Must-Have Summer Streetwear Items for Women

As with all changes in seasons, sometimes we have a harder time transitioning our wardrobe to be appropriate for the time of year. With the weather getting hot again, it’s time to reconsider putting away those thick jeans and cardigans and bringing out something a little more heat friendly. This Summer, we’re planning to double down on activities we missed from the year before so we got a lot of outfits planned that will be perfect for summer streetwear in 2021. Today, we’re going to explore some of the ways we can work in the intricacy of streetwear apparel into the best summer streetwear clothes that you can rock without feeling the heat. 

Active Athletic & Varsity Summer Streetwear

With streetwear increasingly gravitating towards the athleisure scene, we can’t forget about the outfits inspired by clothes that can be worked easily for a transition to working out and staying active. Having clothes that can be dual purpose in the sense that it can have you looking pulled together and ready for the day, but also functional enough to get you started on your workout routine halfway through, is a win in our books. In fact, this style is quite popular amongst streetwear men's summer outfits. Get it out of your head that tank tops and sweatpants will always make you look frumpy. These days, it’s actually quite trendy to wear athletic clothes as a day to day outfit, and therefore the industry has seen a surge in stylish athletic streetwear clothes. If you’re looking for a minimalist summer streetwear outfit, the sporty look may be something you would be interested in!

For this streetwear minimalist fashion woman, the model here is seen wearing a cropped varsity-style tank top. The tank is not only practical for the hot summer weather but also stylish due to the fact that it is designed in a cropped Kpop fashion to show off a little bit of that skin. The striped pattern is a subtle detail that will draw the eyes to the top and give it a little bit of character. The top has an optional zip to allow the wearer to adjust how high or low they want it to go, depending on what you’re doing and how heated it’s going to be. For the bottom, the model is rocking matching joggers that fit the same color scheme and striped theme of the top. These joggers are not only light and breathable, they also feature an elastic ankle band that lets you wear it higher and cropped. They also feature a silky inner lining that will cool you down and keep it comfortable to wear all day long. These joggers are stylish but also practical and will have you looking ready to go for any activity this summer.  This outfit also comes in a black variant for both the tank top and bottoms. 

Summer Dress 2.0 Summer Streetwear

We know girls love rocking the summer dresses during the season, but how about a dress that’s just a little more streetwear based? It is the perfect time to pull out all your dresses because it’s one of the easiest summer streetwear for women. There is zero need to coordinate anything because the dress speaks for itself and will often have you looking put together as if you spent hours thinking about what to wear. They are great for gatherings and afternoon parties that will have you standing around in the sun all day long. 

rose hip strap dress in white worn by purple hair model

For this look, we love rocking a dress like this for the summer streetwear 2021. Not only is it practical and easy to wear, but it’s also got a little bit of a streetwear aesthetic that will show people that this really isn’t just your average summer dress. With all the extra details such as the straps, belts, and zips, this white dress will keep you looking a little edgier. While it is best worn in white for those hot summer days, if you’re willing to bear the heat a little more, you can also find this exact dress in a black variant. 

The Kpop Summer Streetwear 

Are you the type to dress to the nines every time you step out of that house? Then we got the perfect outfit for you to wear for womens summer streetwear 2021. We love mixing and matching sets that have statement pieces that will really make you stand out. Part of what we love about streetwear clothes is that it can easily complement one another through the similar themes of straps and metal hardware found in the clothes. Adding these themed elements to create your outfit will have you looking well rounded and put together. 

sesame and latte streetwear worn by red hair model

For this look, we wanted to integrate a studded detail strap crop bandeau because who doesn’t love to wear a crop top in the summertime? We matched this strapped crop top with a strap short to match and create cohesion in this outfit. While the two pieces might work as-is for a day that you’re looking to be a little more subtle, we personally like to add in a statement piece such as a side slit skirt. These skirts are the perfect streetwear piece to add because not only do they stand out with their adjustable metal hardware at the waist, they also allow for the inner shorts to shine through, and in this case, the strapped shorts are emphasized. This Kpop inspired summer streetwear outfit for women will have you looking ready to take on any event that you want to stand out in. 

Layers on Layers Summer Streetwear

As we know, after a hot summer day, we might be surprised to find that the nights can still get a little bit chilly. How awful would it be to catch a cold in the middle of the summer? Stay prepared and keep with you a convenient dress shirt or top that you can layer and easily stuff into a bag. We especially love layered pieces that are sheer so that it can still let our inner outfits shine and peek through

oversized boyfriend shirt worn on purple hair model

We have here a streetwear styled tank top that is accompanied by a buckle strap and metal closure. The detail of this top would be a shame to hide, so the perfectly added sheer oversized boyfriend dress shirt is a great complement to not only keep you warmer for those windier summer days, but it also acts as a part of the outfit aesthetic. Pair this look with your favorite high waisted denim shorts and you look good to go for any Summer occasion. 

Hot Weather Lounging Summer Streetwear

While some people prefer to spend their summer days outdoors, we don’t judge those streetwear lovers that prefer being indoors. A great indoor women summer streetwear look will have you staying cool and looking just that. We love a casual tank top with matching lounge shorts. This outfit doesn’t have to be boring as we know it’s all about the detail that makes something stand out. Consider straps, reflective, buckles, and other streetwear essentials when creating your minimalist summer streetwear lounge look for staying indoors. 

bao reflective shorts and crop uni top worn by red hair model

Slightly modifying the last summer look, we’re going to take the same buckle tank top and convert it into something that can work for the days you just want to lounge around at home. This black crop tank easily can complement any lounge shorts. This pair here is not only comfortable and sits high waisted, but doubles down on its stylish factor by incorporating a reflective detail found throughout the pants. This popular streetwear detail will complete the look and have you wearing an elevated at-home outfit so that you still look trendy for any last-minute summer outings. 

Find Your Next Summer Streetwear Look

Summer streetwear outfits can be a little challenging if you don’t know where to start. But with these outfit inspirations, hopefully, they can help guide you on some outfit ideas you can put together for women streetwear summer 2021. For more clothes that you can mix and match into, check out Lychee the Label’s latest arrival of summer streetwear clothes and women's streetwear that would be perfect to rock out this summer. 

December 09, 2020