little more toned down, this crop top also works very well with our versatile Starfruit Pocket Denim Shorts which allows for a more everyday casual streetwear look. Finish off both outfits with our Charcoal Thigh High Socks for a cozy autumn street look. Our Sesame Cross Strap Crop Top works best with a strapless bra, or our Waterproof Silicone Covers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
why is everything so soft <3

Not structured at all, it's like a bandeau with a strap in the same fabric and but the buckle is light so it doesn't pull on the strap. Genius and cute idk. True to size and the sizing chart is accurate and very helpful :)

Maliah T.

The fabric is soft and the way it wraps around your shoulder is so nice! Definitely points for how soft it is!

Lina W.

Looks amazing on and fits well


I am absolutely OBSESSED with this crop top. I literally can wear it with anything, it’s such a beautiful k-pop street style look. It looks just like in pictures. I am so amazed, I WANT MORE.

Sexy Top

Wow. The straps seriously make this crop top. It’s surprisingly comfortable and it’s fun that you can wear the top strap over different shoulders. It’s a bit revealing, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? It’s not so revealing that your girls will be spilling out (granted, I’m a B cup). I’m 5”4, 115 lbs and ordered this in a medium. It fit great! Be very careful putting this one on - the material is high quality but it is still a delicate piece of clothing. Love it and can’t wait to go to music festivals/film music videos with it. 10/10

Secure and nice fit!

I was so scared its gonna be too big on me cause im quite flat chested LOL but it fits so nicely! The buckle fell perfectly on my body and im 160cm tall. Match this with the mochi skirt and charcoal knee socks and youre ready to go~

Alena A.
Loose shoulder buckle, but sexy if it stays tied

I really like the style of this top, but the shoulder strap buckle is loose and the pieces of the buckle flop around a bit (stretching or moving could cause it to come loose). The waist buckle is great. The chest fabric might be a *tad* too small since it keeps slipping up and showing a bit of underboob, but I suppose that could be a good thing depending on who you ask.