How to dress like a Kpop Star

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It’s no surprise that the KPop industry has taken the world by storm. With their catchy music, gorgeous Kpop groups, and jaw-dropping pop star style, everyone suddenly wants to know how they can be just like Kpop idols. Look no further, we got you covered on how to dress like a KPop star based on tips we've gathered from our favorite Kpop idols.

How to Dress Like a Kpop Star 

While the Kpop stars we idolize might make it seem easy to look as good as they do, we know that it takes a lot of effort to coordinate their popstar outfits every time. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can get started in your journey on how to dress like a pop star. You'll be looking like you stepped straight out of a Kpop music video. 

Layer your clothes

KPop stars are the master of layering their clothes and giving their outfit dimension on something that would have otherwise been just too plain, By layering your clothes, you are allowing the eye to move and drawn itself to specific accent pieces, making your outfit stand out and appear more interesting. 

The ability to layer your clothes also allows for versatility in all your pieces, this means you can not only mix and match but play up a piece in multiple ways to really diversity its look. This is a key in Kpop dressing--even with their oftentimes monochrome stage outfits, the different dimensions and layers provide interest in the outfits. 


We all know that an outfit is never complete without the right accessories. Accessories help polish up and round out an outfit to seamlessly match. Here are a few key accessories that we recommend you start with on your journey on how to look like a pop star. 

While it is never necessary to overdo your accessories, it is recommended to include at least 2-3 of the options above to keep your outfit looking interesting with that pop star style. Accessories can easily take an outfit from basic and plain to cute and edgy. Even adding accessories to an outfit can help you transition from a casual day outfit to a classy night out outfit!

Go for bold patterns

There is a huge trend in incorporating bold colors and prints into KPop dressing. This might be because colors and big prints often exude an aura of youthfulness, a concept that is very highly regarded in Korean culture. Try going for colors that are vibrant or prints that are interesting to stand out with. Catch everyone's eye as you walk on by.

Have a fashion signature 

You may have noticed some of your favorite KPop stars have something that they iconically wear or accessorize with. Having a fashion signature in an industry this competitive is a necessity to stand out and differentiate yourself among the other celebrities. Having a fashion signature lets you easily be the next big trendsetter. 

Here is our list of some common fashion signatures you can incorporate into your look to stand out and dress like a star. 

  • Big thick-rimmed statement glasses. This can be in the classic black color, or if you’re feeling a little bolder, try it in your favorite color. 
  • Chunky chains that can be looped into your outfit and worn on a blazer, pants, or skirt. This is the trendiest accessory of late, with chains being found on every possible clothing piece, from tank tops to skorts!
  • Kpop stars love to rock mismatched or dangling type earrings. Have a unique statement earring piece that can be your signature. 


Lychee the label model wearing a streetwear outfit with pant chains


Be inspired by concept and themes

Having an outfit theme will help set the tone for your overall pop star style and the pieces you choose to wear with it. KPop group BLACKPINK is best known for their iconic themed outfits that are commonly worn on stage. They have rocked concepts ranging from streetwear edgy to sophisticated and girly. Having a theme before putting together an outfit ensures that the outfit will be harmonious.

blackpink popstar outfits in all pink

Colorblocking and bright colors 

This concept goes hand in hand with layering. Color blocking can be as simple as layering a cardigan or a vest over another bold color of pattern print. Using colors and contrasting with different pieces allow for a bolder look that is common in how to dress like a KPop star. You can even try colorblocking with monochrome greys, such as in our bestselling Shoyu sweater

The best popstar outfits

Now that you know exactly what to look for when designing for your next popstar outfits, here is some final inspiration for our take on a pop star look.


lychee model wearing lace up skort in red


In this photo, the model is rocking a red plaid slit skort. The bottom is layered through its faux shorts and also contains colorblocking elements through the contrast of the black and red plaid. The key is to not be afraid of bold bright colors when designing your outfit because you want to stand out. Keep these in mind when thinking about how to dress like a star! If bright colors are out of your comfort zone, start with a mostly monochrome outfit and add on one colorful statement piece, like the skort above. 

Popstar looks

For more style inspiration ways to dress like a star, here are a few of our favorite pop star style from KPop groups! Check out our Kpop fashion clothing collection for even more ideas. No idol outfit is complete without Kpop jewelry, of course. And what's the point of getting all dressed up without snapping some selfies with our favorite Kpop apps?

For more Kpop outfit inspiration, check out our BTS inspired outfits for your daily binge on Kpop outfits!


twice pop star look all wearing matching outfits and posing


Miss A wearing matching burgundy and black outfits


blackpink popstar outfits in black and purple
January 22, 2021
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