Matching Rave Couple Outfits to Try

While 2020 delivered its fair share of struggles, 2021 promises to be a blowout year for fashion. We even did a blog post for the best music festival outfits you can rock this year. In the rave scene, streetwear is still in trend, and many couples are now coordinating their outfits both at the club and on the street. If you and your partner live the rave lifestyle, you should explore rave couple outfits styles.

Here, we’re going to share with you some ideas for rave couple outfits so that you and your partner can look your best when raves make a comeback. If you want all eyes on you and your partner as you walk into a club in coordinating outfits, we’ve got some tips. These seven matching couple rave outfits will give you some starting points so you can show off your creativity and wild style. Afterwards, check out our selection of women's streetwear or rave outfits for women.

Inspiration 1 – Matte Black Commandos

Get out those dark shades! Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss looked amazing in the Matrix series of films, and you can too. All black matching couple festival outfits are an outstanding look that is sure to impress the crowds.

Match your shades with a sleek black jacket to make this look click. You don’t have to blow your budget on real leather or extreme latex – your sunglasses will form the centerpiece. If you want these outfits to be more Keanu Reeves and less gothic vampire, keep your silhouettes angular to give off a distinct street cycle racer vibe. Long jackets would bring your matching outfits to the next level. This look would be a great option for halloween rave couple costumes.

Inspiration 2 – Cyber Chrome

A step to the left from the matte black style, this look uses bright silvers to create an 80s inspired techno look. If you can snag band glasses or retro shades, even better! Metal belts, digital accessories, and 80s themed T-shirts complete this look. If you want your style to fit the decade even more, add some pastels, ribbons, and checkered patterns. Watch some future funk music videos to get inspiration for your couple festival outfits.

Inspiration 3 – Faerie Forest Visitors

These faerie-inspired matching outfits are almost purely for the club — and that’s what makes them so fun. Bust out sparkly makeup and go wild with your palette of reds, greens, yellows, and pastels. You and your partner will stand out at the club with your sparkle accessories and your magic, faerie, and D&D themed attire. Don’t forget the rainbows and faerie wings!

Inspiration 4 – Urban Explorers

If you want your daily style to transition to your rave wear, this casual look may be your best bet. Pair khaki shorts, hiking boots, and earth tones to create a chill, organic look. When you’re getting ready for the rave, accessorize with a compass or some earth-friendly themed gear. These Kpop fashion forward outfits will earn you and your partner style points (while also being super comfortable!).

Inspiration 5 – Athletic Wear

Want to go for that Kill Bill vibe? You and your partner will look super cute matching in classic athletic suits. Athletic wear is a fierce trend right now, so it won’t be hard to put these outfits together. Matching tracksuits with shades or funky kicks can give off strong disco or hip-hop vibes.  

Inspiration 6 – Matching Color Palettes

If your partner is hesitant to wear matching rave couple outfits, you can ditch the theme and coordinate your outfits around the same color palette. Choose one color, or spice it up with two complementary tones. This fun approach is a great way to experiment with your look by playing around with common elements in your outfits.  This fun approach can either be done with the same color set or two complementary tones. If your partner is up for it, you can link the two outfits with common elements. (Matching rompers for couples, anyone?) . 

Inspiration 7 – Gothic Vampire

A whole scene exists just for goth and industrial looks. Silver jewelry, blood-red accessories, and lace mark this trend. You can mix in accessories from other styles to achieve a dark urban vibe. You don’t need to dress exclusively in black (red and white are the safest complementary colors if you want to stick with this theme.) Don’t be afraid to mix in modern elements – gothic industrial style would pair well with chrome and matte black attire, too!  If you’re looking for rave Halloween costumes for couples then you can’t go wrong with the goth look.

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December 07, 2020