Lychee the Label 2019 Collection

Lychee the Label launched in June of 2019. And throughout this year, we introduced a variety of women's streetwear inspired by a K-pop aesthetic. We focused on bringing styles that spoke to the modern women - something that can empower and make anyone look as good as they feel. Today we're going to take a look at our 2019 collection and revisit a few of our favorites.
four images of lychee the label grunge streetwear clothes
ESPRESSO MESH TOP - Our espresso mesh top was one of the first tops to be released at Lychee the Label. This bodycon shirt features a slick belt around the waist and a double mesh lining. It screams assassin vibes and has continued to be a fan favorite to wear to music festivals and raves. 
HIBISCUS STRIPED JOGGERS - Our hibiscus joggers were the first bottoms we launched that was inspired by athletic wear. We wanted to bring a feminine edge to your traditional joggers, and thought the cut and color should be the main focus for this piece. It was originally released only in white. Due to popular demand, we released hibiscus in black as well. 
WALNUT SWEATER - Our walnut sweater was a limited release that we launched during the autumn months. We wanted to bring in clothes that were both cozy and comfortable, while staying on-trend and edgy. The half netted details was a playful way to create dimension in an otherwise traditional zip up sweater. 
SUNDAE DRESS SHIRT - Our sundae dress shirt was our take on what business wear would look like if it was converted into K-pop fashion. Taking the form of a traditional pin stripe dress shirt, the layers of stripes and buckles found throughout the top gave it touch of edge that is meant to evoke confidence through style. 
HONEY MILK TOP - Our honey milk top was a slightly different direction that we typically went with. Instead of the dark and edgy aesthetic, we wanted something that was brighter and more feminine. The textured top featured two golden statement zippers that hung from the neckline. 
four images of lychee the label edgy streetwear truffle peppercorn shorts
GRASS JELLY CROP - Our grass jelly top was the first crop top we released at Lychee the Label. We loved crop tops, but we wanted something that made it stand out a little more. The strap and metal details featured on this top really tied in to the punk aesthetic that we wanted to subtly showcase. This top has been one of the most popular pieces to wear to a rave.
TRUFFLE STRAP SHORTS - Our truffle shorts were the first bottoms we ever launched. It features a slick strap on each thigh, secured a metal hoop that pulls it all together. This bottom screams rave wear aesthetic and has been the perfect bottom to pair with tops like Espresso, Grass Jelly, Clove and more. As our top 3 best sellers, our Truffle shorts are always sold out within the week of a restock. A Lychee the Label fan favorite. 
TAPIOCA CROPPED SWEATER - Our Tapioca super cropped sweater was a limited edition release. This hoodie was the perfect layering piece to all your streetwear needs. With a super cropped front, it was able to showcase layers to your outfit. The buckle front detail, and silky sleeves really gave the piece a unique pop.  
ONIGIRI PLAID TOP - Our onigiri plaid top was a strapless tube top that featured imitation buckles that overlapped the front zipper. It was a playful twist to your traditional tube top that was worn on its own or over other pieces for a trendy layered look.
NORI BUCKLE TOP - Our Nori buckle top came from the idea that while basics were important, they cannot be boring. We all love a black crop tank, but why not elevate it? The buckle strap details bring a pop that instantly give it a rebellious vibe and change up your entire outfit. 
four images of lychee the label truffle short edgy streetwear clothes
CHERRY CROP TOP - One of our red colored pieces in our collection, the cherry plaid crop top features mock pocket details and a pleather strap waist. Mostly prominently seen in the dance scene, this top is heavily inspired by K-pop aesthetics from groups like Blackpink, Twice & Red Velvet. It's the perfect statement piece that goes with nearly any black bottom. 
CHARCOAL THIGH HIGH SOCKS - Our Charcoal socks are the go-to thigh high socks. They are thick and designed for the colder months, and stay on like a dream. An essential piece to have when rocking your skirts and shorts during the autumn months. 
four images of lychee the label reflective peppercorn short oolong skirt streetwear rave clothes
PEPPERCORN STRAP SHORTS - Our peppercorn strap denim shorts were one of the first bottoms we launched at Lychee the Label. Featuring double strap details along both side of the thighs, this punk rock aesthetic worked really well with the Kpop inspired pieces we had. Our Peppercorn shorts continue to be our top 3 best sellers and are worn out on all occasions, from casual wear to rave wear
BINGSU REFLECTIVE JACKET - Our Bingsu reflective jacket was one of the most popular rave wear pieces that we launched. Featuring a super cropped front, the jacket had zip up details and pockets found on one sleeve. This piece was most popularly paired with our limited edition reflective Black Sesame joggers. 
TIRAMISU CHAIN SKIRT - Our Tiramisu chain skirt was our take on the traditional black skirt essential to everyones closet. Featuring chain drop details and metal hoops, we amplified the skirt by bringing elements of modern streetwear. 
OOLONG SLIT SKIRT - The oolong school girl skirt features a fun and playful twist on your traditional school girl skirt. Featuring a slit detail on the side, the skirt is the perfect layering piece to any aesthetic short that might want to peek through. Continuing to be a fan favorite, this skirt is most commonly worn with our Truffle Shorts. 
July 18, 2020