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So you just secured tickets to see your favorite artist perform. Now what? It’s time to figure out what to wear for a concert. Keep in mind there are a few points to consider (other than looking like a million bucks) when designing the practicality of your concert outfits. You have to consider factors like looking genre-appropriate, being dressed for the season, and also understanding the level of comfort you want to be when you’re outside standing for a few hours. We know what to wear to a concert, woman to woman, we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to fully prepare you for everything you need to know about outfits to wear for a concert. Afterwards, check out our collection of rave outfits for women.

What to Wear to a Concert by Genre

Grunge Rocker Concert Outfits 

Pay homage to the true nature of rock and deck yourself out in alternative style punk concert attire. Stay within the theme of dark-colored patterns and prints of clothes paired with distress cuts to truly embody the grunge aesthetic for your next rock concert. Everything dark, a little roughed up, and edgy is fair game here. We’re talking about stockings, arm cuffs, thigh-high socks, and the whole shebang.   


plaid crop top flatlay in black white and red black



thigh strap shorts flay lay


A great dark color plaid screams grunge. Decked out with metal hardware buckles and zippers, this top is the perfect look for your next rock concert outfit ideas. A strappy distressed cut denim bottom will perfectly pull together this look by adding an element of edginess. Finish off this look with long socks and a pair of heavy-duty combat boots to prepare you for those mosh pits! 

Preppy Pop Concert Outfit

Keep it preppy and fun with your concert outfit inspired by pop music itself! Going the complete opposite direction from our Grunge Rocker Concert Outfit, we want to work in color and brightness into our cute concert outfit. A great way indicator of what might work for a pop concert would be pieces of clothes that are trendy, cheeky, brightly colored, and youthful.


striped crop top in pink white and black white


striped joggers in 3 colors, pink, white and black

A white and pink varsity crop top will bring in an element of youthfulness for this look. Match your top and bottom by coordinating the colors, for instance pairing it with a casual and trendy jogger. Finish it off with a pair of white converse sneakers and you’ll have yourself looking as bubbly as your favorite pop song. 

Laidback Country Concert Outfit 

We love a laid back outfit when figuring out what to wear to a concert playing country music! Dress as smooth and relaxed as the jams you want to hear by pairing oversized tops with your favorite fitted comfortable jean shorts. Play on elements of patterns and texture to make a statement if you choose to go with a simpler outfit shape and fit.  


sheer chiffon dress shirt flat lay



oversized pocket denim shorts flay lay


The sheer oversized boyfriend dress shirt is an easy way to dress yourself up and down depending on how much you want to show off! A fitted jean short will always be a country concert appropriate choice. 

Edgy Rap Concert Outfit

When we think of rap concerts, we think of something a little more hardcore and street. For this reason, rap concert outfits are easily influenced by streetwear apparel. Joggers are easily the best choice of bottoms to wear both in comfort and style and will match any fitted crop tops you choose to pair it with. The streetwear aesthetic also fits very well with concert attire you might choose for Fall concert outfits since they are generally a little more season-appropriate. 


mesh buckle top flay lay



reflective joggers close up flat lay


This mesh buckle drawstring top is subtle in color but a statement piece of its own in its style and design. Match this street style top by pairing it with reflective mesh joggers. End off the look with a pair of black booties to give it a sleek finish. This women's grunge clothing streetwear outfit will be the perfect concert outfit for your next rap concert.  

What to Wear to a Concert by Season

Besides dressing specifically within the theme of your music genre, you also have to consider the weather you are dressing for. Seasons will greatly affect your choice of concert attire. Let’s take a look at what to wear to a concert dependent on the season.  

Spring & Summer Concert Outfits 

The warmer seasons give you greater options and versatility in what to wear to a concert. Opting for shorter bottoms like shorts and skirts will remove the restriction of movement you get from heavier and longer concert attires. This makes dresses a great concert outfit idea because it is not only free-flowing and practical, it’s also an easy choice to instantly look put together. While you may want to wear tanks and crop tops for your summer concert outfits, remember to bring a light sweater you could stuff in a bag or tie around your waist for colder summer nights!  

Fall & Winter Concert Outfits 

Sure, your concert might be held indoors, be sure to dress appropriately for the season. A great compromise for the colder weather is to opt for stretchier or baggier long sleeves and pants. You want to make sure your Fall concert outfits will be enough to keep you warm but still maintain the breathable aspect for when you're jumping around all night. If you really want to wear shorts, we suggest pairing it with stockings underneath for a cool and grunge rocker concert outfit

Staying Comfortable

While your first thought might be how to dress for a concert and look your best, it’s equally as important to ensure you are comfortable in your cute concert outfits so that you can enjoy yourself all night long. Some question to ask yourself would be as follows:  

  • What type of concert am I going to? 
  • Are there seats? 
  • Do I have to stand for 2-3 hours? 
  • If it is a rave, will I plan to stay for the full half-day?  

This will give you a good idea of what kind of clothes and footwear you need to prepare yourself for the big event. Concerts, where you are forced to stand for long periods of time, will require you to bring comfortable footwear like sneakers and flats. We recommend you avoid any open toe shoe or heel to avoid being trampled on or having to take off your shoe every hour to massage your feet. 

If you’re going to a rave, you might have more leniency in what you can wear because there’s plenty of places to sit and rest when you’re feeling worn out. While the concert outfit might not be as big of an issue, be sure to check out our list of Top Ten Rave Essentials You Must Bring to Any Rave


Concerts emulate so much positive energy, and we know you want to stay the life of the party and make the best memories. Getting ready and prepping for the concert makes for half the journey and fun so we want to make sure you feel prepared on what to wear to a concert, regardless of the occasion! Here at Lychee the Label we specialize in rave outfits to ensure you are turning heads no matter where you go. Check out our section of Concert Attire for more ideas on how to dress for a concert

November 12, 2020
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