It’s no secret we’re all craving for a vacation after what 2020 put us through. We’re requesting at least two weeks out in the sun, it’s the least we deserve. But wait, after all that time spent quarantining, it’s as if we forgot how to dress. What kind of vacation clothes for women are there? Don’t you worry yourself, because this is why we’re here. Today we’ll be guiding you on a step by step post on the various vacation outfit ideas. 

Vacation Outfit Ideas: The Ultimate Inspiration You Need

We think the most important thing about prepping for your vacation clothes, is knowing what you want to be memorialized on your Instagram feed (or scrapbook if you’re not into the whole digital thing). Let’s face it. We take the most photos when we’re on vacation because what better time to show off how great our life is. You don’t want to look back and realize you didn’t pack a single cute vacation outfit? 

At Lychee the Label, our attire is specifically made for you to stand out and look your absolute best on all occasions, including vacation wear. Our unique style stands between streetwear and soft grunge, allowing you to seamlessly blend in your urban setting whether it’s in New York, LA, or Tokyo! We have a variety of vacation clothes for women at your disposal. 

Vacation Clothes: Essential Must-Haves

Beach Vacation Dress

No matter where you are in the world, it’s never a bad idea to slip in one beach vacation dress just in case. You never know when you might find yourself by the waterside. The best part about packing beach vacation clothes in your luggage is how little space they take. It leaves you so much room to pack for all the other everyday essentials without sacrificing your luggage space. Usually lightweight and breezy, the simple beach women’s vacation dress will be a must-have on your relaxing beach days. 

Comfortable Shorts

One of our most recommended women vacation wear is a pair of good ol’ comfortable shorts. You’ll likely be spending a lot of your time outdoors, and you want to make sure that you’re prepared for the heat and long walks. A pair of comfortable shorts are essential to pack for vacation clothes as they are versatile, space-friendly, and something you’ll find yourself gravitating to wear nearly every day. 

Floppy Hat 

Whether it’s a floppy hat or just a regular baseball cap, bringing a hat is essential for integrating with your vacation outfit ideas. They provide shade and protect your face from harmful UV rays. Not only will it keep you cool during those hot summer days, but it’ll also keep you looking accessorized and stylish. Besides, a floppy hat would go perfectly with your beach vacation clothes or summer dresses for vacation wear. 


A great accessory to your vacation clothes for women is pairing your vacation clothes with a bag. Not only will it help round out your outfit and keep you looking stylish, but it is also extremely practical as if will be able to carry all your daily necessities such as water, money, and snacks. Your vacation wear will not be complete without a cute backpack or fanny pack to store all your goodies. 

Light Sweater

Who says being covered up can’t look cute? With the variety of adorable oversized sweaters and hoodies these days, you’ll look as cute as a button while staying warm and toasty on those colder vacation nights. Having a sweater or an oversized hoodie is essential to have, even if it’s in the middle of summer. There may be unexpected colder days or nights that will have you sick mid-way through your vacation! Better safe than sorry. 

Cute Vacation Outfits

For the days you plan to get a little active, don’t forget to grab your hat! Keep cool by protecting yourself from the sun and pair it with a similar matching outfit! A cropped and lightweight tank top will keep you staying cool all day long. Throw on some joggers and you’ll have yourself looking sporty and fashionable! The model here is sporting the Uni Buckle Strap Crop Top and Hibiscus Stripe Joggers in Black.  

uni buckle crop tank with black joggers on purple hair model in cap

The oversized sweater seen here is recommended on our list as an essential you might want to bring with you during those colder nights on vacation. It’s cozy and comfortable and could also double up as airplane clothes! The model here is sporting the Buttercream Cropped Sweater and Winter Truffle Cut-Out Strap Shorts for a bright and vacation-worthy outfit. 

buttercream crop knit sweater and grey strap shorts on red hair model sitting down

A comfortable and stylish pair of shorts will be essential for your vacation outfit idea! Grab a pair of shorts that will flatter on all occasions and easily match anything you wear! The model here is sporting the Raspberry Plaid Crop Top and Earl Grey Reflective Suspender Shorts

earl grey reflective suspender shorts with plaid crop top on purple hair model

Still looking for a beach vacation dress that’s a little more edgy but still bright and appropriate for your beachside activities? Why not go for a set! This white and khaki-colored summer dress for vacation will work perfectly! The model here is sporting the Meringue Pin Tube Top and Yuzu Pin Slit Skort for her beach vacation outfit ideas. 

yuzu slit skort with white tube top on red hair model

On your lazy days you still want to look fashionable! Perhaps an easier outfit that doesn’t require nearly as much work? The model here is sporting the Passionfruit Adjustable Strap Harness. With a harness like this, you’ll be able to throw on an oversized t-shirt and have it look cute and effortless. 

passionfruit harness on oversized pink tee on purple hair model

How to Style Your Vacation Wear 

There are a lot of fashion icons that sport cute vacation outfits that you can use for your vacation outfit ideas. Here are some vacation clothes we recommend you find some inspiration on!

airport fashion clothes with layered sweater over a blue dress shirt

We love layering! For colder vacation outfit ideas, try layering a shorter sweater with your oversized dress shirt like you see here! 

airport fashion vacation clothes with oversized leather jacket

Keep it stylish in a monochromatic fit! We are loving the layering here and the play against the contrasting white and black colors.

Fret not if you need some more inspiration--we have women's streetwear clothing and accessories for every occasion for you to browse. It's never too early to prep for an upcoming vacation, after all!

February 12, 2021