Party Outfits to Wear and Style

Party season is every season if you really want it to be. But it’s a brand new year, and you need a brand new closet to replace all of last year’s party clothes and rave outfits! After all, we don’t want to be seen in the same thing twice. Today we’re going through a list of party clothes for women and rave outfits for women that you can rock on any festive occasion this year. Let’s begin! 

Party Outfit Ideas: Fashion Inspiration 

Here at Lychee the Label, we get a lot of our inspiration for party wear for women from a variety of outlets. Personally, being a little more biased towards the streetwear and Kpop scene, we often look for inspiration in cute party clothes through the latest Kpop news or social media. While it’s fantastic to try and completely emulate the party clothes of your favorite idol, we recommend you try to make it your own by taking your favorite elements and meshing them with existing clothes you have or want to wear! For example, when looking to buy party clothes that are inspired by Blackpink, you want to make sure that you tone down anything that could look too much like a stage outfit while retaining elements you want to keep like the edgy factor often found in their clothes. 

Party Clothes: Make a Statement 

Of course, there are several different types of parties and the clothes you wear for each of them may entirely differ from one another. You wouldn’t wear something casual to a dinner gala, and you wouldn’t wear a gown to a meet and greet party. You have to remember what is appropriate for the specific occasion! While, yes, you have to consider the type of party and occasion you’re going to, we know one thing is for sure: you want to make a statement. This can be easily done with a little bit of effort. You want to shop party outfits that have a little bit of extra detailing that will definitely catch your eye.

With Lychee the Label, we try to incorporate an element of edge and spark to every product we have, regardless if it was made for casual wear or party wear. Take our Rose Hip Leg Strap Dress for example. This dress can be worn on a date night out or a party outfit idea. What makes it so unique and such a statement piece, is the fact that it immediately catches your eye through the metallic detailing and straps found throughout the dress. An absolute statement piece of a cute party outfit. Another example is the Azuki Red Plaid Lace-Up Skort. While it might appear to be a typical plaid skirt at first, you quickly realize the statement in this skirt is the fact that it has an open leg slit to reveal a cute strap short underneath, aligned with edgy lace-up detailing. At Lychee the Label, every product we have is intended to make a statement. 

Cute Party Outfits

Winter Wonderland Party 

Looking for something bright, airy and festive for the season? Try pairing Meringue Drop Chain Tube Top with the Yuzu Pin Slit Skort. These two make for a youthful and cute party outfit. The lighter color scheme works really well for the winter season and it’s bright and happy festivities. Both the tube top and slit skort have matching themes of pins that can be found along the center and side of each apparel. This angelic and brightly colored party outfit idea will be a great go-to for the winter holidays. 



Casual and Quick Party 

We all have those parties that you just wanna go in and out from. No big deal, sometimes you just want to make a quick appearance, but still want to look damn good while doing so. Look no further, this lounge but fitted athletic party outfit for women is right up your alley. With a fitted crop tank top, and the Hibiscus Stripe Joggers, you’ll be looking casual chic for your next party.


hibiscus joggers worn by lychee the label model
Raving Party Outfit

Our kind of party is always a rave party. What better way to stand out at a rave than to sport a reflective piece that will surely steal the show. When you shop party outfits for raving, you want to make sure you get pieces that will literally steal the spotlight, since there are so many gorgeous ravers with their super outfits to compete with! The Gelato Reflective Buckle Bomber paired with your favorite strappy Truffle Shorts will be all you need to shine for your party outfit idea.

gelato reflective bomber worn on lychee model

Girl’s Party Outfit 

You might be wondering, what is a good party outfit for girls, especially in a setting where it is literally all women. How about something a little casual but still edgy to give yourself a bit of flair? A crop top with sleeve detailing such as our Pumpkin Spice Sweater mixed in with a decked-out Viola Pleather Belt Zipper Pants will surely be a winner for cute party clothes

House Party Outfit

Perhaps you’re looking to tone down but still have that unique factor to catch someone’s eye at the next party you’re going to. We got the perfect party outfit idea for you. Try pairing our Uni Buckle Crop Tank with the Star Fruit Asymmetrical Pocket Shorts. At first glance, it might seem simple, but then you start to notice your buckle strap detailing in the top, and cute dangling pocket shorts found by the hip. It’s the little detail that counts! 

How to Style Your Party Clothes 

At the end of the day, you want to make sure you look stylish in every party situation. The key here is accessorizing. You want to fill up the gaps as needed to complete your outfit and make it whole. Don’t forget to whip out some statement chains to dangle from your pant loops, a stylish face mask to stay safe while conversing with others at parties, and other basic necessities such as jewelry, belts, thigh-high socks, and more. Try experimenting with what works best with your party clothes

For more party outfit ideas and party wear for women, be sure to check out Lychee the Label for the latest on women's streetwear and party clothes! You can shop party clothes from our monthly arrivals that will be the perfect addition to your closet.

February 17, 2021