KPop Concert Outfits and Styles

Blackpink members on stage at a concert


We know the importance of choosing the right outfit, especially for a big moment like meeting (potentially--one can dream can’t they?) your favorite Kpop idol. You want to make sure you are dressed in a way that catches their eye and also makes them proud to have a fan like you. What better way to honor them than by dressing in outfits directly inspired by your top Kpop idols! Today we’re going to show you how to dress for a Kpop concert. 

What to Wear to a Kpop Concert


We all know this iconic poster. BLACKPINK poses decked out in tactical gear that has them looking fierce and dominant. Their monochromatic color scheme comprises mostly of black, whites and bits of greys, which really just shows that you really don’t need a pop of color or statement piece if you’re the whole dang package. Let’s take a look at our version of this outfit inspiration. 

blackpink concert outfit with the four. matching in the same strappy aesthetic

We are loving the tactical theme they got going here. In order to maintain this, your outfit needs to have some key detailings. Straps and buckles are an absolute must for creating that edgy streetwear style. This top here is not only accompanied by the strapped and buckled waistline but also has detailings of adjustable drawstring and mesh fabric. As a perfect piece to match this top with, we went with a simple black bottom that is accentuated by the cut out strap shorts. Overall, this look may be muted in color, but it’s a bold and fierce choice for what to wear to a Kpop concert. 


truffle strap short and matching black top on lychee model




For this next look we have this striking outfit from BLACKPINK once again. Here, they coordinated by mixing and matching the same prints and colors for all their outfits. What we want to take from this particular theme is the purposely done, striking contrast that is made between the top and bottom. We also see that there is a subtle print that can be found on the burgundy garment, as if to highlight it within the overall outfit. 

blackpink concert outfit in burgundy and black

Our version of this outfit follows the same theme where we focus largely on the color and pattern. Staying true to the black and burgundy color theme, we paired a black top with a plaid skirt. While the colors and patterns are easily assumed to be a large part of the inspiration, don’t forget that the pieces themselves need to represent Kpop fashion. This means having details such as the edgy slit sleeves we see on the top, or the side slit detail found on the skort. It’s important to know these details when considering how to dress for a Kpop concert.

Goji Plaid slit skort on lychee the label model


In this photo, Red Velvet is dressed in black and white with a theme that exudes both streetwear and class. The black aesthetic allows for their outfit to still remain edgy and fierce, but the pop of white accents that come in the form of collars and shots add that pop of clean cut contrast that instantly grabs your attention.

red velvet outfits in matching classy styles

We love a contrasting outfit that not only makes each part of the outfit an entity of its own, but one that complements each other rather than separating them. In this case, we choose to use a strong pair of statement cargo pants that ultimately takes the spotlight for the outfit. Being bottom heavy, the top would conversely have to take a darker role whether it's in the form of a boujee chained crop top or something that is a little more streetwear like the bottoms, they both will work together great for your Kpop concert outfit ideas. 

peppermint statement chain on lychee the label model
Chardonnay cargo pants on purple hair lychee the label model


We know skirts are so popular in the Kpop industry, so why not create an outfit inspired by Kpop concert outfits by browsing through your drawer of skirts? Here, we can see that the TWICE girls love rocking a pair of the classic pleated tennis skirts. The skirts itself are the main focal point so they are often colored or patterned differently from the top. 

twice members wearing matching pastel color skirtss


For this look, we wanted to honor the pleated skirt by going with a bold plaid print. The bottom is complemented by the darker tone shorts and top that both are accented by straps and metallic features. This skirt not only pops, it also creates a very streetwear Kpop vibe that we’re sure any Kpop group will appreciate. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s the fact that skirts are a popular choice for what to wear to a Kpop concert.

latte slit skirt



If you’re surprised to see this one, don’t be! Kpop groups are so creative in what they incorporate into their Kpop concert outfits. Where traditionally jeans and denim might be viewed to be too stiff or too casual to wear, this is no longer the case! Here you can see black pink sporting denim as an accent piece to their outfit, pairing it with tops or bottoms that are slightly more streetwear appropriate to balance out the casual fabric of denim. 

blackpink concert outfit with the four members posing together

Here we are looking at an outfit that is heavily inspired by this aesthetic. While the denim shorts may seem casual, the details in the overall outfit are far from boring. Are you can see, the denim actually comes attached with a reflective suspender strap that gives this ordinary pair of jeans an added streetwear detail. If that wasn’t enough, the plaid top with its metal hardware buckle also accentuates the overall edginess on an otherwise casual outfit. This is a great example on how to dress for a Kpop concert. 

earl grey denim shorts on lychee the label model

What outfits do you think you will most likely rock at your next Kpop concert? For more on what to wear to Kpop concerts, take a look at our kpop fashion new arrivals, which are heavily inspired by our personal favorite Kpop idols and outfits. 

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December 15, 2020
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