Heavy duty metal hardware chain with a hoop on one end and closures on both ends for easy attachment. The perfect accessory for all of your streetwear outfits--just clip it onto any belt loop or hoop.

25" total length. 0.75" length links. Made with heavy duty iron alloy. Black and white variants are coated with respective color glossy paints that will wear down over time for a distressed aesthetic.


We heard you were looking for more streetwear accessories to pair with your favorite outfits. Look no further because our Peppermint Statement Chains are here. Our heavy-duty statement chains are made with chunky metal link cuffs that rival the thin pant chain that often gets overlooked. These chains are thick and weight enough to feel sturdy, but not so heavy that it will feel overbearing to wear as an accessory. Peppermint features a large metal hoop accompanied by a series of uniform chain links. The ends of the chain are attached with a small round hook that securely fastens onto the loop of any top or bottom. Simply press down on the tab to open it up. Peppermint is not limited to just your bottoms, these chains can be switched up and attached to your tops as well! They can be hooked onto any surface area of your clothes that provide a loop. Let your creativity run wild and see what edgy streetwear combination you can come up with. The chain comes in three variations: White, Black and Silver. Please note that the black and white statement chains are coated with glossy paint in their respective color that will eventually wear down to a distressed, more matte grunge effect. Collect all three to widen your choices of color to match with your next streetwear outfit. 

Mix and Match

The Peppermint Statement Chain can be worn with nearly all bottoms provided they have a loop sewed in to loop through. Our favorite recommendation is to pair it with streetwear style joggers, as the chunky chains will balance out with the baggier aesthetic of a heavier bottom. While Chardonnay Cargo Pants comes with its own chain, switch it up with white or black to give these cargo pants a different look. Bottoms like our Latte Slit Skirt or Mangosteen Pocket A-Line Skirt can also be accessorized with these chains if you’re looking for more emphasis and attention to be drawn to your bottom pieces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A Staple Accessory

This silver chain on any outfit will add a little *spice to any outfit. What's even better is that this chain is made of REAL metal (instead of shiny-coated plastic like my previous chains). Side-effects may include: looking like a bad bitch while clinking with each step.

Great belt accessory

I personally normally don't wear belts all too much but I really love chains so this is perfect for dressing up even the most casual outfit! It pairs best with a chained mask that I have, which perfectly ties in my whole fit and aesthethic!

5 stars

As a statement chains it does it’s job and I got several compliments from others when I wore it. There were a few who even asked me where I got it from and I had to tell them I got it from Lychee the Label. It’s also very well made!

The perfect chain accessory

This chain is exactly what I wanted, it’s good quality and sturdy but not super heavy when you wear it, and it’s perfect for adding a little extra something to your outfits!

Great accessory

I got this in gray and black, and I love how it adds an edge to anything I put it on. Super great and versatile, a must-have to your wardrobe!

Good weight and quality

I received this chain as a replacement when I got my joggers. The quality is really great and it has a good weight to it. It isn't flimsy at all and the hook opens very nicely to fit most type of fabric loops.