Neon Outfit Ideas You Might Want to Try

With the warmer weather heading our way, it’s time to ditch the all black closet and tune into something a little more summer festive and fun. And what better way to get into the summer mood than to have your closet reflect that? Neon is a trend that can seem a little bold to some, and while it certainly can be hard to work neon into an outfit - it’s not impossible. If you’re trying to create that upbeat summer closet, and you’re looking to incorporate some fun neon color outfits, this is the place for you! Learn how to pair neon clothes for any occasion this summer, if you haven’t gotten enough inspiration for our take on The Perfect Summer Drink Outfit. Here’s our take on the best neon outfits for girls this summer 2021. 

Neon Outfit Ideas That’ll Guarantee You’ll Make a Statement 

Rave Neon Outfits

When thinking about neon outfit ideas for raving, you’ll be happy to know that when it comes to raving, there’s really not much you can’t wear. The beauty in rave attire is that there are no rules. So what better place to start planning your neon outfit ideas than for a rave? Raver’s love clothes that are free moving and eye-catching. This goes for bra tops, crop tops, booty shorts, mini skirts and the like. Try incorporating a neon piece to your typical rave wear for that extra pop of color. In the photo below, you can see the girls rocking either a neon leg strap (alternatively you can opt for reflective leg strap socks for a rave too), or a neon bra top and accessories. Either way, the neon green outfit is the star of your look, so choose what you want to stand out! Here are some of our suggested pieces you can match your neon clothes with when it comes to raving. The Clove mesh super crop top perfectly compliments any top you choose to wear with it, as it emphasizes it through the cut and style. Alternatively, the Gelato super crop reflective bomber is a similar option with a more dramatic execution. For more looks that are within this niche, you can check out our post on Trippy Clothing Trends right now! 

rave neon outfits with three friends in neon yellow and black

Low Key Neon Outfits

For those that are scared to dip their toes into this bold neon trend, there’s always a simple way to slowly incorporate neon clothes into your outfit without doing too much. One way to start slow with neon color outfits is to try overlaying something with it to create a more subtle effect. If you have a neon pink outfit, for example, you can overlay the look with a mesh top to soften the color while still being able to incorporate that neon look. Alternatively, if you’re not a big fan of overlaying pieces, you can opt for something more subtle such as incorporating neon piping into your clothes. If you’re wondering where to buy neon clothes that have subtle piping, you’ll be happy to know that due to the summer neon trend, a lot of stores now carry a form of subtle neon in most of their summer apparel, so it won’t be too difficult at all. 

low key neon outfits with black mesh and neon stripes

Neon Party Outfits 

Looking to be the life of the party? Well your outfit can be a great place to start. Your choice of attire at a party can say a lot about you. And when you’re dressed in a bright and positive aura, people tend to gravitate towards you because it’s inviting. Incorporating neon into your neon party outfit doesn’t have to be messy. Sometimes the easiest way to style neon is under the motto less is more. Let the full neon clothes do the talking. Avoid overdoing your look by adding accessories and other pieces that will distract and take away from the outfit. You can see an example of this below from the neon pink outfit, neon green outfit and the neon orange outfit. They all stand out the way they are, and adding more would be too messy. For more information on how to style your party looks, don’t forget to check out our post on Cute Party Outfits You Need Right Now

party neon outfits with three friends in neon pink, green and orange dresses

Cute Neon Outfits 

Neon and streetwear go hand in hand. A lot of the neon trends that we see out here tend to focus more on streetwear style apparel. With that being said, it’s important that we learn how to style a streetwear outfit while incorporating neon colors into it. A great tip we would give someone is to try color blocking for your neon outfit ideas. Especially with a streetwear style black top like the Espresso mesh drawstring top, a neon cargo or jogger would definitely give you a head turning outfit. Alternatively, try wearing a neon bodysuit and bring in some of that streetwear style with our Chardonnay oversized cargo pants

cute neon outfits with streetwear style neon oversized joggers on model

Now with your knowledge on how to style your neon outfit ideas, time to put that plan into action! Remember, sometimes less is more with bolder colored pieces, and the key is to find the balance between doing enough and doing too much. If you’re still looking for where to buy neon clothes or streetwear styles clothes to compliment your neon outfits, check out Lychee the label’s collection on Women’s streetwear for more inspiration. 

July 01, 2021