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There’s obviously an appeal when looking at beautiful Kpop artists and their outfit of the day goals. One thing we can’t help but notice is the way their Kpop jeans always flatter and elongate their model-esque legs. What is it in particular that Asian jeans focus on to clearly highlight the best qualities of our legs? We find that Kpop pants actually seem to have a formula they like to follow. In contrast, we find a lot of Western trends and fashion tend to gravitate towards oversized, baggy and more recently, mom style jeans, which can quite frankly make one look frumpy and short if it isn’t pulled off perfectly. With Kpop pants, we find that they tend to focus on form and fit first and foremost to allow the most flattering silhouette for the wearer. We also noticed that Korean jeans are often made with a lighter and stretchier material - more like Kpop leggings if you will. This lightweight and stretchy fabric is more flattering as it eliminates any bulk from the bottom half, slimming down your legs further. Korean jean bottoms also tend to stop at a certain length right above the ankle, which helps define the end of your leg to the foot. This prevents fabric bulk at the ankle which can add the look of thicker legs, and stops the illusion of looking like you’re drowning in fabric. With all these qualities combined, it’s no mystery why many women look to shop for these flattering Koreans jean. And for that, you’re in luck! Because today we’re tracking down the online shops that you can get your Kpop pants from! Let’s get started. 


One of the most reputable Asian jean brand is Chuu. While they also sell a variety of Korean style clothing, they’re most known for their -5kg jeans. That's right, they’re actually called that. Their collection of -5kg jeans is followed by the slogan “We thrive to create the jeans that make you thinner”. Made with cotton and spandex, these lightweight and stretchy jeans help hug you into place without suffocating you after a big meal - don’t pretend we haven’t all unbuttoned our jeans for some breathing room. These Chuu Kpop leggings are the go-to pants for this very struggle as they intentionally line the waist with the stretchiest and softest material to allow for maximum strength. Chuu’s Korean jeans are not limited to just skinny jeans, but span a wide variety of designs for shorts, long pants, flared pants, and denim skirts. There’s something for everyone looking to rock some Kpop jeans this year. Please note that because this is a Korean based company, you will have to be wary of any import cost that may come. Shipping starts at $8.99, with a free shipping option available if you spend more than $200 if you are within the US or Canada. Check out Chuu’s Koreans jeans in their -5kg jean collection now! 

chuu -5kg jeans ad with model wearing it

Lychee the Label 

We all know the struggle of trying to place an international order, only to end up being hit with custom fees on top of your 3 week long delivery wait time. It sucks. That’s why we have a local option for you on today’s list of online shops you can grab Asian jeans from. Lychee the Label is a brand based in the US and it ships right from LA. As a Kpop inspired streetwear brand, you’ll find a lot of clothes catered to the Korean aesthetic, and this means flattering Korean Jeans as well! Their most popular Kpop jeans are the Peppercorn Double Strap Shorts and their Starfruit Asymmetrical Pocket Shorts. Their Korean jeans are catered more towards the Kpop aesthetic and often come equipped with various straps, zippers and hardware for that extra edgy touch. Lychee the Label offers free shipping within the US when you purchase $75 or more and ships from within the US. They also extend their business to countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for those international shoppers itching to find their Kpop Jeans as well! Check out their collection of Asian streetwear for more inspiration to match with those Korean Jeans! 

purple hair model wearing peppercorn double strap shorts


For some, this may not come as a surprise as Stylenanda is one of the most popular Korean clothing stores based in Korea. But for those new to the topic, it’s about time we educate you on this massive brand. Stylenanda can be comparable to our Forever 21 or H&M if we’re talking about how renowned it is in Korea. With that being said, they have a vast selection of clothing and makeup readily available to purchase online or in their brick and mortar shop. In terms of their Korean jeans selection, we’d say they tend to gravitate towards a more hip-hop and casual aesthetic, with the majority of the jeans they offer being more oversized and casual. As Stylenanda is such a leading brand in fashion, it’s no surprise they gravitate towards both Korean and americanized styles, which would explain the baggier jeans aesthetic. With that being said, they are a great option for browsing more casual Korean jeans if you’re looking to add to your closet. Keep in mind that Stylenanda does operate in Korea and import fees have been reported to be rather high. Shipping starts at $10, and international buyers can qualify for free shipping once they reach a $200 order. check out Stylenanda’s collection of Asian jeans now!

stylenanda korean jeans and casual outfit


Another well-known and popular Korean brand to shop at is Sthsweet. This Korean e-commerce website houses all things fashion, K-beauty and more. The site displays itself in a very youthful fashion, using emojis as descriptions for their clothes. Sthsweet is actually a brand that largely houses other smaller brands under it, allowing you the option to shop from a variety of Korean based companies all within one. With that being said, their Korean jeans section also has brands from Chuu, the first company we previously mentioned on this list! They have an extensive list of jeans to choose from, with over 19 pages in selection. Their style ranges from the skinny form-fitting jeans, to the oversized hip-hop jeans, giving you a lot of variety in what you want when you’re shopping. They ship via DHL and offer free shipping to international orders over $200. Just be sure to account for any potential custom fees that may incur. Curious? You can check out their collection of Kpop jeans here

sthsweet korean jeans with model outside

And there you have it! Our top picks for the best Asian clothing stores you can shop for Korean jeans. With options varying from Korea to America, both slimming or casual, there’s enough variety and options for you to find exactly what you need! Don’t forget to complete your look with other essentials over at Lychee the label’s collection of Kpop Fashion
June 09, 2021
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