4 Mask Design to Elevate Your Fashion

While the topic of face masks has drawn up a lot of controversy in the West side of the world, the idea of wearing a face mask in the East has long been an accepted notion in society. With the pandemic in place, the use of face masks are popularized for safety reasons, allowing people to protect themselves and others from viral infections. In the East however, the face mask served more than just one function, that being that it was often used as a fashion symbol and accessory. In Korea in particular, the rising popularity of face masks being worn starts rather young - with many middle schoolers sporting them as a way to look cool and mysterious. The use of masks is so ingrained in society, it is not surprising that this essential item has been converted to a fashion item worn by everyone. We can attribute the success of Korean mask fashion to one of Korea’s biggest inspirations for fashion: The Kpop Industry. With Korean mouth mask fashion steadily growing, we find that incorporating it into your everyday wear to work and elevate an outfit has become a must-have. Here are our tips for staying stylish with Korean mouth masks!

4 Mask Designs to Complement Your Style

Animal Face

Korean society often steers towards aesthetics that are generally more cute and youthful, compared to the west’s desire for sexy and mature. Due to this nature, symbols and illustrations associated with cuter implications are widely sought after. This can be seen in their clothing style and light color scheme choices. With that in mind, adorable faces that seem to replicate the bottom half of cute animals are popular designs found in Kpop face masks. An example of this can be seen through the widely popular trend of the Sakun Kpop mask. First seen worn by Kpop group Big Bang members, this Kpop face mask sported animal-like teeth as its main design. This spurred a number of similar animal face Kpop mouth masks designs that continue to be worn by trendy Korean youths of today. 

sakun animal face mask with adjustable ear straps

Colorful Patterns

Bold and colorful prints are a great way to create a statement piece. So why not use your Kpop facial mask as the centrepiece? Now more than ever, face masks are coming out with all types of designs and colors to match the style and mood you want.  Kpop facemask have a history of being loud and colorful to stand out. Use this to your advantage and incorporate a colorful pattern Kpop face mask to your bold outfit!

colorful kpop mask laid out in the order of the colors of the rainbow

Lace Mask

A little lace never hurt anybody. Incorporating lace can be a subtle but sexy way of adding detail to your Korean face mask. Both simple and elegant, the lace detailing can change the entire mood of an outfit theme you are going for. Whether it is a Kpop mask overlaid in lace, or a Korean facial mask that is just lined in lace, the detail will surely give your face mask an edge. If worn for safety reasons, be sure that you are not simply just wearing lace as the face mask, as it is porous and you will need it backed with another material. 

Lace kpop face mask flat lay

Simple Black

Sometimes simple is best, and this can be seen in the case of just a black fashion mask Kpop. If you’re looking for a mask that can get the job done, without being too in-your-face, a simple black Kpop mask will do. Black face masks are rather mysterious and give a hard streetwear element to our outfit. In fact, the most popular face mask color of choice is black due to the simplicity of wear and versatility to match with nearly anything. 

lychee the label kpop face mask folded and flat lay


Tips For Letting Your Style Show With Your Mask 

Focusing on your makeup

A great way to work your fashion and style into a mask is by highlighting other aspects of you that can complement the mask. As you know, Korean mask fashion is largely derived from looking mysterious as only your eyes can be seen - why not work this to your advantage? Try unique, bold or playful eye make up to further draw the eyes as the focal point. With your face largely covered, it gives you a lot of creative freedom to explore how you want your eye make up to be seen now that it is in the spotlight!

Trying bold outfit looks

No one loves bold and edgy outfits as much as we love wearing them! It would be a disservice to tone down your mask if the whole outfit is shining in its best light. The Korean mouth masks can help elevate an outfit by being an accessory that can match with the overall theme. Going for a dark streetwear look? Try pairing it with a black strappy mask! Have a cute dress in mind? Pastel or youthful patterns on your Korean face mask would tie the whole outfit together!

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May 11, 2021