Strappy Rave Fashion Trends

The music festival fashion scene has continued to evolve as the years go by. But one thing seems to stay consistent - rave outfits with straps. Rave goers love their straps. Whether it's part of the outfit, harnesses, or in the form of ribbons, this trend of strapping in has stayed high and true. Today we're going to take a look at some popular ways to incorporate straps into your festival look and have you looking prepared for your next music festival. 
rave outfits women with three women in strappy rave outfits

Lychee Girls from Left to Right: @Jvna @tasteofbrandy @jaded.cosplay

Below, we will share some of our favorite strappy pieces from Lychee the Label and what each piece entails.

Truffle Side Strap Thigh Cutout Shorts: Our classic Truffle Shorts are a fan favorite for not only casual wear but also for raves. It features a strap detail across the side of your thighs, with a statement metal centerpiece. Plain black overall, the shorts' appeal is in its minimalist design. Its clean and versatile nature allows it to be so easily mixed in and matched with a number of streetwear rave fits. The strap that is subtle makes an edgy statement to any outfit you choose to wear, as it peeps out from all angles. These are frequently paired with our open side slit skirts as they have a gap that allows for the leg strap detail to peek out perfectly. These shorts are form-fitting but also have a good amount of stretch for ultimate comfort.

Espresso Mesh Buckle Detail Top: Our Espresso mesh top features a buckle strap waist with drawstring details that hang from the front. It's the perfect top to wear for those hot sunny events, as the mesh is very light and breathable to dance all day and night in. The fully adjustable buckle waist strap gives a very edgy streetwear outfit aesthetic that very instantly create a fierce energy with your outfit. As the Refreshed edition of our classic top features a fully adjustable waist strap, this top will fit you perfectly. Most inspired by Kpop girl groups, this top's design can be frequently seen in several of Blackpink's stage outfits. This top is a great strappy number that is going to be so easy to mix and match with any other black rave attire you have in your closet.

truffle strap cut out kpop shorts worn on lychee the label model

Co-founder modeling both the Espresso Mesh Buckle Detail Top and Truffle Side Strap Thigh Cutout Shorts

Peppercorn Double Strap Denim Shorts: Our best-selling Peppercorn denim shorts feature two straps on each side of the thigh, with adjustable metal buckle details to keep you flexible and comfortable when dancing all night long. The Peppercorn shorts are a more casual alternative for rave outfits as they are technically just distressed denim shorts with an edgy twist! The texture and design of these shorts do give off a grunge vibe that overall will turn any outfit into something that can be worn at a rave during the day. You can also incorporate it into a slick streetwear fit when you go grab something to eat later that rave night.

waist strap crop top worn on lychee the label model

Cofounder modeling the Sesame Cross Strap Crop Top and Latte Adjustable Side Slit Skirt layered with our famous Truffle Side Strap Thigh Cutout Shorts

Sesame Cross Strap Crop Top: Our Sesame Crop Top features a fully adjustable strap right across the waist and an asymmetrical double hooped strap across the neckline. This strap is secured by a heavy clasp right by the collarbone. This crop top is a popular rave choice as it checks all the boxes for rave wear aesthetic. It's extra strappy and adjustable to ensure you are comfortable all day when you're out dancing and eating. This crop top is a head turner and will surely have a few eyes on you. It screams fun rave wear that let them know you got a little bit of an edge. This top is such a versatile piece to match to any outfit. You can dress it down with a simple black short to let it shine as the main piece to an outfit, you or can go all out, and complete it with matching plaid skirts and chains.

Mochi Strap Skort: Our best-selling Mochi skort features a mock short built into the slit skirt. The strap detail found on one side of the thigh also has an adjustable feature to wrap perfectly around it. This skort is such a cheeky piece to have for your next rave outing and will easily be the star of your outfit. The best part about this skort is the fact that you never have to worry about anything, since the shorts attached within the mock skirt are secure and will not be flying off anytime soon.

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August 10, 2020
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