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We know you guys love accessorizing, and what's an outfit without a pair of really great socks? Our Sago Reflective Ribbon Socks are like no other. Tie together your streetwear fashion or rave fit with these babies. They ride just below the knee and are super flirtatious. With reflective details lined all across the top of the socks, they comes attached with criss cross reflective ribbons that are wrapped around your calves and made into a cute and girly little bow in the back. The socks instantly glow from any light that shine on them, and are the perfect statement piece to any cute skirt or short you choose to pair with it. Our Sago socks also feature the cheeky print "GOOD MOOD" on the back of each separate side. These socks are extremely stretchy and comfortable to wear. Made with high quality thick fabric, they'll definitely last you a long time. Our Sago Reflective Socks come in only one size, but is stretchy enough to fit most women's foot sizes. The reflective piping found across the top of the socks is stretchy and will not rip or tear from being pulled from worn. These socks can be rocked casually for your streetwear fit or lounging around at home, but it is highly recommended to wear out on your next music festival for that pop of shine that is bound to have people looking your way. If these socks were made for one thing, it would have to be for a long night of dancing and seeking out rave bae.

How to pair these socks:
The Sago Reflective Ribbon Socks work best with any other reflective statement pieces in your closet. Try giving our Sago Socks a go with our best selling Gelato Reflective Buckle Jacket or our Pavlova Reflective Zip-Up Tee. Looking for something a little more playful? Wear these socks with your favorite reflective body suit to your next rave for that cheeky rave bae aesthetic.

Customer Reviews

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Courtney C.
They are so cute!

They’re so cute and they are super reflective. I love how they look with sneakers and an oversized sweater.

super unique

pretty cool socks that are also reflective! can't wait to wear them out

Payton P.
Reflective socks

They are cute but they are short and small on my calves - my legs aren’t that big 🤷🏻‍♀️

Emily H.
very comfy, nice pop of reflective gear

my feet measure about 9.7" long, and they fit great! i think the little strips of reflective detail are a great pop of color

Jessica S.
Soo cute!!

These socks are no joke!
I really like how reflective they are and soo comfortable!! Recommend these!

Cute, a liiiittle tight

I wear a size 7.5-8 womens, but I have maybe larger calves from lifting so these socks are a bit tight if I wear them all the way up. Still super cute and can't wait to wear.

Adorable !

These socks are soo cute ! I haven’t had any issues with it slipping either so I really like that. It definitely adds a pop of flair to any outfit you pair it with