Trendy Kpop Sweaters You Need Right Now

We see it all the time, Kpop artists rocking hoodies as their go-to lounge clothes of choice. But even on their stylish days, you’ll find them wearing a kpop pullover and elevating it to make it look streetwear ready. But how can our favorite idols style something as simple as a hoodie for any occasion it seems, and how are they pulling it off so well? The trick really is matching the particular kpop sweatshirt to the occasion, since we’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety of sweater styles. With that being said, let’s take a look at the different choices of kpop sweaters that you can pull off for any occasion like your favorite idols. 

The Oversized Kpop Sweater 

Whether it’s off shouldered, big sleeved or long cut tops, these all account for the oversized kpop sweater category. These are usually for your casual days because you want to feel comfortable and it’s the most practical choice. Kpop artists look to wear their kpop sweatshirt on their off days for maximum comfort. You might commonly find your kpop stars rocking this oversized kpop hoodie on their way back from the airport for example. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t style up an oversized kpop sweater though. Throw on some strappy shorts, knee high socks and a pair of cute booties and you got yourself a stylish streetwear casual look. We love a versatile fit. 

Kpop idol wearing an oversized kpop sweatshirts

The Branded Kpop Pullover 

It’s no surprise that Korean stars love their brands, much like their asian counterparts, repping brand names is very much a style of its own. You can find more information about this particular branded style on our blog post Types of Asian Streetwear. This popular style of kpop hoodies idol’s love to wear definitely comes from a place of pride as there is no shame in flaunting what you have once in a while. In the photo below, you can see our kpop star confidently rocking a Vetements hoodie and looking real good while doing so. 

red branded kpop sweatshirt hoodie

The Loud Kpop Sweatshirts 

For the most part, we’d like to think that kpop fashion is all about being over the top and extra, after all, that’s all we see on the stage anyways! Kpop fashion is no less than that, even when it comes to casual wear. Kpop sweatshirts love being loud, and this can come through in several ways. The hoodie could be loud through it’s choices of colors, usually in a neon tone or a variation of color blocking colors. It could also be loud through it’s style, whether it’s an elaborate design or detail. Regardless, fashion that makes a statement is a very popular choice amongst youths and kpop artists alike. For more trends within this loud niche, you can check out our post on The Hottest Neon Trends

model wearing a neon kpop sweatshirt

The Streetwear Kpop Hoodies 

When it comes to streetwear style kpop hoodies, the main element that you’re looking for is edginess. Typically black or neutral in tones, accompanied by layers, straps, interesting cuts and unique designs, these help differentiate a regular hoodie with a streetwear kpop hoodie. These types of kpop sweatshirts tend to be worn for occasions where you are expected to be seen, whether it’s for daytime activities or a night out. While hoodies are meant to be casual, due to the design and aesthetic, it transforms itself to a hoodie you would rock out with style.  

model wearing a streetwear techwear kpop sweatshirt

The Graphic Kpop Pullover 

A plain pullover just won’t cut it sometimes. Kpop stars love rocking hoodies that usually are symbolic of something a little beyond just fashion. Graphic hoodies allow the choice of rocking a particular product with meaning - it could be a photo of a band you really like, or in the case of Jennie from Blackpink, an adorable photo of Winnie the pooh. Regardless, the trend of wearing pullovers with designs inspired by a person, photo or anything particularly visual, has been very popular amongst kpop stars and people alike. 

jennie from blackpink wearing a graphic kpop sweatshirts

So there you have it! The most popular kpop sweatshirts that are being rocked by our favorite idols right now. Which style do you think best represent you and which style do you want to rock more? The variety in selections make it possible for you to have a look for every occasion, just like our kpop stars! If you’re stuck on where you can find some of the best kpop styles to shop from, we got you covered! Don’t forget to check out our blog post on the 5 Best Kpop Online Stores to shop from to get you started. Alternatively, you can find similar clothing in our Kpop Fashion collection from Lychee the Label to build you the ultimate kpop closet. 

July 08, 2021
Tags: kpop fashion