Due to difficulties of transportation and changing border regulations, our carriers are experiencing severe delays with all our shipments. During this time, we would like to note that delivery dates cannot be guaranteed anymore and should be seen as a guideline for an estimate date of delivery instead.

We are putting our employees and customer's safety as our priority and all tasks are monitored and regulated under our safety guidelines. Our fulfillment centre is only partly operational due to the COVID-19 guidelines set by Los Angeles.

Our carriers are also experiencing delays due to domestic and international rules put in place during COVID-19. With the reduction in flight availability and safety guidelines, we are expecting all packages to be delayed on average an additional 2-4 business days.

Orders made cannot be changed or cancelled due to the delay once it is placed and out of our hands. Our customer service team is always available to you and will be happy to answer any additional concerns you may have during this time. Feel free to give us an email over at hello@lycheethelabel.com. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work together to move everything along.


July 15, 2020