One of the things we love the most about the summer is the ability to day drink and chill. We’ve got pool parties, beach gatherings, and early brunches that all easily support the argument that we absolutely need a drink in our hand by noon. This point is further emphasized when we’re on vacation. So why not dress for the occasion? Today we’re going to run you through a style guide for the best day drinking outfits this summer. Whether it’s for a meet-up with the girls at brunch, resort exploring when you’re on vacation, or simply getting a drink together for a first date, look totally prepared with our day drinking outfit ideas. 

What to wear for casual drinks

Keeping in mind that it gets pretty hot out during the summertime, we want to make sure that whatever you’re rocking is still breathable and comfortable for the days you spend out on the bar patio. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any overly thick long sleeves and pants. When you’re out and about under the sun, it’s going to get hot pretty quickly. Try your best to also stay away from anything that is too tight to allow for breathability and overall just keep your figure looking flattering while you’re chugging down a couple of those mimosas. With that being said, let’s take a look at some day drinking outfits 2021.

Brunch with the babes 

You might be wondering about how to put together a cute outfit idea for drinks with friends. A casual look you can rock for your next summer drink outfit would be to pair an oversized cropped shirt with something a little more of a statement bottom for that extra pop in your outfit. This outfit is a classic between looking like you’re just taking it easy and casual while looking unexpectedly bomb. It’s all about the balance when it comes to day drinking clothes

red plaid skort with crop black top on purple hair model

In this outfit here, you can see this top is the perfect shirt to rock in the summertime. It’s not only thin and breathable because it’s made from cotton, but it’s also got that cropped aesthetic to keep you looking cheeky and well ventilated all at once. The mock collars just give this top a little bit more of a formal side to an otherwise very slouchy and chill top. The best part about this shirt, however, is definitely the sleeves. Feeling a little overheated after a few drinks? No problem. Simply unbutton the slit sleeves and throw them into your purse. Now you got a whole new day drinking outfit in just one sitting. On the other hand, the skort really emphasizes itself as a statement piece amongst all the casualness. It’s as if to say, ‘Don’t be fooled, there’s still a little bit of an edge’. That’s what we like to call the perfect streetwear style summer drinks outfit for brunching with the girls. 

Resort exploring on vacation 

As much as we might love catching up with the girls, let’s really talk about our favorite way to day drink: on vacation. There’s just something about not having to worry about the work sitting on your desk when you get back home later that day or having to finish up some last-minute errands before dinner. None of that. Vacation day drinking is another level of enjoyment and luxury we simply adore. With such a fine occasion, we recommend drinking in my Sunday dress to match. 

yuzu slit skirt with white tube top on red hair model posing

This summer drinks outfit will have you feeling all sorts of cheeky and sassy. This white tube top with pin detailing is an elevated look for a day time drinking session. It is secured tightly on the back by a zipper and a draped chain that goes behind the neckline. The khaki skirt to complement this top also features matching pin detailing. It has a side slit parting that reveals a strapped bottom short attached inside - a cheeky surprise when you’re drinking and dancing about. 

First date day drinking clothes

We love the idea of going for a day drink as a first date option. After all, it’s broad daylight and generally a little safer than trekking out for a drink at 10pm with a man (or woman) you have never met. While casual conversations over coffee might do just as well, we like to loosen up a little when we try to get to know someone. So, day drinking as a first date it is. Personally, we don’t think anyone needs to be as overdressed as they do when they go out on a nighttime date. A pair of really flattering shorts, a classy tank, and just a little something draped over your shoulder should do the trick for a curvy day drinking outfit

oversized boyfriend shirt with pink tank to punder and denim shorts on purple hair model

We think this is a really solid look for what to wear for casual drinks. It’s casual enough so that you don’t seem to be trying too hard, but it’s also got enough elements of edginess and detailing that really makes your outfit look put together and impressive. For this Summer drinks outfit, we wanted to go with a simple crop tank that will simply flatter your upper half and draw the eyes to the beautiful details. A pair of shorts that are high waisted and fitted will make your legs look a mile long. Last but not least, a nice sheer boyfriend dress shirt will keep you covered and comfortable, but also let him know you’re open to more than just a boyfriend dress shirt if you know what I mean. 

Day drinking outfits for every season 

Not quite hot enough where you’re from? Not to worry, here are our quick outfit suggestions for day drinking no matter what season it is. 


While it’s not quite burning hot out there yet, you’re still able to get away with a pair of great light wash denim shorts to match with a casual oversized white dress shirt tucked in. We would even argue that it is one of the best outfit ideas for drinks with friends. This look is great and so versatile for any occasion. Not only will it keep you looking stylish, but the sleeves will prevent you from getting too chilly out there.


The season before patios begin to close up. Take your opportunity and rock out your day drinking outfit in layers. We love pairing layered tanks with oversized slouchy and asymmetrical cardigans. Match with plaid skirts or short and thigh-high socks to go with those knee-high boots. A total boho vibing autumn day drinking outfit idea. 


We both know your winter day drinking outfit will likely take place in the comforts of your own home. Fear not, we are not judging even if you’re just day drinking alone at home. You may be wondering what to wear day drinking in winter. And to that, we’re gonna suggest that the best outfit for an occasion like this is anything comfortable and casual that will toast you up like you’re mulled wine. Throw on an oversized sweater, tight fleece leggings, and cute patterned Christmas socks and call it a day. 

Complete your day drinking look with accessories 

No outfit is complete without accessorizing. Don’t forget that to simply elevate an outfit is to add on the details that would complete the look. Day drinking is for the free-spirited, and with those that are free-spirited, you best not carry too much. Bring with you a small cross-shoulder body bag to hold your essentials and pull your outfit together. Complete your look with your favorite pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to go. 

And there you have it. Several outfits inspired by Summer drinks outfit. Whether you are out and about chatting with your friends, going for a drink while you’re on vacation, or simply getting to know one another on a first date. This guide will help you figure out exactly what you should rock for the occasion. For more ideas and outfit inspiration on what you can mix and match into your current day drinking inspiration, check out Lychee the Label’s newest women’s streetwear arrivals

December 04, 2020