Where to Shop Online for Kpop Things

We know how tough it can be to shop for Kpop merch and stan your favorite idol when we simply don’t have access to merch the same way fans do in Korea. If we’re lucky, we might find a local shop that has a small selection of Kpop merch. But even so, it’s usually a pretty mediocre selection at best. Luckily for us, and you, the age of the the internet has blessed us with the ability to shop nearly anywhere for anything at the click of a mouse. Yes, the internet can be a little scary when it comes to determining legit websites that you can truly trust. But that is why we are here. Today, we are going to look into the best Kpop online stores and where to buy Kpop merchandise online. Please note that brands based in Korea will likely have import fees attached to your order, so plan your budget accordingly. With that being said, let’s get into the best Kpop online stores you can shop at now. 

Kpop Town

First on our list for the best kpop online store is Kpop Town. They are a massive company that is 100% credible. What we found most impressive about their website is the way they categorize their selection. You can actually browse their products based on the entertainment company your favorite Kpop group is based in. Whether it is SM Entertainment or JYP Entertainment, Kpop town organizes it all. Providing everything you need, they mainly categorize their website base on the a selection of Kpop CD/Photobook and Kpop Merch. Their Kpop merch selection is nothing less than impressive, with 320 pages of goodies such as posters, coasters, jigsaw puzzle, airpod cases, stickers and clothes of your favorite Kpop stans. They’re most well known for their official Kpop fan light merch, which are frequently set on sale. However, Kpop Town is not limited to just a Kpop merchandise website. They also offer a variety of top Korean makeup brands such as Etude House, Clio, Missha, Holika Holika and The Saem to name a few. If that wasn’t enough to impress you, they also carry a large selection of contact lenses, trendy Korean clothes and even a vast selection of Korean snacks. Kpop Town is definitely your one stop shop for all Kpop shop online. They ship to most countries via EMS or DHL, with shipping fees dependent on destination and carrier. Check Kpop town out the next time you're looking to preorder an album from your favorite kpop group! 

Kpop town screenshot of their website


If you’re looking for the best place to buy Kpop albums online, this is the one. KPOPMART operates directly from South Korea and ships to hundreds of countries! They operate in USD, which makes it easy for us international shoppers to browse. While Kpop CDs are their best seller, they also offer a variety of official KPop merch, Band Posters, Korean makeup, and even Korean snacks. This Kpop website allows users to preorder albums seamlessly, with packages shipped in the most secure way possible. They snap a photo of the shipment before sending it off to ensure all the goods are packed and on their way in perfect form. Beware, however, as goods are shipped from South Korea, the packages are likely subjected to customs fees upon arrival. If you’d like to browse this Kpop website, check out KPOPMART for the best place to buy Kpop albums online and more. 

Kpop mart website screenshot

Hot Topic

For those that are slowly dipping their foot into the world of Kpop, the best place to buy Kpop merchandise might be somewhere you are familiar with to start. Hot Topic is a popular brand, largely known for its band tees, figurines, and merch ranging from anime to your favorite cartoons. Most likely you’ve shopped there at least once before, so it’s a territory that will feel like a safe start compared to a lot of unknown online Kpop stores you have to dig through. We’d say Hot Topic's Kpop merch is entry-level at best, providing you with the basics of what you might be looking for when repping Kpop merch. While limited, they do provide fans with a small variety of T-shirts, bags, jewelry, and accessories. Most notably, their merch largely consists of bigger Kpop groups such as Blackpink and BTS. What is great about Hot Topic, however, is the option to browse the merch in person, unlike a lot of the options available on this list. They provide both the online and brick-and-mortar experience. To start browning for their Kpop shop online, check out their Kpop merchandise selection.  

hot topic website screenshot with face mask

Yes Asia

Next on the list for the best kpop online stores is Yes Asia. They have a variety of merch on their online kpop store. Special products are highlighted over on their main page to notify customers of upcoming releases or albums. Their best seller list is also very helpful for those looking to see what is currently trending on these kpop merchandise websites. While they are one of the places for where to buy kpop merchandise online, they are not limited to just Korean goodies. Yes Asia also features merch and goodies from both Japan and China as well. This is your one stop shop for all Asian merch. They offer free US and Canada shipping on orders over $89USD. Shipping to the US can take anywhere between 5-7 business days while shipping to Canada can range from 10-20 business days. To explore Yes Asia further as one of the best kpop merch sites, you can browse their selection now. 

Yes Asia website screenshot

Lychee the Label

While Lychee the Label doesn’t exclusively sell Kpop merch per se, they offer a large variety of Kpop inspired clothing that you often see your favorite Kpop stan rocking. They’re largely inspired by Kpop groups like BlackPink, Mamamoo, TWICE, Red Velvet and other trendy groups for their edgy and women's streetwear style Kpop fashion. If you can’t get your hands on official Kpop merch that plasters their logo over a hoodie, the next best thing you can do is dress yourself with outfits inspired by them! Lychee the Label has slit chain skirts, strappy bottoms, mesh buckle tops, oversized sweaters and more. This Kpop website will offer you a different way of repping your Kpop stans through the expression of clothes. Lychee the Label is also based in the US and ships directly from LA so you can assure there will be no additional import fees, along with their speedy shipping time. If you’re looking to browse the latest kpop inspired fashion, you can check out their selection of Kpop fashion

Lychee the label website screenshot with two models on banner
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April 09, 2021
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