How to Style Yourself Like Jimin BTS

Who doesn't know BTS? These K-pop boys are quite possibly the most famous South Korean band in the world. Besides the group's amazing vocals and dancing, its members, especially Park Ji-min—more commonly known by his stage name Jimin—are constantly starting and setting new trends. 

In addition to being the lead singer for BTS and one of the group's most talented dancers, Jimin has also released two solo albums and has starred in numerous ad campaigns for major global brands. Jimin fashion is so unique that it has literally evolved into its own style category, and you can look to Jimin style as an inspiration for your own wardrobe.

How to Dress Like Jimin

This trend-setting BTS phenomenon is definitely one of a kind, but you can recreate Jimin outfits with the help of a few key pieces that shout K-pop flair. Just take your cues from BTS Jimin fashion by bringing those iconic touches into your own personal style, and you'll be making a statement in no time!

Jimin fashion ranges from soft and comfy airport looks to super-elegant designer labels, so there truly is something for everyone. He has said that he takes his inspiration from many different places, including his stage wardrobe and even how he feels on any particular day. He has rocked the all-black trend and given new life to plaid in all its checkered forms. He has also gone totally eclectic with a one-sided half blazer, and has put a new spin on prep-school pizazz. Jimin-inspired outfits always get noticed.  Here are some ideas you can steal as inspiration for memorable fashion moments of your very own.

5 Jimin-Inspired Looks

Take a closer look at how Jimin fashion runs the gamut from super casual to runway ready. These five Park Jimin outfits show how this style icon is always making sure his wardrobe leaves its mark, no matter where he is; whether it's on the go or on the stage. 

1. Casual Chic

jimin airport outfit in all black

BTS Jimin style has given new life to the casual look. Whether he's dashing from one flight to the next at the airport, or out on the street getting hounded by the paparazzi, Jimin puts a special signature on all sorts of loungewear, from striped joggers to hoodies and warm and cozy beanies. Pair it all with a simple white T-shirt, make it stand out with a bit of stretch and slouch, and you'll be dominating this style way beyond casual Fridays.

2. Back to School

jimin blazer in all black

No discussion of BTS jimin outfits would be complete without a prep-school worthy get-up! You can start with an iconic Jimin jacket, like a crested blazer, to anchor your look. A plaid schoolgirl skirt is a classic that never goes out of style. How about a sweater vest or a Jimin Gucci sweater? Adding a luxe label will take your prep style to the next level! Pick a piece straight from the school uniform closet and then throw it for a loop with something totally unexpected, like an oversized cropped sweater, and you'll have captured Jimin fashion that's ready to hit the books.

3. Monochrome Magic

jimin sequin outfit at a concert

Jimin knows all about the power of a tone-on-tone look, and he is often seen strutting in head-to-toe black or a total white-out. Make sure you choose a basic black or an elegant white and don't leave any detail out. On stage, Jimin shines in a flouncy, sequined white button-down shirt and matching white tuxedo pants. On the street, he rocks a snow-white ripped jean, a simple all-white sweatshirt, and icy white sneakers. Recreate this monochromatic look with a cargo pant topped off by a turtleneck, and make a splash with a statement chain.

4. Off-Balance Fireworks 

jimin outfit with asymmetrical black and white detail at a concert

Who said an outfit can't be lopsided? A bit of off-balance quirkiness will make heads spin just like they do with Jimin’s looks. He made a splash on stage in a one-sided blazer; you can try out a pair of asymmetrical denim shorts or an asymmetrical top with a sassy shoulder slouch. Sometimes tipping the scales just a bit can make a huge difference in creating a really memorable look. 

5. Strapping Fashion 

Jimin knows how to get creative with accessories, including well-placed chains and intriguing straps. This can be as easy as strapping on a cross-body bag, or even more elaborate with trendy and sexy side strap thigh cut out shorts. A strap harness pairs well with any look you have in mind, adding that extra pop.

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June 02, 2021
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