Styling Korean Jackets

Looking to get in on the latest Korean style jacket trend? Don’t know where to start? The world of Asian fashion can be a little intimidating to dip your toes into, but the key is to experiment with the styles you’re comfortable with first. Familiarizing yourself with what you have can be the first step towards getting a groove for the style, before stepping into scarier unknown pieces. Korean jackets in particular are rather diverse, and can take several directions depending on the occasion you are dressing up for. The secret is how you find yourself styling these pieces to give off the Korean fashion aesthetic. But that’s where we come in. Today we’ll be walking you along the five Korean jacket fashion trends you need to know, and giving you all the tips for rocking the jean jacket, bomber jacket, trench jacket, puffer jacket and athletic jacket. Let’s get started!

5 Korean Jacket Fashion Trends You Need to Know

Jean Jackets

A classic denim jacket, something so basic and easy that anyone can start with. For this particular Korean jacket for women, they love styling it oversized. Jean jackets often look a size or two too large, but that’s really the point of the style. These Korean fashion jackets give off a casual aura in their unfitted nature. They often come oversized and full length, or oversized and cropped as seen in the photo below. Either way, it’s meant to portray an easy going look, something that is widely popular in Korean fashion. The jean jacket can be styled up to balance the casual and genderless nature of the attire. Often we find Korean girls rocking their oversized jean jacket with a fitted skirt or crop top to bring back some shape and to elevate an otherwise casual outfit. 

Korean model wearing a cropped denim jacket

Bomber Jackets

Everyone needs a bomber jacket in their closet! Personally, we think these Korean jackets for ladies are a staple. The bomber jacket can be tricky to work with if you’ve never tried to style it before. Keep in mind that because they tend to be top heavy, you don’t want to pair it with something baggy or shapeless for your bottoms, in fear that you might look frumpy. Try styling this Kpop coat with pieces that are form fitted and able to show off your curves for best effect. A skinny jean or crop top over a bomber jacket is a popular go-to look.

korean bomber jacket worn by lychee the label model

Trench Jackets

This may seem like no surprise to some, as we all know the Korean fashion is well known for their trench jackets. As seen, and admired in many Kdramas, this Korean winter jacket just exudes sophistication and classiness. For someone trying to get into their winter fashion, this Korean coat and jacket is an easy place to start. It’s popular in the way it elevates an outfit - instantly bringing an element of style and class for those that rock this style. While it can seem intimidating for some as an everyday Korean coat, it’s actually a fairly versatile piece that can mix and match with many clothes, provided you aren’t wearing anything too frumpy such as a hoodie and sweatpants. If you’re interested in this style, don’t forget to check out our post on Kdrama style inspiration for more looks in this niche. 

korean oversized beige trench jacket worn by korean model

Puffer Jackets 

The puffer jacket we all know and loved from our childhood has supposedly found its way back into modern fashion. As the sentiment goes, fashion always finds its way back around and the puffer jacket, now a form of a fashionable korean jacket for ladies, is no exception. This particular jacket first rose to fame through its practicality, as it was intended for outdoor activities and the need to stay warm. Nowadays, it seems like a mixture of practicality and fashion, with many designer brands incorporating a form of the puffer jacket into their high end collection. Today in Korea, the puffer jacket is proudly worn by youths and highly regarded as both practical and fashionable. But it certainly isn’t the only form of winter jacket popularized by the Koreans. Our post detailing Korean winter trends also suggests pieces that are trending this winter if you’re looking for a little more variety. 

korean puffer jacket work with mini skirt and black boots

Athletic Jacket

It’s no surprise that athletic wear has made its way into everyday fashion, without the need to actually be worn for it’s true functionality. With the rise of athleisure clothing, more and more we find the combination of athletic wear and casual wear in popular fashion. The athletically designed Korean jacket has found popularity in the young adult demographic as well, worn due to their simplistic but stylish nature. Both casual and appealing, the athletic jackets can be easily mixed and matched into your casual everyday wear. 

korean athletic jacket in red and black

What do you think about the top five Korean jackets trending this year? With the diversity of styles, we have no doubt that you will find the perfect occasion to show off your newest look this season. For more Korean coats online, don’t forget to check out Lychee the Label’s Kpop fashion or our suggestions on the Top 5 Kpop online shops! With a vast inventory of Kpop inspired clothing, see what trendy Korean inspired outfit you can come up with for your wardrobe this year!
June 24, 2021
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