Lychee the Label's Second Anniversary 

We wanted to take the time and write a little appreciation post reflecting back on these last two years with Lychee the Label. For those new to the brand or unfamiliar with our story, we’d love to take a moment to just share a little bit about the creation and growth of our small business. Lychee the Label is a Asian women-owned company that launched in June of 2019. It started from two best friends with a mutual love for Asian streetwear, and the passion to encourage empowerment through clothes that make you look and feel amazing. Seeing the growth of something so personal to us, was truly humbling and we are thankful everyday for the supporters and followers that see our same vision. 

We were motivated by two points that we saw lacking in today’s market. First, clothes are an avenue of self expression, and want to give women the tools and access to fashion that speaks to them and their style. With streetwear being so catered to shapeless clothes designed for men's fashion, there was just not a lot of representation for female streetwear clothing. Personally, we had trouble even finding clothes for ourselves, which made us realize how limited our options were. We wanted to change that and bring in a larger variety of streetwear styles that would include crop tops, skirts, shorts, hoodies, jackets, Kpop accessories and more. All while staying true to the streetwear and soft grunge aesthetic you all know and love. The second motivation was our passion to showcase more Asian representation in marketing. Thus, as the co-founders, we take a lot of pride in modelling the clothes ourselves. We love to sprinkle bits of our Asian culture into the brand, as seen in some of the clothing names such as Mochi, Bao, Yuzu and Shoyu to name a few. At the end of the day, we wanted to create a brand that strongly showcased Asian representation and encouraged female empowerment as the driving force for everything we do. 

In these last two years, we’ve created a close knit community on our social platforms and adore seeing like minded supporters that encourage other women and love to see them thrive. Your support and positive energy is a light to our vision, and pushes us to continue growing and do so much more. We’ve been able to expand and reach outside the US, to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, with goals of only reaching further. We have nothing but love to give to everyone who’s been around since the beginning (or joined halfway through!), and are so excited to see what this next year will bring us. 


Lychee the label anniversary photo of a hand drawn pink cake


We love seeing from you, so please tag us in your Lychee the Label outfits and by hashtagging #LycheexMe on your posts! Also feel free to drop us a comment or send us a DM @lycheethelabel. We can’t wait to extend our arms and have you join in on our little Lychee family and grow with us. Thank you for the amazing last 2 years. Let’s keep going!

June 18, 2021