Korean Winter Fashion Trending Right Now

It’s never too late to start thinking ahead and coordinate your wardrobe with the latest Korean winter fashion trends. You already know our takes for the best summer streetwear, now it's time to shine on your winter gear! One of our favorite seasons to style is certainly winter, given the vast possibilities through all the layers, textures and designs that can be rocked during the colder seasons. That's why we were so excited to release our collection of Lychee the label 2020 winter collection! For us we are particularly fond of Korean winter fashion, and take a lot of our inspiration through Korean winter styles. As a result, our winter wardrobe is heavily designed with the trendiest Korean winter clothes in mind. There is something particularly fun, casual and youthful about Korea’s winter fashion. If you’re looking to get early access to upcoming Korean winter trends and Kpop fashion, this is the place for you. Today we’re going to explore our takes on the most popular Korean winter fashion choices you’ll be seeing this year. 

Oversized Blazers

The trend of oversized clothing has always been a popular choice for Koreans. This no doubt extends to all types of clothes that can be made fashionably oversized without looking frumpy. While you might be more familiar with the oversized sweater trend as a Korean winter fashion staple, you’ll be happy to know that this coming winter, the oversized blazer is making a comeback. Part of what makes the perfect Korean winter outfit is surely your ability to layer, and what piece is more perfect to incorporate than a classic and sophisticated oversized blazer. While blazers generally give off a very professional and serious aura, our oversized counterpart here actually does the exact opposite - allowing women and men alike to look put together but casual at the same time. The oversized blazer will be one of the most popular Korean winter styles you’ll see coming this season. 

Korean winter oversized blazers in grey plaid

Teddy Coats

While you might find a lot of Koreans like to rock the trench coat during the Fall season, a popular Korean winter outfit might consist of something a little warmer and cozy. That’s right, the ever-so-popular teddy coats. There are a few reasons why these oversized fleece jackets are such a popular choice for Korean winter fashion. First of all, it just gets the job done. Absolutely warm and comfortable, you will be winter fashion Korea ready. On top of keeping you perfectly warm in winter weather, they’re also adorable. As you know, Koreans tend to value the cuter aesthetics, especially when it comes to women and fashion. With softer colors, fabrics and cuts, cute fashion is associated with youthfulness, which is extremely popular in Korean beauty standards. As a result, these teddy coats are going to be a popular choice for Korean fashion winter this year. 

korean winter teddy coats oversized and white

Baggy Hoodies 

When you think about Korean winter clothes, one of the most common thoughts that might come to mind would be the standard oversized and baggy hoodie. Popular amongst both men and women alike, we find that the appeal towards these baggy hoodies or sweaters is largely due to comfort. We all know that comfort doesn’t always have to equate to sloppy - and the Korean winter outfits we see being rocked by these fashionistas in oversized hoodies says it all. Women tend to enjoy pairing their oversized and baggy hoodies with something a little more form fitting at the bottom to create a sense of balance and shape. Whether it is a tight pair of leggings, jeans or a cute mini skirt, the idea is to bring elements of style back into an otherwise very casual look. What might appear to be someone drowning in a sea of fabric, is actually quite a common and youthful looking Korean winter style. 

korean oversized hoodies in beige

Trendy Hats

Your Korean winter outfits are never complete without the proper accessories to go with it. You’ll find that a lot of Korean street fashion in the winter tends to really go all out with every possible detail they can incorporate, and this includes accessories no less. With the colder weather, what better opportunity do you have then to whip out your collection of hats. The choices are rather limitless, as it depends on the outfit theme you are going for. During the hotter months you might find that most women like to wear berets or baker boy hats, giving their Korean winter outfit a sense of sophistication and class. The Korean street wear fashion styles might lean towards edgy baseball hats or bucket hats with metallic rings and details. 

korean winter baker boy hat in plaid and navy

What is your favorite Korean winter fashion on this list? And what is a style you’ll most likely try to rock this coming winter? The possibilities are endless with the combination of mixing and matching these popular Korean winter outfit choices. For more inspiration on what you can mix and match for the ultimate Korean winter style, be sure to check out Lychee the Label’s collection of Korean fashion and Asian streetwear. Still looking for more winter inspiration? Check out our blog post on Top 5 Korean winter styles you need in your closet

June 17, 2021
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