The Trendiest Rave Hair Styles You Need to Try

If you’re a rave-head like us, you know exactly why being at a rave is our favorite thing in the world. Dancing the night away to your favorite music with your best friends, making memories you will cherish for years to come. But you have to admit, one of the best parts about going to any rave is also the prep that comes along with it. The outfit coordination with your rave fam, the pre-party before the actual party, making a playlist of all the headliners and putting it on repeat, and obviously styling your next rave hairstyle for the event. Once your hair is prepped, pick your favorite outfit out from our collection of rave outfits for women.


If you've been to a rave, you know just how serious some girls get about their rave hairstyles. All love to them because that is 100% us too! We want every aspect of us to be themed and as extra as us, so of course, we’re going to go all out on our rave girl hair. Why? Simply because we can. The choice is limitless, from up-dos to dutch braids, free-flowing, and color options, there’s no end to the creativity and freedom you have when styling for your rave hair style! Today we’re going to explore the best rave hair ideas that you can get some inspiration for the next music festival you attend.


Our favorite way to rock a rave is with braided styled hair. They are by far the most versatile hairstyle you could rock at a rave due to the various Kpop accessories you can weave into your hair. We’re talking about hoop rings, feathers, flowers, clips, and so much more. Better yet, braids are simply practical in the way that they can keep your hair secure while dancing and jumping around. What is not to love about incorporating braids into your next rave hairstyle? Let’s explore some of the hottest rave hair below for inspiration. 



up do rave hair with braids and pink hair dye on blonde hair

A head-turning up-do that we love is this look right here. This style is a great option for rave hairstyles for long hair. Think of it as a reverse dutch braid. Simply split your hair into two sections, and begin braiding from the bottom up instead of top to bottom. Once you reach the top of your head, secure each end with an elastic band. Twist the remaining strands of hair into a flat bun and bobby pin it in place. Decorate your hairline with rhinestones and eyelash glue and spray your roots with any vibrant color of your choice. Want to achieve this look but you have shorter hair? Just opt in for some rave extensions

PROS: With your hair up, you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to making a mess. Drink spilled? No problem. Need to run to the porta-potty? No-fuss. Feeling faint from the heat? No hair, no heat. The convenience of an up-do knows no bound.

CONS: Sometimes the weight of all your hair in one place can get a little heavy. Expect a sore neck by the end of the night after jumping around to all your favorite tunes. Some up-dos are easier to maintain than others, but be careful to secure your hair rave style properly to avoid pieces falling out of place by the end of the night. 

Modified Doubles

double dutch rave hair with pink extensions on blonde model

What’s not to love about long rave hairstyles? Upgrade your typical double dutch braids for a more fabulous look and add in rave hair extensions! This look is much easier than it appears to be. If you know how to double dutch braid your hair, you’re basically halfway there. Simply split your hair and section it into two. Before starting your braid, take a section of your hairpiece of any color of choice and fold it into halves. Begin weaving the rave extensions from the folded point into your braid. Once you reach past the point of your neck, switch from a dutch braid into a fishtail braid. Continue to braid even after your natural hair length is no more and finish off with an elastic band on both ends. Gently tug at the braid to give the hair a little more puff and volume. 

PROS: whether it’s a double ponytail, double dutch braids, or pigtails, the nature of this hairstyle has always been associated with youthfulness. Complete your look with a rave hairstyle that is cute and sweet. Really, it’s a means of self-representation we always say.  

CONS: Hair extension pieces can be pretty overwhelming if you’re not used to having that much length in your hair regularly. Just be sure not to accidentally dip your hairpiece into anything you wouldn’t want to! 

Half-up Half-down 

half up half down rave hair in purple and pink short hair

Looking for something a little fun but still want that mane to run wild? Opt for a half up half down rave hair. This look is super easy to achieve. Take two small sections that run from the top of your head and begin a french or dutch braid. Weave in hoop rings or any other fun hair accessories as you braid through. Stop just as you reach the end and secure with two elastic bands. Finish off with some glitter and a hair curler to add some textured waves 

PROS: Rave hair styles like these are a great way to compromise for length and style and is always going to be flattering for anyone who wants to rock it. 

CONS: Letting most of your hair down during an all day long festival might get a little hot for some people. Be sure to bring a scrunchie for any heat emergencies after a long session of dancing the night away. 

Now that you finally decided on a rave hairstyle you want to rock at your next music festival, don’t forget to complete the look with an outfit that looks just as snatched as that hairdo. Be sure to check out Lychee the Label’s collection of best-selling rave outfits to complete your ultimate rave look. Looking to match someone special? Check out our blog post on rave couple outfitsDon't forget to pack these rave essentials and stay prepared.
December 02, 2020