Korean Fashion Tips For Your Trip to Korea

We’re a little hopeful this year, and want to believe that traveling will once again be open and safe for everyone before the year-end. Should that be the case, we have prepared for you a comprehensive guide for what to wear for your next trip to Korea! Fans of Kpop know that Korea is the next best place to be besides your favorite artists’ concert. In order to do your idols proud, you want to be prepared with the best cute Korean female fashion! Today, we’re going to suggest what you want to look out for when packing or buying aesthetic Korean girl outfits! Make sure you stay until the end for a bonus segment on things you can’t forget to pack (besides your Kpop fashion) before your flight. 

What to look for when buying aesthetic Korean outfits 

Note: Depending on when you booked your flight, the types of clothes you pack or buy will slightly vary. Korea has long summers that can be hot, humid and sometimes a little rainy. Their hottest months can average at 85F with a peak of 91F on the hottest days. Conversely, their winters, while short, are very cold and dry, reaching an average low of 21F and going as low as 11F on the coldest winter days. Please keep their season’s temperature in mind when preparing for your trip to Korea! 

Kpop Pants And Bottoms

Let’s start with some Kpop pants and bottoms! Some detailing that we find Korean fashion love on their kpop pants are asymmetrical detailing. Their mismatched details often come from a place of rebellion and edginess. This is commonly found in a lot of their bottoms which can take the form of buttons lining up off centered, skirts being slit on the side, and much more. Be sure to keep your eye out for this edgy trend that is popularized in Korean girly fashion. 

kpop pants that is high-waisted with a distress crop sweater

For Kpop pants that are slightly more edgy, we find that added accessories built into the pants are also widely popular amongst Korean dressing style for females. This includes pre attached chains hooked onto the pant loops, dangling suspender straps, studded detailing and more. If you cannot find a bottom that exactly suits your taste in accessories, opt for separately buying a chain to your liking that can be mixed and match into your existing bottoms! We love versatility and better yet, getting your money’s worth on a single item! 

kpop pants startfruit shorts flat lay close up

Korean dressing style for females largely focus on petite bodies and long legs. As a result, It’s no surprise that when visiting Korea, you’ll be awe struck by all the girls that look like natural models! While we might not be born with the longest legs, there’s always little tips and tricks we can implement to create that illusion. Wearing high waisted shorts is such an easy hack to create the illusion of longer legs. But raising the waist line higher, your pants will naturally appear longer, thereby making your legs appear longer. 

Kpop Tops and Sweaters

Next we’re moving onto Kpop tops and sweaters! If you’re opting more towards cute Korean female fashion, you might be surprise to find that they’re often a little more youthful and modest compared to your typical kpop attire. This is a result of Korean society being more conservative, As a result, you might find a lot of tops sold in Korea offer tops that are more loose fitting, often compromising a little off shoulder skin instead of a midriff or tighter apparel. If you’re looking to achieve this youthful Korean look, an oversized top with or without the off shoulder detailing will be your best bet! 

kpop tops and sweaters hoodie

For Kpop tops geared more towards fashion that is largely inspired by kpop idol’s concert outfit, you might notice that their tops are a little more far fetched than just your everyday wear. But what’s a extra chain or two for you to stand out? While kpop pants tend to have chains hanging from them left and right, you won’t be surprise to learn that their tops also feature a lot of straps and chains attached for that extra edgy attention. 

Another thing to note is that the Korean fashion scene loves prints and textures! Bold looks are accompanied by statement kpop tops that will have your head turning. While bright prints usually does the job, many might also sport a bold designer logo to elevate their aesthetic Korean outfit. You will often see brand names and logos worn for their tops are a popular choice amongst the young trendy. 

Outerwear Korean Styled Fashion

For the colder months, you definitely don’t want to forget your outerwear Korean styled jacket! As it gets pretty chilly, sometimes a simple sweater won’t be enough, especially if you choose to visit in the dead of winter. As fitted fashion is sometimes not conservative enough, as we mentioned earlier, a lot of their jackets can be found rather oversized. No complaints from us, this just means we can eat to our heart’s desire and no one will know. Oversized jackets come in all form, but kpop outerwear often has a little more spice to its piece. Whether it’s metallic detailing, straps, dangling accessories and more, their jackets often sport something that’s just a little more interesting to catch your attention. Try looking out for some of these trendy oversized Korean outerwear pieces if you chose to buy your jacket straight from Korea!  

Korean style outerwear castella bomber close up flat lay

Kpop Denim Outfit 

Korean fashion loves their denim because it’s such a classic fabric that makes you look rather effortless. A good pair of denim bottoms will keep your figure looking snug and fitted and make you feel like a million bucks. The perfect kpop denim outfit will comprise of a statement denim piece that will steal the show. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bottom, it can certainly be a denim vest or jacket as well. If you’re feeling rather bold, you can sport a matching top and bottom denim piece and rock your Canadian tuxedo in Korean style! 

kpop denim outfit with two friends matching in a lighter and darker shade

Korean Night Out Clothes

Lastly, you have to pack for a night out because what’s a trip without a little big of midnight fun? Korean night out attire is often sexy, cheeky and flirtatious. Short and tightly fitted dresses are rather popular among the youth. If you don’t want to rock a dress, a duo combo of a fitted crop top matched with a bodycon mini skirt will often also do the trick! 

Now that you know all the best Korea outfit ideas, check out our guide on how to dress like a Kpop star to stand out like a Kpop idol for your trip.

What you need to pack for your trip to Korea

Now that you are fully prepared on the fashion side of packing, let’s talk about some necessities you need to bring! Besides the most obvious basics such as toiletries and undergarments, we’re going to remind you about some of the other things you might need that you could have forgotten! 

Universal Plug Adapter: The worse thing you can do when traveling is run out of batteries and be completely stranded in a foreign country who’s language you do not speak. Be sure to double check if you have an adapter for your phone and laptop charger to ensure you will always have your battery ready. 

Cooling Facial Paper: Sometimes we forget how hot it can get in Asia, especially in the middle of summer. Life savers like cooling facial paper by Gatsby will help keep you staying refreshed on your hour long walks in the city. 

Towels and pillow sheets: This might come as a surprise to some of you, but believe it or not, one of the biggest complaints from visitors to Korea are related to their towel and sheet quality. Having softer materials or plusher towers will often cost you much more in Korea, so if this is something that would bother you, don’t forget to throw in your own towels before embarking on your trip. 

Small backpack or fanny pack: While we usually always to remember to bring our designer purses and cute handbags, don’t forget that sometimes when it comes to traveling, the lighter the load the better. Why not opt for a versatile bag that can simply carry all your necessities while not weighing you down? We find light backpacks of waist bags really convenient for carrying your keys, wallets, phone and a small water bottle without weighting you down. 

Time to pack 

Now that you’re fully equipped to travel to Korea, all that’s next is to grab that plane ticket the moment we are able to travel again! If you’re still debating if you want to shop here and bring your clothes over to Korea, you can shop kpop stores in USA from Lychee the Label! 

March 03, 2021
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