Top 10 Rave Essentials You Must Bring to Any Rave

Are you a first time raver? Or perhaps you just need a little reminder. Either way, we got you with our 2021 most updated list of rave must-haves for your next music festival. If you're looking for what to bring to a rave, look no further! Whether you're in the process making a list of what to pack for EDC in Vegas or a more lowkey rave, we've got the perfect list of rave essentials for you. Keep yourself prepared with our selection of the top ten must have rave essentials for your next music festival. Help you and your group rave safe as the ultimate rave mom. Browse our rave preparation tips below. We know just what to bring to a rave festival. 



What to bring to rave besides the ultimate rave outfit? (Just kidding, definitely bring the other mentioned rave essentials also!) This really goes without saying, but we all know an essential to a rave includes a killer rave outfit. One of the best parts about going to a rave is the culture and its acceptance of the most creative and liberating outfits. People find great joy in showcasing rave attire, and some people really just go all out for it, especially for larger raves--so really plan ahead on an outfit for your next EDC rave essentials list. And if you're looking for things to take to EDC, what better than a head-to-toe Lychee the Label rave outfit? We think one of the greatest parts to a rave is preparing your rave wear for it. Here are some of our suggestions on what typical rave outfits for women might entail. 

  1. Long belts are such a great way to create layers to your outfit. Dancing and twirling will fully showcase all the hanging straps you have attached to your outfit. Wearing our Cobra Buckle Tactical Belts will not only secure your outfit and give your outfit shape, it will also bring an element of dimension. 
  2. Buckles add to your outfit by creating an elevated edgy streetwear aesthetic. Though typically used to secure your fit into place, buckles can often be more for looks than practicality as many new rave clothes now feature them for a more grunge aesthetic. 
  3. We love a good strap addition on any outfit. Straps on clothing draw the eye to specific parts of your look that you might want to highlight. Often seen in edgier and grunge inspired rave outfits, straps can be such a minimal way to be eye catching. Take a peek at our Truffle Side Strap Thigh Cutout Shorts which have been a rave essential for both us and our #LycheeGirls.

Ready to shop? We have a collection just for you: women's rave outfits collection. Below is a sneak peek of our women's rave wear.


rave outfits screenshot from lychee the label collection on the website
Another accessory to tie together your outfit is a streetwear face mask.
mesh waist strap top and cutout shorts on pink hair model


Face masks are a rave essential for more than just being mysterious and aesthetic. While they do look cool and help complete your rave wear outfit, they ultimately do serve a larger purpose that you might not always think about when going to your first rave. Keep in mind that while raves do occur outdoors, oftentimes when you are in the crowd, you are likely going to get sandwiched between a lot of ravers. Some of these ravers may find it necessary to smoke. It can be distracting and ruin your rave experience if you find it hard to tolerate. The best way to help prevent this unpleasant situation is to bring a handy face mask to your rave. We recommend bringing a streetwear style face mask that is often thick enough to prevent the majority of the smoke, but also to eliminate all the dust that is being kicked up from the crowd dancing. While practical, a well-designed mask is another way to showcase your aesthetic. 


Hand sanitizers are a must have for your rave essential list. Can you imagine being out in a field with hundreds of people surrounding you and very little access to any hand washing station when you need it most? Hand sanitizers are an easy and quick solution to ensure you have your hands clean the moment you decide to grab some food to eat after hours of dancing. You can find hand sanitizers in places like Bath and Body Works which provide small and portable scented options that can be easily hung on your bag or waist straps. 

Alternatively, anti-bacterial wipes might be your new best friend when you find out what it’s like to run to the toilet during a rave. Dealing with porta potties are not ideal, so keep yourself as clean as you can with some convenient wipes that will surely come useful. 


One of the important things you need to have at your next rave is a portable charger. It’s not up for debate--especially because your phone battery drains faster in a crowd. A rave can extend to a full day event, depending on when you choose to arrive. As much as you think you won’t be on your phone during a rave, chances are it’ll be dead halfway through or by the end of the night. Whether it is from recording your favorite DJ drop their latest hits, taking group photos with your friends, trying to get in contact with lost members of your group or simply checking in on social media while in line for a hot dog, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have your phone ready for the moments you need it most throughout the festival. If there's one thing you'll need for EDC rave essentials and other such extended full-day rave festivals, it's definitely a portable charger. 

