Our Picks For The Top 3 Best Rave Shoes 

We’ve all been there. Prepping for our first rave, and being absolutely unprepared for the type of chaos that will await us after choosing the wrong footwear. Knowing the best shoes for raves honestly dictates your entire experience. After all, raving is more of an all day event compared to clubbing, and after 8 hours, your feet are really going to feel it. Now that you already have your EDM outfit down, we’re going to enlighten any first time ravers on our take for the best rave shoes you can wear to your next music festival. Taking into consideration all aspects, we want to ensure your rave shoes are comfortable, durable, and stylish. Here’s our list for the best rave shoes!


On the absolute top of our list we have sneakers as the best shoes for festivals. This is likely our favorite choice of footwear if we had to recommend any new ravers what are the best shoes to wear to a rave. The reasoning is simple. One, they offer the most protection since sneakers are fully covered. This means protection from muddy floors on rainy days, and protection from rowdy crowds that jump at every opportunity they can. Either way, you can feel good knowing that sneakers are going to ensure your foot stays clean, protected and injury-less (to the best of its ability at least). Secondly, sneakers are light weight compared to many shoes for raves. While raving boots might offer the same protection, it’s certainly not going to be easy walking around after a few hours. For this reason, sneakers are superior as the best festival shoes. Lastly, sneakers provide comfort like no other. When you’re raving, you know comfort is the highest priority, especially when you plan on staying to hear all the sets. You want to make sure you’re wearing shoes that can get you going the entire day. The soft soles and general wear of a sneaker is the best rave shoes to go with as they already conform to your foot and will provide the most comfort. 

We love the options you have when it comes to sneakers. Personally, our top choice would be converse sneakers since they’re relatively affordable, easy to clean and generally very lightweight. Alternatively, you can opt for something a little more festive and go with a reflective sneaker. Check out our picks for The Best Reflective Outfits For Raving if you plan to go this route! 

neon converse rave shoes in green and blue and white

Combat Boots

A second second choice for our pick on the best rave shoes.Combat boots might as well be renamed to rave boots since they’re so popular to wear at a music festival! This is obvious for many reasons and we can’t deny it! First and foremost they are extremely durable. They are our top picks for festival shoes if you plan on going deep into the front of line as we know just how chaotic it can get up there! Combat boots will ensure your toes stay perfectly intact despite everyone trying to jump on them (and oh they absolutely will). Secondly, their design. Raving boots are such a look, and it adds to the overall aesthetic of your Asian streetwear outfit, making you look rave ready from head to toe. Our only concern with combat boots however, is the weight of it. Just be aware that by the end of a long night, your feet are going to need some TLC from all that heavy lifting. But it’s worth it to look that cute right?  

Classic rave boots you can rock include our top picks, the Dr. Martens. These babies come in a variety of styles, designs and colors that will surely match with any outfit you choose that day. They’re extremely durable, stylish and worth the price! 

dr martens combat boots product photo

Platform Shoes

If you’re still on the lookout for what shoes to wear to a rave, we got platforms up next on the list. We’d like to think that platform shoes are the perfect mix of the classic sneaker and chic combat boots. The platform shoes are a little lighter compared to the combat boots counterpart, but also a little more durable compared to your average sneakers. As an added bonus, platform shoes give you just a bit of height, and honestly anything helps when it comes to trying to get a good view. They’re eye-catching, trendy and will add to any rave outfit you want to rock. 

While some people might want to go with a wedged style platform shoe, just note that due to the arch, it might not be the most comfortable. Personally, when it comes to the best rave shoes in the platform category, we’d have to give our vote up to creepers. They’re compact, lighter, and give you that much needed boost in height. There’s really not more you can ask for in our opinion. 

black creeper rave shoes product photo

There you have it! Our top picks for the best festival shoes that encompasses everything important to us - comfort, style and durability. Depending on what you’re going for, one of these three shoes for raves will meet your needs! Don’t forget to complete your look by rocking The Best Rave Hairstyles This Year, and browsing our collection of Rave Outfits for Women at Lychee the Label to match! Now get out there and show us your best rave look! 

July 14, 2021
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