What to Wear to Your Next EDM Concert

Your next rave is just around the corner, especially with COVID soon being a distant memory (hopefully). It’s time to polish up on your rave fashion knowledge and start deciding what to wear to an EDM festival! After all, it’s been over a year since we’ve last stepped into any sort of music festival. We want to make sure our debut EDM concert attire is one to truly remember. With that being said, today we have for you four EDM concert outfits that you could rock for your next music festival. We’re giving you some bonus tips on the best rave accessories to go with your EDM concert outfit. Alright rave baes, let’s get into it! 

The Comfy Casual

It’s no secret that comfort is truly the key to any long event. Especially one where you plan to stand around for at least 10 hours. So the question begs, what to wear to an EDM club when you’re aiming to go the comfy casual route? Honestly, the EDM dress code is pretty forgiving, and there’s not a lot you could do to go wrong. Some people really just opt for the basics, a tank top and shorts. But knowing us, we want to elevate the basics and take elements of that comfy casual and still make it head turning and interesting. A great way to do this is to take each comfortable piece and see what you can do to spruce it up a bit. For example, a basic tank usually would do the trick when you opt for a casual EDM concert outfit, but why not go for something cropped? Something buckled? Something with a little more texture? The Uni buckle crop tank top for example would be an elevated version of a comfortable tank top. On the other hand, people tend to gravitate towards the basic denim shorts for comfort. But who says denim has to be boring? The Peppercorn double strap denim shorts is an excellent example of staying comfortable while looking damn good. This outfit combo answers your question on what to wear to an EDM concert while staying comfortable and casual but still looking fire. You are so welcome. 

uni buckle EDM concert tank top flat lay close up
peppercorn double strap EDM concert shorts flay lay close up


The Ethereal 

A lot of girls (and guys!) use music festivals as an opportunity to wear things that you normally have no other place that would be appropriate to. The idea of being extra and totally head turning is really the key here. After all, how many opportunities in your life can you find yourself wearing fishnets, strappy bodysuits, space bun hair and totally glittered out face, and be looked at normally? Not many. So our advice for what to wear to EDM concerts is really just to go all out in any way, shape or form and be your best ethereal self. For us, what makes us feel like other worldly queens is the strap factor in our EDM concert outfits. We’re talking about straps on straps from head to toe. The Sesame cross strap bandeau top is an excellent example of edgy, extra and totally ethereal. Paired with matching strappy shorts, the truffle strap cut-out shorts perfectly complement the top for a killer combo. Finish off with side slit plaid skirts that show off your strappy shorts with our Latte slit skirt. With that being said, you now have an EDM concert attire that makes you look out of this world. 

lychee model wearing sesame crop tank, truffle strap short, latte slit skirt

The Loud and Proud 

Maybe you’re the type to go to a music festival right when the party’s finally kicking up. It’s getting pretty dark at this point, and you want your outfit to be seen despite the sun setting. The solution we have for you then, is to go all out on the reflective pieces to really pop. The Bingsu reflective cropped jacket not only makes a statement, and allows you to be totally visible pretty much halfway across the concert field, but it’s also got that protective element for when it starts getting a little chilly in the night. Opt for our Caviar Reflective Mesh Joggers as the matching piece for your EDM concert outfit and look totally streetwear ready with a pop of reflective element. This outfit will have you at the center of attention with all the lights flashing by! 

bingsu reflective bomber flay lay close up
caviar reflective joggers flat lay close up


The Baddie 

This one is our personal favorite. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look like a baddie? Sometimes less is more, and in this case, we’re going to let the clothes do the talking. Get rid of all your colors, you don’t need that here. We’re going full on streetwear assassin babe vibes for this EDM dress code. The ultimate slick baddie EDM concert outfit consists of two basic but very key fashion pieces. First you’re going to rock the Espresso mesh buckle strap top. Next you’re going to pair it with the ever popular Truffle strap cut-out shorts. And that’s all there is to it! If you’re struggling with too many details and you just want to look good effortlessly, for what to wear to an EDM festival, this is it!

lychee model wearing truffle strap short, espresso mesh top

BONUS: Rave accessories 


This is such a staple for rave goers! Kandi is the best way to meet and interact with other rave lovers as you can exchange your accessories with one another and just look completely rave ready!

LED Anything 

Honestly, with the whole reflective trend going on, it’s no surprise that people are starting to wear LED lights built right into their clothes. Try some light-up shoes if you’re looking to take over the dance floor!


While this isn’t necessarily an accessory per-se, glitter is part of elevating your EDM concert outfit, and gives your whole look a girly pop. We love using body glitter or make up glitter when we prepare for our night out raving. 

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June 01, 2021
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