While any external battery pack will do the trick, obviously one that is most compact for ease of travel will be your best option. Our personal recommendation is the Anker soundcore portable charger which is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand and durable enough to charge not only your phone, but the phones of all your friends who failed to be as practical as you.  


Don’t be one of those people that have others carrying your weight! Be a team player and have all your rave essentials ready at your fingertips. The most practical way to rock a rave outfit is to wear clothes that have a zip up pocket option to store all your needs. Prevent yourself from going into a panic when the sole friend carrying all goods gets separated from the group. Pockets are essential to holding everything you’re going to need in this list! They don’t have to be boring though. Check out some rave clothing that caters to being both aesthetically pleasing rave wear while being practical all the same. Our Gelato Reflective Cropped Bomber Jacket features a low key hidden pocket right at the sleeves.

reflective bomber jacket and black outfit on red hair model

Looking for a solution that’s a little bigger? Fanny packs are the next best go-to option to store all your rave needs. Easily worn cross strapped or on the waist, they are made to keep all your belongings safe and secure by being physically strapped to your body. Hold larger items or be the designated rave mom of the group and take care of your friends that might not be as prepared as you!


Skin care fanatics will have to agree with us on this one. Standing out in the blazing heat with the sun shining down on you for the first six hours of a rave is definitely a no go for us. Keep yourself prepared and protected with sunscreen that you can apply every hour or two! Prevent painful sunburns the next day by implementing preventative measures and pack a small travel size bottle with you.


Comfortable shoes are a no brainer. But in case you were planning to rock some cute booties, we don’t recommend you go that route. Chances are you’ll be out standing for hours in which case comfort should be your top priority. We recommend any pair of sneakers that you don’t mind being trampled over or getting mud on, as both tend to happen when you go deep into the crowd. A pair of Converse has always been our go-to, as you won’t be terribly hurt if you happen to return home with a couple scratches on them. Definitely avoid any open-toe shoe as people tend to enjoy jumping around, and you definitely don’t want your poor big toe to be a victim. 


asymmetrical reflective crop top on purple hair model

An essential rave wear attire for us will always be reflective clothing. What better time to wear something so loud and fun in an environment where there will always be fireworks and light shows to reflect your rave outfit! Some rave wear outfits feature reflectives to be used as subtle highlights that run along the side of a jogger or top. Others go all out and have their entire piece made of reflective material. Either way, they are a great statement piece to your rave attire to showcase the loud and proud rave wear culture that is known for all out rave outfits. Our top reflective fits can be seen on this model wearing the Gelato Reflective Cropped Bomber Jacket that also conveniently has a pocket for tiny essentials. Looking for something a little more low key? The Hazelnut Reflective Buckle Strap Top is a more subtle alternative that has a reflective stripe running down one side of the sleeve. 

reflective ribbon socks in a mirror selfie shot with red hair model


As much as we love a good bass and screaming at the top of our lungs to our favorite songs, it’s definitely not ideal when we consider the damage it does to our hearing. Ear plugs are a great way to still enjoy the music while taking preventative measures to protect your ears from extreme long term damage and hearing loss. You don't have to compromise your raving experience. They now have rave specific ear plugs to help you still fully enjoy your festival, which is something to definitely look into. A popular choice by the rave community is the ER20 Plug.


While drinking water might not be the first thing you remember to do when you’re out in a music festival, it is so important to keep hydrated! When you’re out dancing for hours in the blazing sun, you can get dehydrated pretty quickly. Water is not so easily accessible everywhere, so it’s important to make sure you have it handy when you do need it. There have been many cases of people just passing out from dehydration, and you definitely want to stay safe and ready.


Now that you're prepared for any rave, check out our blog post on rave couple outfits for some matching inspiration!


September 17, 2020