Asian Fashion Trends That are Popular Right Now

Asian fashion has increasingly gained recognition worldwide for its fashion trends and style. After making its way into the western world, many now seek to embrace Asian aesthetic outfits and emulate them in their own ways. How can we blame them? Girls have a variety of cute Asian fashion trends they can choose from, while boys can further embrace the Asian hip hop style through the variety of themes and trends popularized in all Asian fashion culture. Today, we’ll be taking a look at three of the most popular Asian fashion styles: Girly Asian Fashion Style, Aesthetic Asian Fashion Style, and Hip Hop Fashion Style. Bonus: Don’t forget to try out the pop quiz, in the end, to see what style best describes you! 

Girly Asian Fashion 

The first Asian style fashion we’ll be covering is girly Asian fashion. One of the major players in the girly Asian fashion niche is Korea. Korean-inspired outfits have quickly gained popularity through the rise of Kpop becoming more mainstream as it reaches an international audience. Fans from all over the world are now admiring a cuter subtype of Asian fashion through their favorite idol’s concert and everyday wear. This particular niche of Asian fashion can be most commonly seen in populated and youthful areas such as Hongdae where many teens and young adults rock the trendiest girly style fashion. Let’s take a look at what we can expect. 

What you might not know is that the foundation of Korean fashion started with a lot of underground hip-hop influences. This is actually noticeable, even in today’s girlier style of Asian fashion. With hip-hop fashion often displaying baggier and oversized fits, today's typical feminine Asian fashion also takes on the same form through their modest silhouette that complements both genders. This conservative style can be seen in women’s Korean style outfits, which are often more covered up than one may think. Despite Kpop fashion trends showcasing several idols in skin-tight crop tops and mini skirts, the base for the majority of women’s Asian fashion still is presented rather modestly. This includes oversized sweaters, billowing skirts, and less form-fitting shapes. With that being said, as Kpop continues to make waves in its popularity, the continued trend for less modest yet still girly fashion has also popularized, with more acceptance that comes with showing a little bit of skin. This can be seen in popular off-the-shoulder styled clothes. Additionally, shorter skirts have also taken to cute Asian fashion trends as more trendsetters pair them with oversized tops for a balanced modest but cheeky look. While mini skirts have gained a lot of attention among the youth, a form of skirts call “skorts” have also done well with its built-in shorts that offer some safety and modesty. 

Korean Fashion Trends three friends posing in matching pastel clothes

Aesthetic Asian Fashion

For the second Asian style fashion, we’ll be looking into aesthetic Asian fashion. Unlike girly style fashion, aesthetic style fashion tends to branch off into multiple styles that differ from one another in many ways. While an aesthetic outfit can be quite girly, girly is not the only style of aesthetic Asian fashion. A large foundation for aesthetic Asian fashion comes from Japanese fashion. You could say Japanese fashion is rather diverse and caters to a large group of audience through the multiple avenues of fashion trends you can explore. Japanese fashion trends range all the way from techwear style streetwear, over elaborated girly lolita style fashion, and traditionally inspired Japanese clothing to name a few. More often than not, Japanese fashion trends can be spotted in the hottest areas of the city, including major hubs like Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Harajuku. For the purpose of this post, we’ll be largely exploring the lolita-style Japanese fashion trend that has continued to take over Harajuku by storm and contributed to the rise of aesthetic Asian fashion, including in even smaller Asian fashion subcultures such as kawaii fashion.

A term we hear often when discussing Japanese style fashion trends is Lolita. But what is it exactly? Lolita fashion comes in several forms and can branch off within itself as well. Lolita style is an aesthetic Asian style fashion that encompasses overly lavish and decorated clothing. This means their skirts are not only fluffy and full but go the extra mile with petticoats underneath to give it that full ballgown effect. Their tops are just as elaborate, often decked out with frills and laces to give off the girliest effect. But to go all into this style you must also be accessorized correctly. For example, Lolita’s style favors lacey headbangs to complement the outfit, along with lace-trimmed thigh-high socks and thick platform shoes for added height. While this Japanese style fashion may sound very feminine and girly, this style can also be seen in a variety of themes that are the opposite, such as the gothic lolita style. Similar to the original, the gothic theme often is accompanied by purely black attire, with accessories that favor skulls, bats, and anything ‘dark’. Due to the thought that goes into each piece and accessory, the overall outfits come out with a hugely aesthetic and intentional vibe. 

lolita japanese fashion trend of model in pink dress

Hip Hop Asian Fashion

For the last Asian style fashion, we have hip hop style fashion. This may be familiar to you if you were on TikTok the summer of 2020 when videos of viral Chinese fashion blew up. Goodlooking everyday men and women would be strutting their stuff looking straight out of a magazine. Let’s take a look at what hip hop fashion entails. 

China’s youth in particular have contributed largely to the rise of hip hop Asian fashion. They take Asian fashion rather seriously, with many noting that filming their everyday fashion is welcomed and encouraged upon the masses. There is great pride in the outfits they put together, and even more pride in showcasing their trendiest Asian hip hop fashion. Notably, a lot of hip hop fashion trends are far more risque than the previous two, with more elaborate tech-wear detail in men clothes, while women clothes are far more form-fitting and revealing. With that in mind, one common practice we found in hip hop style fashion trend was the incorporation of designer brands among casual pieces. Fans of this niche absolutely love their brand names, and you will often find it as the main statement piece in their Asian hip hop outfits. Brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Bape, and Versace are popular choices just to name a few. 

Chinese Fashion trend of tiktok asian models posing

Now that you are well versed in the art of cute Asian fashion, why not give it a go and try out one of the following styles? While Asian fashion styles are commonly found in Asia, it’s definitely more difficult to find a local Asian fashion store in the USA. Lychee the Label is an Asian clothing store that caters to Asian fashion trends and styles that you can purchase locally! For more Asian clothing inspiration, you can check out our Asian streetwear collection.

Cute Asian Fashion Pop Quiz

What best describes your look? 

  1. Oversized but still feminine 
  2. Elaborate and thoughtful 
  3. Brand name fanatic

Do you dress…

  1. More on the modest side
  2. Adventurous and out there
  3. Cheeky and confident 

The colors I prefer to wear are 

  1. Pastels 
  2. Bright and patterned
  3. Monochromatic 

I don't leave the house without..

  1. Lipstick to touch up
  2. A choker 
  3. My Balenciaga bag 


If you answered mostly A: Your Asian fashion style best fits the girly Asian fashion type! 

If you answered mostly B: Your Asian fashion style best fits the aesthetic Asian fashion type! 

If you answered mostly C: Your Asian fashion style best fits the hip hop Asian fashion type!

March 16, 2021