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Introducing our latest collection: Lychee Refreshed. With the suggestions we took into consideration from our amazing Lychee fanbase, we have redesigned our existing best sellers and will continue to implement Lychee Refreshed qualities with all our upcoming stock in the future. Our women's streetwear collection aims to cover all parts we find important and necessary, including size inclusion, size consistency, quality upgrades, style improvements, and the use of customized tags and labels. Take a look at some of the changes we are making with our products below and what you may expect to find in all our upcoming new arrivals. 

flat lay of lychee the label latte plaid skirt with tags

Lychee The Label Refreshed Collection 

Size Inclusion: Due to popular request from our fanbase, we have taken into consideration the need to expand our current sizing and to be more size inclusive. This was especially apparent in the vocalization of the Tik Tok community that stresses the importance of larger sizes. As a brand that truly values the concept of female empowerment, we know how important clothes play a role in helping you feel confident, and we would simply not be doing our jobs right if we didn't plan to change that. As we are still a small brand operated by just two girls, we only had the budget to add one additional size. All of our new arrivals and Refreshed collection will now support sizes small through extra-large! We do hope to continue our goal of size inclusion as we grow and to allow more girls to look as good as they feel and represent our brand Lychee the Label. 

Consistent Sizing: Our Refreshed collection features sizes ranging from small to extra-large with a now unified size chart. We were made aware that our customers previously had to size up for specific products (such as our bestselling Truffle shorts) to get a proper fit. To eliminate any confusion and provide consistent sizing all across our products, we have revamped our size chart to reflect these changes. They are made with the average body in mind with no further need to size up or size down. If you typically wear a size Small, you will fit a size Small here as well. Please double-check before you order from the Refreshed collection as the size charts have slightly changed from our previous products. All products will have individual size charts which can be found within the product description. Furthermore, we have a generic size guide that will work for the majority of our products. We'd like to still stress the importance of following our size chart and self-measuring before making any purchase to avoid any future exchanges or returns made from poor fit!

Quality Upgrade: We've reinvented the products in this collection, providing better quality fabric and finish to give our customers with the best version it can possibly be. We removed any unflattering or unnecessary fabric and material that did not in any way contribute to the article of clothing. We pride ourselves in providing fabrics that are softer, more comfortable, and stretchier to give our customer the most comfortable experience when rocking Lychee the Label.

Style improvements: We have previously asked your favorite design details and taken them into consideration to improve upon our existing styles. With that in mind, we added details to your favorite best sellers that previously did not exist. Our Mochi Button Strap Side Slit Skort for example now comes with belt loops for its own detachable side chain. We've also stocked new chain variations that you can switch out original chains for or hook onto styles that don't already come with chains. We also added additional clasps to Tiramisu and we also added drawstrings and belts for clothes that needed a better waist fit such as our Carbernet Off-Shoulder Crop Top. For all future refreshed items going forward, we have implemented extra street style inspired details such as more straps, more pockets, more reflectives, more chains, and anything else you can think of. 

Exclusive Tags and Labels: Our Refreshed Collection now comes with exclusive Lychee the Label tags and labels. These tags indicate our quality approval and a personalized Lychee touch that we wanted to showcase to our fans. Please note that moving forward, all returns and exchanges within the collection can only be done with the original tags attached. This means we will require proof of tags intact before approving of any future returns. Please keep this in mind to avoid any future troubles!


another angle of lychee the label latte plaid skirt flatlay with tags
July 22, 2020