The Best 7 Asian Clothing Stores Out There

Looking for a whole new change in style? Sick of seeing other people wear the exact same shirt you literally just bought the day before? Trying to elevate your style and be a little more unique? The task of revamping your entire wardrobe may seem daunting and oftentimes overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Our suggestion? Settle on a style you want to experiment with first, and then search for the best shop to explore your options at. Today, we’re going to be exploring style trends from Asia and giving you insider tips on the best Asian online clothing stores to start your journey with! Through the proliferation of Asian fashion styles hitting mainstream media worldwide, it’s time to give it a chance. While shopping in stores might not be much of an option for us here in the West, we’re lucky enough that there are several Asian clothes stores online that provide us exactly with the styles we're looking for. Taking into consideration the vast styles offered in Asian fashion, we looked at factors such as type of Asian fashion, free shipping, affordability and more for you. We've covered stores based on Japan, China, and Korea, along with local United States based Asian clothing stores. Here’s our list of the top 7 best Asian clothing stores to shop at now.

  1. Stylenanda
  2. Lychee the Label
  3. Chuu
  4. Kooding
  5. Pomelo
  6. Hotping
  7. 66girls


A huge name in the east, Stylenanda’s renown to Asia as massive clothing shops like Topshop and Forever 21 is known to us in the West. It was founded in 2004 and has already established several brick and mortar locations across Korea and Hong Kong. One of the most known Korean fashion stores across Asia, we’re lucky to announce that it is also a Korean online shop. Stylenanda’s is not limited to just Asian clothing online, but also provides a variety of popular Korean beauty products (like 3CE) readily available on their English website as well. Stylenanda is fast fashion-based, which means you will likely be able to get a hold of the latest trends at very competitive pricing, both online and at their physical place. Their style available on the website is extremely diverse, with customers easily able to purchase from styles that are cute and cozy to flirty summer dresses and bathing suits, and much much more. You’ll find yourself spending hours scrolling through each page due to how much variety they offer. They also advertise the possibility to win a $100USD gift card by leaving a review for an item you previously purchased, a contest that runs each month to give back to their customers! One thing you might want to keep in mind is the possibility of additional fees you have to pay when it goes through customs, as the package is sent directly from Korea. On the other hand, shipping is rather cheap at only $10USD, with free shipping included for packages over $200, though this may be a high number to reach! Stylenanda is definitely one of the best options when it comes to browsing a Korean shopping website

stylenanda store iconic pink store in seoul

Lychee the Label 

For those afraid of shopping from Asia directly and getting hit with insane custom fees, you might want to shop at your local Asian online clothes store. Lychee the Label is a Korean fashion store based right in the US. This means all their women's streetwear clothes are shipped locally, ensuring faster shipping and zero additional fees within the US. In addition, free shipping is available for all US orders reaching over $75USD. Lychee the Label largely focuses on a Kpop style clothes collection that leans slightly more towards streetwear and grunge aesthetic with an affordable yet designer vibe. They are deeply inspired by popular Kpop groups like Blackpink, TWICE, Red Velvet and Mamamoo. They are also inspired further by the Japanese and Chinese streetwear fashion markets, as seen in items like their reflective oversized pants.

asian clothing store screenshot of lychee the label collection on their website

Above is a quick glance into Lychee the Label new arrivals. The full clothing collection can be found here.

Every quality product is designed and launched exclusively on their Asian online clothes store, which means every item is unique to their brand, and with good prices. New arrivals come in small, but thoughtfully designed batches. Due to this, there is less variety on their website, but more exclusive pieces that might only get during their launch. Lychee the Label also runs monthly giveaways to give back to their customers, offering a $75USD gift card every month for reviews. The brand itself is women-owned and run by two best friends with a deep love for fashion and they are the face of the business, modeling each item personally. They ship from Los Angeles city in order to have fast, domestic shipping times unlike typical online Asian stores. Their mission started to spread the message for clothes that enable female empowerment is the signature to every outfit and this theme can be seen through the audience on their social media platforms as well. Their Facebook and Instagram feature daily updates with customer photos to showcase each customer's unique style. For a local Korean online shopping experience, Lychee the Label will be your best bet with customer service and support praised by many! 

lychee the label online store with two co-founder posing together in their lychee the label clothes


Next on the list for our Asian clothing online store, we have Kooding! Kooding can be described as a very traditional Korean-centered design style business. Their clothes are more structured in shape, modest, and comfortable, catering to a variety of soft tone colors that is both youthful and elegant. They specialize in oversized clothes, dress shirts, and flowy summer dresses. Their website caters to a large audience as it offers Korean online shopping to both men and women. Kooding features a huge selection of oversized tops, fitted bottoms, and more to showcase the Korean fashion culture in both mens and womens styles. Their accessories also know no bound including goodies like shoes, bags, jewelry, and phone accessories to boot. Similar to Stylenanda, they also have a skincare section, allowing a one-stop-shop for to buy all your Korean online shop needs. Kooding offers free standard shipping to their US customers with orders over $89 USD, but fees may still apply after the package goes through customs and duties. 

kooding korean store screenshot from their website banner


This company offers convenient Korean fashion online like all the brands featured on this list so far. Chuu’s branding caters to the feminine and girly Korean fashion style. They offer a variety of brands under their website, all within the same cute and cozy fashion niche. While other brands on this list offer your typical accessories and skincare, Chuu actually offers contact lenses and lingerie in addition to their Asian clothing store. International customers are also offered free shipping for orders over $200 USD or charged a very reasonable $8.99 USD for orders under that. As the package is shipped directly from Asia, expect to be charged a bit of custom fees upon arrival. Be sure to check out for their promotions, as they often gift additional goodies and accessories for orders reaching a certain amount! A great option for you to browse when looking for a Korean shopping website

chuu online store screenshot from their website banner



This site is another one worth checking out for Korean fashion online! Their style choices are vast but generally can be described as feminine, vibrant, and floral. Their designs are bold and youthful, offering cheeky designs and cuts while still embodying a lot of feminine lines and shapes. They offer to ship to 43 countries with free shipping available to US orders over $49 USD. Orders below that only have to pay the $9.95 USD for standard shipping, again, not including potential customs and duties. Perhaps their most exceptional point belongs to the fact that they offer 365 days for their return policy, allowing you to really sit and think if the style is right for you! Pomelo offers a discount on their first order and operates on their App for those looking to have them readily available to shop on mobile. While their price point may be slightly more expensive than the other options, they are a great competitor when searching for Asian clothing stores online! 


A sister brand to the well known and loved Stylenanda, HOTPING delivers the same fashion style on their Korean online shop. While their site is not as catered to their western audience as the other brands on this list, it is still very possible to easily navigate and check out. HOTPING’s style is catered to those that like the oversized and soft Korean fashion aesthetic. They have a variety of sweaters, and long dresses to browse from including a section of activewear, intimates, bags, and accessories. This brand offers a members program that also allows users to get discounted rates when shopping for Asian clothing online. They also offer standard shipping for $14.99 USD, with free shipping applies to orders over $200 USD. Custom and duties fees applicable. 


This brand is run and operated by the same team as HOTPING, and thus you will find many similarities between the two! It is great for Korean online shopping like all other brands on this list, but also follows a members program that offers additional discounts when joining. They offer a variety of fashionable items to browse from tops, bottoms, skirt, outerwear, bags, and accessories. Standard hipping is only $6.99 USD with free shipping available after hitting $81.90 USD. Unlike other brands based in Korea, 66girls offer to cover the cost of duties and tax. 66girls is one of the best Asian clothing stores you can find out there that ships directly from Korea with no additional fees applied! 
March 12, 2021