Spring Break Feels 

Spring Break is upon us, and there’s no better way to honor it than to have yourself fully prepared for when the moment comes. What better way to start your preparation than to start with your wardrobe? When we think about spring break outfit ideas, we think about relaxed fits, bright and/or pastel colors, floral prints, and all the likes. Spring break clothes for women, in particular, might also mean fun bathing suits and casual beachside dresses. With all the cute spring break outfits you can choose from, the list of what you can pack will be endless. But today we’re going to help you narrow down your picks by recommending you the best spring break clothes to bring and where to buy spring break clothes for spring break outfits 2021. 

Spring Break Outfits Must-Haves

We've compiled a handy list of the essentials for spring break outfit planning so that your travel plans go seamlessly (and you look fabulous). 


Jean Shorts

Obviously, this spring break 2021 you want to look ready, and what better way to say you’re ready than a pair of cute jean shorts? Your cute spring break outfit won’t be complete without a pair of your favorite shorts to rock on the occasion. Jean shorts are as classic to spring break clothes as peanut butter is to jam. When spring break clothes shopping, you might want to find a pair of denim shorts that have a little more sunny/beachside vibes. Short shorts with cut-out sides or distress straps will add to that spring break vibe. The Peppercorn Double Strap Denim Shorts for example, are the perfect mix of casual and fun for your spring break outfit ideas. Alternatively, check out our Earl Grey Reflective Suspender Shorts for a fun surprise.  

earl grey denim reflective suspender shorts flat lay on marble

Crop Tops 

Your spring break going out outfits will not be complete without packing some crop tops. The best time to show a little bit of sun is when you’re soaking up all that sun, and what better way to do it than with some crop tops. Your choice is limitless. You can opt for a crop tank top for a more casual and carefree top option, something as simple but stylish as the Uni buckle crop tank top that has edgy details but still very spring break-appropriate. Or go with something a little more trendy and eye-catching like the Daifuku Slit Sleeve Crop Top that still appears to be a regular top, but comes with detachable button sleeves so you can choose to wear it up or down and have two looks in one. 

daifuku slit sleeve crop top folded and flat lay

Oversized Beachside Cover-up

What we love about Spring Break is all the fun we have soaking in the sunshine and just having a good time with our friends. But just because the weather is expected to be perfect, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Spring break shopping for a light cover-up is always a good idea for the days you spend an extended amount of time in the sun. A loose and sheer cover-up won’t feel like a burden to bring around, and will protect you from the extreme heat to your skin in the long run! The Chia Sheer Boyfriend Dress Shirt is a perfect example of a lightweight but practical cover-up you can carry around with you. 

For the colder nights, you might want to bring around something just a little thicker, like an oversized cardigan to keep you cozy. Something like the Honey Oversized Varsity-Stripe Cardigan would be the perfect backup spring break clothes to have. 

honey oversized cardigan close up flat lay

Spring Break Outfit Ideas 

Lychee modle wearing uni crop top and hibiscus joggers

Casual vibes all around for your Spring Break Outfit Idea. Here the model is sporting a crop buckle tank top that is still casual to lounge around in but has enough streetwear detailing to keep it eye-catching and interesting. The model pairs it with a lightweight striped detail jogger that complements the top perfectly through its comfortable and loungey aesthetic. Throw on a cap and you will have the perfect cute spring break outfit ready. 

Lychee model wearing chia sheer boyfriend dress shirt

The best spring break clothes are the ones that look totally effortless and stylish. For that effortless look, you can throw on a sheer cover-up to round off your outfit. In this photo, the model is sporting the same tank top in lilac from the previous photo and pairing it with a high-waisted acid wash denim short. To pull it all together, she has a sheer oversized dress shirt, the perfect piece to have when you’re planning to spend your time laying in the sun for at least a few hours. 

We hope you love coordinating as much as we do because spring break shopping doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have at least one matching outfit. The model in this photo is wearing a matching varsity theme crop top and joggers. The color scheme is white and pink, fitting for that spring/summertime vibe. 

Spring Break Fun

When it comes to spring break, you want to make sure you plan everything you set out to do. You don’t want to waste any time, so it’s important to check off the best activities you want to do first. Here are a few things you can look forward to this spring break: 

  • Festivals/Raves
  • Beachside tanning
  • Cabana Partying
  • Amusement Park 
  • Carnivals 
  • Bar hopping 

No matter what you have planned, don’t forget you need a cute spring break outfit to go with it. When planning for spring break outfits 2021 or even planning way ahead for spring break outfits in 2022, check out Lychee the Label. Spring break clothes shopping can’t be made any easier than shopping our women's streetwear collection which has everything you can think of, from crop tops to denim shorts, cover-ups and more. Find your spring break outfit ideas now!
March 18, 2021