Styling Accessories For Your Streetwear Outfits

Need style inspiration for streetwear accessories? We've got all the latest tips on styling anything from chains, socks, masks, belts, harnesses, to reflective pieces. We'll be going over the following:

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Trying to figure out how to accessorize your streetwear outfit, but don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it, we’re here to help guide you to building and accessorizing for the ultimate women's streetwear outfit. The key is knowing how much to accessorize without overdoing it - this can lead to your outfit looking forced or too try hard. Streetwear is all about layering pieces while maintaining that minimal and effortless style. Once you get the hang of pairing your outfit with the right accessories, you’ll be a pro at styling your streetwear fit for any occasion. Here are six streetwear accessory staples that will help elevate your street style. 

  • Chains
  • Socks 
  • Masks
  • Tactical Belt
  • Harnesses
  • Reflectives


Chains tend to be the perfect statement piece to any low key streetwear fit. Simple to navigate, the hook easily loops into any pant belt that will give you an instant asymmetrical edgy style. The bright metallic color is an instant contrast to any single tone outfit, especially with the popularity of solid black tones in streetwear. They give your outfit instant dimension and weight, which will easily elevate your streetwear look. Thicker chains tend to exude more of a masculine quality, which works great with joggers that have a more androgynous, genderless shape and frame. Thinner chains pair best with plaid skirts and shorts that do not focus on the bottom half. Try alternating or pairing both thick and thin chains together for a layered streetwear look. 

As seen in the model's streetwear outfit below, she pairs the Mochi Button Strap Chain Detail Side Slit Skort with a thinner chain to add layers to an otherwise one dimensional bottom piece. In this case a thicker chain would overdo it and appear bulky.

Skirt with chain and waist strap buttons on purple hair model




Don’t underestimate a pair of good socks to complete your streetwear outfit. Socks allow for the eyes to section out an outfit and bring forth the perception of a completed look. For instance, a streetwear outfit that might include a baggy black hoodie and fitted black short shorts might appear too top heavy without a pair of black thigh high socks that will round out the entire look and give the appearance of a finished streetwear outfit. Thigh high socks are an absolute staple in female streetwear aesthetic because it elongates the legs, but also brings more dimension and color blocking to your look. 


Alternatively ankle socks are particularly popular as well, and are often found paired with a cropped jogger. Several designers have seen this trend and have hopped on to producing their own line of designer streetwear socks as well. Ankle socks tend to have some sort of design or bold color to them to differentiate themselves from the rest of an outfit, They make for great statement pieces that draw the eyes to a pair of shoes you might want to highlight. 


A fan favorite and often seen in Asian streetwear, the mask is an ever growing popular choice to pair with your streetwear outfit. A mask aids in bringing color focus higher into your street fit, but more important exudes a mysterious persona that is quite common in those that rock techwear outfits and style. With the ever popular growth of masks lately, there are actually a variety of styles and designs to pair with your outfit. 

For a low key streetwear look, a simple black mask is always the easiest to style and match with any outfit. Go with an all black streetwear aesthetic for a classic and clean streetwear look that will have you appearing minimal and effortless. If you are feeling a little more brave, use this opportunity to draw attention to the face by opting for bold mask prints that will create more of a statement piece and add a pop of design to your streetwear look. 

Whether it’s a simple low key black face mask or a bold pattern printed face mask, it will surely create more unify in your outfit. Our model below shows an example of unifying a single solid color outfit by finishing off with a black mask with red accent, which highlights her hair and is used as the overall pop of color. 

Mesh buckle waist strap top and Skirt with strap and buckle pocket on red hair model


Forget your basic belts, let’s talk about tactical belts. With a hefty metal buckle, tactical belts will elevate your streetwear style by giving your outfit the appearance of looking more expensive and polished. While they can be relatively cheap, they give a lot of weight to an outfit that would have otherwise fallen a little flat. The adjustable nature tends to produce belts that are fairly long, which adds to the overall aesthetic by giving it more dimension with a long strap that flows with your outfit. Tactical belts are often a great piece to finish your streetwear look because they are fully adjustable. This allows you to wear it one of two ways: as a proper waist belt, or as a piece to cinch in your waist. 

1. Tactical belts as pant belts

You can choose to wear your belt in the most traditional way: a waist belt. Often worn with your tech wear inspired joggers, the tactical belt pairs beautifully with its own extra long strap finish. Compared to the average belt, there is a lot more movement due to the long straps. 

2. Tactical belts as waist belts

A method that is popular amongst the modern womens streetwear is choosing to wear your tactical belt as a way to cinch in your waist and give your outfit more of a feminine shape. This is popular with oversized dress shirts, oversized T-shirts and anything that may have given more of a genderless shape. By bringing attention to the waist and creating a narrow waistline, you instantly create more shape to an outfit that will accentuate your feminine figure. The model below showcases this by strapping her Cobra Buckle Tactical Belt over a loose boyfriend dress shirt, giving it shape to an otherwise free flowing outfit. 

cobra buckle tactical belt on red hair model


Depending on your streetwear fit, you may be able to get away with wearing a harness without overdoing your look. Harnesses are a great piece to finish off an outfit, especially one that tends to be more shapeless and oversized. If you’re rocking that clothing with a genderless streetwear aesthetic but looking for a more feminine look, a harness is an easy way to create instant shape by cinching in all the fabric together to create a waistline for you. Harnesses come in several shapes and forms, whether it be a leather harness, an elastic harness, or a simple fabric harness. While all harnesses work the same to bring dimension to your outfit, we personally love adjustable harnesses because they’re more practical, but also tend to feature more metallic hardware details that ends up adding to the statement aesthetic of your street look. 

The model below showcases her harness by color blocking and contrasting with a pastel pink oversized T-shirt. The Passionfruit Adjustable Double Waist Strap Harness here allows the baggy T-shirt to have more of a form fitted silhouette.  

adjustable waist strap harness on purple hair model


An ever growing trend in streetwear, reflective pieces make for such a great statement piece due to their eye catching nature. They especially do well for streetwear outfits you design to wear out at night. Reflective pieces can be quite overwhelming for an outfit, so the best way to style these reflective accessories are through small items, or through accent pieces within your outfit. Oftentimes you might find reflective piping on your top, or a reflective strapped pocket on your joggers. Either way, they make for a great pop in any streetwear outfit that will be sure to have you turning heads. Looking for more detail on how to style reflective pieces? Check out our previous blog post in our Rave Wear Series: Reflectives.

September 09, 2020