Reflective Rave Fashion Trends

Reflective rave outfits for women have been the hottest trend in 2020 and 2021 for all music EDM festival-goers. Reflective clothing comes in all forms and is often worn as a statement piece to any outfit. As the name suggests, reflective rave clothing reflects the lights from the festival or camera flash and gives your outfit a striking neon glow. These pieces are instantly noticeable, which makes them so eye-catching and popular at the rave scene when it's hard to distinguish yourself amongst so many people. Never worry again about being lost in the crowd--your rave squad can find you no problem.

lychee the label reflective crop rave wear jacket on two models

lychee the label reflective crop rave wear jacket 

Lychee the Label Girls featured left to right: @Krrstal @Toxuki @Joy.ene

Here are some of our own top picks for the most essential reflective rave clothing items from the Lychee the Label shop. Don’t forget to get our free shipping option for orders above $75.

Gelato Reflective Cropped Bomber Jacket:

This fully reflective super-cropped jacket is the ultimate rave fashion piece you can bring to any music festival. By day, you just look like you are rocking a super-trendy streetwear style inspired jacket. By night, you are a full-blown shining star with reflective rave clothing that will have everyone's heads turning. The jacket is the perfect women’s piece to have on colder rave seasons as it is extremely toasty and will keep you warm as the night goes by. The top secures right by the base of the neck to reveal any cute rave bralette or bikini you might be rocking that night. The jacket comes with a mini zipper pocket compartment on one side of the sleeve to ensure that you can keep all your essential goodies in one place. Our Gelato Reflective jacket is not only fully functional but also the ultimate reflective jacket you can bring along with you to dance the night away. Due to the high crop cut, this jacket is not restrictive at all. 

Hazelnut Asymmetrical Reflective Buckle Top

Our Hazelnut Asymmetrical Reflective Top is subtle and features a single reflective piping across one sleeve. This is our favorite unexpected detail that surely will catch someone's eye in passing. This asymmetrical crop top is more toned down than most reflective rave outfits. But if you're looking for low key, minimal and stylish tops, this is the perfect alternative as it checks off the reflective box without being too in your face. It's breathable and comfortable to dance all night long, and definitely something that will still keep you warm as the night goes on. It offers a snug fit and keeps it classy. 

Sago Reflective Ribbon Socks

These socks are one of the best accessories to tie your entire rave outfit together. It's unique, as you don't often see a lot of socks out here that give you that reflective detail. No need to worry about finding the right tops and bottoms for a head-to-toe reflective outfit. We've incorporated reflective details into the majority of our pieces. Featuring reflective ribbons that are attached at the top of the sock, it crisscrosses and ties around your ankles to reveal a low key pop when light is shone on it. The ribbons wrapped around your calves give a cheeky aesthetic that will instantly make your outfit feel a lot more feminine. The back of each sock has their own words on it, which combine to say GOOD MOOD, something that we can't find any better of a way to describe you dancing away at a music festival. 

Pavlova Reflective Zip Up Top: 

This cyberpunk inspired top features reflective piping down the front of the top and all the way down both sleeves. The body-con fit and zip up details make for a super flattering reflective rave wear clothing essential for pairing with shiny shorts or pants. It's a more subtle alternative compared to the full-blown reflective jacket mentioned above, but still covers enough body surface in reflectives that you will definitely be noticed. 

Featured from Top Left to Right: Gelato Reflective Cropped JacketHazelnut Asymmetrical Buckle Top and Sago Reflective Ribbon SocksPavlova Reflective Zip up Top
lychee the label reflective ravewear socks jacket shirt on purple and red hair model
Cofounders modeling the aforementioned products


July 29, 2020
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