Aesthetic Fashion Outfit Inspiration 

Fashion changes a lot over time, and yet, older trends are making spectacular comebacks. Aesthetic clothes are just some of the newest fashion trends, and all famous fashionistas promote cute aesthetic outfits on social media platforms. 

These days, we wear aesthetic outfits in everyday life, and not just on a night out. If you combine fashion pieces the right way, aesthetic edgy clothes will help you look chic and stylish wherever you go.

What is Aesthetic Fashion?

Aesthetic fashion is the type of attire that's interesting and pleasing to look at and wear. Edgy aesthetic outfits include bold and unique pieces that were typically trendy decades ago.

Usually, young adults and teenagers enjoy aesthetic cute outfits, but aesthetic fashion is anything but age-limiting. Anyone can wear it. All you need are some aesthetic outfit ideas for inspiration.

While it may seem that a new aesthetic appears every week, several popular ones reign supreme over the fashion and social media world. 

Y2K (the Year 2000) Aesthetics

In the fashion scene, the comeback of low-rise jeans and glitter tops reintroduced Y2K trends to a new generation.

Today's Y2K outfits don't entirely replicate the looks that Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Destiny's Child wore. However, these clothes have a similar vibe and incorporate the most important wardrobe staples: crop tops, skinny low-cut jeans, oversized cargo pants, and glittery details and accessories.  

y2k fashion trend with destiny child posing

'90s Aesthetics

The '90s were very eclectic when it comes to fashion aesthetics. However, a few main aesthetics from that era are making a comeback: sexy schoolgirls, hip-hop looks, and grunge.

The '90s aesthetics include minimalist styles with bright colors and sexy twists on school uniforms, as well as effortlessly edgy styles that invoke the grunge vibe of this decade. 

Grunge was a youth movement seen as an act of rebellion back in the 90s. The aesthetic edgy outfits were inspired by popular alternative bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam.

90s fashion with red hair influencer wearing plaid

'80s Aesthetics

While the '90s may have been all about matching minimalism with striking accessories, the '80s were all about striking everything.

High fashion, extravagance, glamour, and music influences like heavy metal, punk, rap, and hip hop have shaped the fashion trends of this era. Some of the essential clothing pieces of the trendy 80s aesthetic include plaid skirts, oversized tops, stripes, mom jeans, neon colors, and colorful jelly shoes.

80s neon fashion of three women wearing different colors of neon

Soft Girl Aesthetics

The romantic trend that promotes soft aesthetic outfits is growing rapidly. It radiates an all-around romantic and dreamy vibe. Usually, it includes clothes in soft pastel tones like purples, pinks, blues. Additionally, you’ll see a lot of white paired with contrasting, edgy items like a black leather jacket, chunky boots, a large black hat, or a statement bag.

If you want to try this cute outfit aesthetic, don’t forget to pile on statement accessories because they are essential for the look.

soft girl aesthetic with mom jeans and pink windbreaker

Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

We've prepared several super-cute aesthetic outfit ideas to inspire you, so let's dive in!

Grunge Chic

Combine sexy, tight pants with lots of zippers and leather details with an oversized cropped sweater to get that unique, just-rolled-out-of-bed fashion style. Add a pair of chunky boots or sneakers to complete the look. And don't forget to finish it all up with dark eye make-up! 

'90s Schoolgirl

If you're looking for 90s aesthetic outfit ideas but don't want to go grunge, you can dive into the more girly, sexy vibe of that decade.

With a plain suspender skirt, a cute tube top, and an oversized cardigan, you'll look like a modern version of Brenda and Kelly from the mega-popular '90s series Beverly Hills 90210. Add cute white socks and chunky shoes to the outfit to embrace the cute youthful vibe.

Soft Pastels

If you want to radiate a sense of dreaminess and start enjoying the soft girl aesthetic, think about pretty, girly pieces in pastel tones. A cute zip-up crop top that combines white and pink will look both modern and romantic if you pair it with trendy hibiscus striped joggers.

Add chunky sneakers or shoes to the combination, and include an oversized white bag to rock the soft girl aesthetic.

'80s Babe

The '80s aesthetic includes wearing bold, striking outfits, so the best way to step into that funky decade is to choose unique statement pieces. Cute suspender shorts with eye-catchy details are a perfect example of the '80s hottest trends.

Add an oversized cropped sweater to give the entire outfit a modern twist. With simple white sneakers and a cute ponytail to enhance the combo, you'll instantly nail the overall aesthetic.

YTK Cutie

Is there a better way to honor the YTK era than to dress up like Jenny from the Block (otherwise known as Jennifer Lopez)? Put on some quality oversized cargo pants and pair them with a fancy tube top with sexy chain details.

Introduce a pair of cute high heel sandals to the outfit to add some extra flavor to your style. Then, grab some statement jewelry and a small bag to complete the look.

Lychee the Label Aesthetic Fashion

Inspired by different eras, fashion aesthetics represent a modern take on classic pieces, giving you endless possibilities to look edgy and unique. At Lychee the Label, we always make sure to feature unique women’s streetwear pieces that are easy to combine so you can quickly achieve the aesthetics you are after. Browse our collection to see more! 

July 07, 2021