South Korean Streetwear: BTS Outfits Guide

BTS fashion is the hottest style in South Korea right now, and BTS outfits are gaining popularity elsewhere, too. Asian streetwear is showing more and more hints of BTS style as both boys and girls are adopting hints from each member’s iconic look. Luckily, it’s easy to put together a few BTS outfit ideas from your own closet, and with a choice few accessories, you can be rocking your own BTS inspired outfits.

To help you create your BTS costumes, Lychee the Label highlights what makes each member’s look unique and how you can make it your own.

BTS Outfit Ideas

You can draw a lot of inspiration from Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS or Beyond The Scene). The seven-member band’s style is always evolving, adapting to new trends since they debuted seven years ago. 

When the band first released their music video “No More Dreams,” the boys, Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, showcased a BTS clothing style that was heavily influenced by the early to mid-90s rap era. Clad in lots of loose-fitting black clothing, high-tops, gold chains, and crazy prints, the band brought back a nostalgic look with a fresh twist. 

This is an easy look to emulate while doing your BTS shopping. You just need to grab a pair of high-top sneakers, some gold accessories, and add something cute, like the Anise Chain Detail Bustier Crop Top.

If you’re looking for BTS apparel from their latest album, You Never Walk Alone, you should include soft pastel pieces into your wardrobe. This is a great winter style, as you can don comfy beanies, puffy sweaters, and wild prints. BTS clothes from this album give you a quirky charm that offers an adorable look. If you want to add a touch of this design to your outfit, an easy way is to throw on a pair of Sago Reflective Ribbon Socks.

However, if you’re looking for more stylized BTS outfits, you can look at the band’s most recent music videos. Returning to an edgier appeal, the boys brought back a mix of materials. Outfitted in leather, bandanas, and puffy jackets, they balanced it to have a fresh vibe while still maintaining a mature feel. It’s easy to riff on this latest iteration, you only need to grab a Gelato Reflective Cropped Buckle Bomber Jacket and pair it with a sleek leather skirt.  

How to Dress BTS with Pieces Already in Your Closet

One of the beautiful aspects of the KPOP scene is that its fashion is universal. With a gender-neutral approach, anyone can sort through their closet and find pieces to match BTS outfits. Whether it’s flower jeans or Gucci-styled belts, everyone can find something to create their own BTS fashion.

To create your own look with pieces you already own, just turn to your accessories. If you have chain earrings, leather bracelets, and gold or silver necklaces, you’re halfway there to rock with the band. 

BTS Clothing Trends for 2021

South Korea is known for being at the forefront of stylish Asian streetwear, and it’s no surprise that it’s continuing the trend into 2021. 

With the wave of retro nostalgia gaining steam, it’s easy to see how bands like BTS are finding their inspiration in select fashion pieces from the late 90s. The streetwear in Seoul is going to highlight chokers, plaid, tennis pleated, and chains, but with a touch of elegance for an updated sensibility. 

BTS Fashion Icons & How to Dress Like Them 

Each member of BTS adds something of their own character into not only their voice but into their fashion style. While each era has an overarching theme, each member adds their own little touches to highlight their uniqueness. 


Jungkook approaches style with a classic minimalist look. To achieve his style, tuck in a dress shirt or t-shirt into a black skirt paired with a belt. For example, try pairing the Chia Oversized Chiffon Dress Shirt with our Cobra Buckle Tactical Belt.

jungkook bts fashion style drinking


For a Yoongi-inspired outfit, you have a range of options to choose from, as his style has run from black-on-black to prints-on-prints. To find a style in his vibe, you can pull out one of your LBDs and complement it with a colorful oversized plaid shirt. 

bts sugas fashion style in red plaid shirt


Jimin’s style exudes a sense of ease and confidence. To get his look, turn to bright, asymmetrical pieces that show a lot of contrast. Check out our separate blog post for more Jimin fashion in particular.

jimin bts fashion style in plaid long shirt


Taehyung's style is a composition of Gucci mixed with bright patterns and black pants. As far as BTS outfits go, V’s is easier to pull off. Grab your comfy tops and match it with a nice pair of sleek bottoms, like our Viola Pleather Belt Zipper Pants

bts taehyung fashion style in blue scarf


J-Hope has a different approach to fashion from his other band members. To snag his look, you are free to wear vibrant sweaters, colorful pants, and practical hats.

jhope fashion style in pink cardigan

Rap Monster

RM has gone through the most style-changes in the group. However, his latest take seems to have had the longest appeal. To pull his look off, pick out an outfit that screams relaxed. 

rap monster fashion style in velvet punk shirt


Jin has, probably, the most timeless look in the band. Simple shirts mixed with distressed jeans can instantly give you Jin’s BTS fashion sense. If you have a pink hoodie, add it to the ensemble, and you’re ready to rock.

jin bts fashion style in pink drawstring hoodie

Dress like BTS

Now, you’re ready to rock your own BTS style. Be creative with Kpop fashion, make it your own, and, most importantly, have fun with your wardrobe! For more inspiration on Kpop inspired outfits, try looking into our post about how to dress like a KPop star. Alternatively, for more general Korean outfit inspiration, you can also check out our post on what to wear for your trip to Korea

November 16, 2020
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