How to Dress Like Your Favorite Kdrama Star

Kdramas aren't just known for the dramatic arcs and heartthrob couples--they're of course also famous for the glamorous Korean fashion showcased. Kdramas have set trends both within Korea and worldwide. With the wide variety of Kdramas, we're given ample inspiration for our own personal style.  

K Drama Characters to Watch For Fashion Inspiration 

WWW (2019)

This is one of our favorite picks for Kdrama fashion for obvious reasons of course. Our stars Bae Ta-mi, Cha Hyeon and Song Ga-Kyeong are professionals in a fierce business industry, who are often seen trying to outdo each other in their fashion. These ladies take workplace fashion to the next level, with pieces worn actually coming straight off the runway sometimes! Their fashion choices are rather bold, mixing sophisticated work wear with eye-catching prints and colors. Their bold sense of fashion is accompanied with killer make up - a must see for great kdrama clothes!

www kdrama image of 3 collage of 3 woman together

Itaewon Class (2020)

Our star girl Jo Yi-Seo has a different take on your traditional Kdrama outfits you might be used to. As a girl who manages a shop that is runned by an ex-convict, it’s safe to say that she’s not your average girl. This edgy star lead has the most eye-catching kdrama style that is catered to those that are a little more youthful and rebellious. Often seen in shades of black or neutral colors, she accompanies these darker colors with textures like leather and silver accessories. Catch this inspirational Korean drama fashion on Netflix! 

itaewon class kdrama leather jacket fashion

Hotel Del Luna (2019)

Another totally different direction in terms of the Korean drama clothes featured in this Kdrama. The leading woman, Jang Man-Wol is always dressed in the most sophisticated and classy Korean drama dresses and kdrama costumes. As the owner of a hotel for the last 1300 years, you can definitely sense her traditional style mixing in with modern pieces, with great fitted blazers, laced turtlenecks, silk scarves and much more. Jang Man-Wol is a stunner and easily the most interesting person to watch in this kdrama. 

hotel del luna actress wearing a purple blouse

How to Dress like K-Drama: 5 K-Drama Inspired Fashion Trends

Oversized Clothes

No matter the fashion genre or style, one thing we know for sure is that in kdrama fashion, oversized clothes are always trendy and can work with nearly any type of outfit. The oversized look can be made both feminine, masculine, comfortable or classy. We find that a lot of our drama stars pair oversized sweaters with fitted bottoms for a balance of conservative and playful. Layering oversized pieces with jackets and accessories really help bring dimension to an otherwise shapeless piece. Easily implemented into any outfit, oversized clothes are such a staple for looking good and feeling comfortable when paired correctly. If you’re looking up how to dress like a kdrama, our first suggestion is to scout your closet for those oversized fit to make work. 

Matching Sets

It’s no secret that the girls fashion drama in Korea love to sport matching sets. Not only do they make you look so put together, they also really elevate your entire look. Often you would find matching knitted blazer sets with pencil skirts, cute color coordination throughout the entire outfit, or simply a top and bottom that goes hand to hand with the same theme. Regardless, matching sets are constantly seen in kdrama outfits because they’re low effort but makes you look like a million bucks. 

matching set in pink and white from lychee the label model

Bright Colors

Generally speaking, we find that in kdrama clothes, the female lead is often portrayed rather youthful, and thus we find that many are often wearing really bright or light colored clothes. This trend of brighter clothes and fun colors and prints really elevate the Korean traditional standard of wanting to look youthful. Brighter color schemes help exactly that! 

bright color kdrama outfit in white and pink by lychee the label model

Trench Coats

Men and women alike in kdramas really seem to always gravitate towards these long trench coats that make them look so put together and wealthy. This classy trench coat look that you see worn by the CEOs of all your kdrama fashion is such a signature piece. Trench coats are not limited to just the men, but have been seen sported by countless female kdrama stars as well! They’re the perfect autumn/winter jacket to wear and look absolutely fantastic in! 

Pencil Skirts

A bit of a glo up version of your typical mini tennis skirt, the pencil skirt is classic in Korean drama fashion, especially when it involves those boss babes working in the business industry. These women are often found sporting other business attire that looked tailor made just for them. The fit of these blazers and pencil skirt as a duo set really just brings about an air of confidence and superiority. This kdrama style is often associated with working women and is one look we would love to emulate. 

pencil skirt kdrama outfit by lychee the label model

Now that you have all the inspiration you need to build your kdrama fashion wardrobe from scratch, you are set to live out your kdrama dreams! Don’t forget to check out our other blog post for korean winter fashion inspiration to prep your Kdrama outfits for the colder weather, or check out our Lychee the Label’s collection of Kpop Fashion for more! 

May 20, 2021
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