Lychee the Label 2021 Streetwear Collection

Now that Spring 2021 is quickly approaching, we want to take a look back at all the new arrivals we launched in Winter 2020/2021 at Lychee the Label. For a recap of our 2019 launches, you can find it here! This winter has brought forth some of our most popular designs to date, as well as 3 limited edition items that went as fast as they came. This is Lychee the Label’s Winter streetwear line.

First Launch

Early into Winter, we started with our first launch of Daifuku Slit Sleeve Crop Sweater, Goji Red Plaid Skort, and Dango Streetwear Face Mask. These three were a slow transition into the colder weather but still reminiscent of Fall. 

goji-daifuku-dango close up flat lay

Daifuku Slit Sleeve Crop Sweater

Daifuku was our long sleeve cropped sweater that we first introduced in our winter line. The long sleeves made it appropriate for the colder weather but were made purposely to detached by choice through the buttons found alongside the arms. This allowed for the slit sleeve detail on the sweater to show through but also gave it some versatility in terms of how you want to rock it. Daifuku was heavily inspired by our previous best-selling sweater, Pumpkin Spice Slit Sleeve Sweater, which was launched in the Fall. The slit sleeve cropped sweater design has been highly requested and popular, and thus we decided to bring forth a slightly different version for our Lychee Fanbase. 

Goji Adjustable Red Plaid Slit Skort 

Goji Red Plaid Slit Skort was a new edition to our ever-so-popular slit skorts. However, we decided that instead of rocking a tennis-style slit skort, we wanted to keep it a little more form-fitting and sophisticated. Because of this, the skirt sported more of a simple shape that was still complemented by the unique adjustable waist strap and slit detailing. This was also the first colored skort we launched, coming in as a Goji (rightfully so) red. 

Dango Streetwear Face Mask 

Dango Streetwear Face Mask was the first face mask we launched at Lychee the Label. It’s made from an extremely soft fabric to keep you feeling comfortable from all-day wear. The ear straps are adjustable, and the face mask itself sports the iconic LYCHEE title found across one side of the mask. With the usage of masks increasing ever since the pandemic, we figured why not create one that can match your Lychee outfit while it’s mandatory to wear one anyway? 

Second Launch

The next drop featured only two items but came in a total of five variants. We launched more variants of popular designs found in our best selling category. Our Uni Buckle Strap Crop Tank and refreshed Hibiscus Stripe Joggers, now available in a newly added pink. 

uni-crop-tank-hibiscus-joggers close up flat lay


Uni Buckle Strap Crop Tank Top

The Uni Buckle Strap Crop Tank was a remake of a previous item we stocked, the Nori Buckle Crop Tank. The main differences were the added clasp detailing found across the middle of the tank top, a softer fabric, and the fact that it now came in a lilac purple. This was a tank top that we thought would pair beautifully with anything you want to overlay with it. The edgy buckle detailing would help bring forth a little edge into any outfit you want to rock with it. 

Hibiscus Striped Joggers

Our Hibiscus Striped Joggers were also a remake of a previous item we stocked. Our Hibiscus Joggers were now refreshed to meet the suggestions of our Lychee Fanbase. We opted for a longer jogger, as opposed to the previously cropped hibiscus joggers we had. We also added an incredibly silky smooth lining underneath the jogger to avoid any opacity and changed the fabric to one that was more textured and breathable. The joggers were so popular that we decided to bring them in a whole new colorway next to the existing black and white, which was pink! 

Third Launch

As we find ourselves deep into winter, we launched our coziest sweaters from Lychee the Label: Shoyu Strap Sleeve Crop Sweater and Shabu Turtle Neck Drawstring Crop Sweater. These two were a limited edition drop that will not be restocked after it sells out. With that being said, the Shabu Sweater in size small sold out within that first week!

shoyu-sweater-shabu close up flat lay


Shoyu Strap Sleeve Crop Sweater

Shoyu Strap Sleeve Crop Sweater was one of our personal favorite creations. It was a sweater made perfectly for the colder winter months. The fabric was extremely thick, which guaranteed you warmth. In addition to a cool oversized hood that made you feel like an assassin, it also featured multiple straps on the sleeve for an added edgy streetwear detail. The navy and grey color block made for a unique colorway that really completed the sweater. This limited edition sweater was a huge success and was deeply loved by our audience. 

Shabu Turtleneck Drawstring Crop Sweater

Shabu Turtleneck Drawstring Crop Sweater was another one of our Lychee stamped products. This sweater was fleece lined and extremely warm to wear. The bell sleeves and straps made for a very feminine but streetwear-esque vibe that created an element of uniqueness in this sweater. Shabu sweater was also adjustable at the waist, with the ability to keep it snug or loosened. We also opted for a turtle neck sweater since we haven’t launched one of them in our collection before! Shabu sweater turned out to be a huge success in our limited edition launch as it sold out in small within the week and all sizes within the month. 

Fourth Launch

Early into January, we launched our first skirt meant to be worn in the winter, along with a popular style made into a new color variant. Macchiato Fleece-Lined Slit Skirt and Winter Truffle Strap Short were meant to be worn together as they are a match made in heaven. It also earned a spot in our Meant to be Collection! The lighter colorway of this launch was inspired and purposely meant to match with the season’s snowfall. 

macchiato-skirt-winter-truffle-short close up flat lay

Macchiato Adjustable Slit Skirt

Macchiato Adjustable Slit Skirt was inspired by our other best-selling slit skirt, Latte. This style was so versatile because it allowed our customers to match and pair this skirt with nearly any bottom they want to peek and show off. While it paired best with our Winter Latte, any light-colored scheme shorts would have paired well with it. This skirt was meant to be worn in the winter, as we implemented a fleece lining, making it the thickest and heavy-duty skirt we sold to date. 

Winter Truffle Strap Short

Winter Truffle Strap Short is the second variant to our best-selling Truffle Strap Short in black. This short is made identical to our black counterpart, only that it is in an ashy grey color. This short can be worn as is, or paired with any of our existing slit skirts at Lychee the Label. 

Fifth Launch

Finally, Buttercream Knitted Crop Sweater and Castella Oversized Logo Bomber Jacket were the last two products launched for Lychee the Label Winter 2021 New Arrivals. These two were made for the coldest of the season, to not only keep you warm but also looking stylish. 

buttercream-castella-jacket close up flat lay


Buttercream Knitted Crop Sweater

Buttercream Knitted Crop Sweater is a heavy-duty and thick knitted sweater that will be your savior all winter. It featured an oversized hood and oversized bell sleeves. This adorable sweater will fully encase you and keep you cozy. Due to its oversized nature, this sweater has a lot of leeway in terms of sizing. 

Castella Oversized Logo Bomber Jacket

Castella Oversized Logo Bomber Jacket is the most iconic product we launched to date. This limited edition jacket is the first jacket to be launched at Lychee the Label. This puffer jacket is extremely warm and heavy-duty. It featured three functional pockets, two found by the waist, and one located right on the sleeves. The sleeve pocket also featured a cheeky tag that holds our very own Lychee Mascot. The jacket is cinched in by the waist to keep you looking tiny, despite its oversized nature. The back of the jacket also features the iconic LYCHEE stamp that will make you want to represent your favorite brand loud and proud. The interior is lined with a silky smooth red lining, the perfect color when launched on the Lunar New Year. 

We are very proud looking back at all five launches from this Winter. With a total of eleven new products for the season, we are so excited to show you what else we have in store for you this coming Spring! Stay tuned and find the latest arrivals at Lychee the Label

February 24, 2021