Night Out Outfits: What to Look For

In the midst of a global pandemic, you might be wondering what to wear when you decide to finally come out of that cozy nest you’ve built yourself at home after all these months in lockdown. The first thing you have to ask yourself is, what is the occasion? Are you meeting a friend over dinner for a long-awaited catch-up? Are you prepping for your first date since quarantine? Or is it a night out with the girls? No matter the occasion, we’re here to help you get back into the game after binging Netflix and baking bread for the last half-year. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. You’re going to learn that looking good can consist of cheap outfits, as long as you accessorize and mix in a few high-end pieces to elevate the overall look. Today, we’re going to help you find the best going out outfits for any occasion. 

Cute Outfits for Your Next Night Out 

No matter the occasion, there are a few key points you want to always have when prepping for the basics of your night out outfit. Having a solid base of essentials will ensure that you have a steady foundation to build your going out clothes from. Let’s take a look at our list of essentials and must-haves for all our cute going out outfits. Have no fear, our tips will have you absolutely slaying at any occasion. 

First Date Going Out Outfits

So you’ve got yourself a date, and you’re wondering what could you wear to that classy bar you’re headed to. We got you covered with our personal favorite womens going out outfits. Try a statement crop top with metallic drop chain details that will surely turn heads. The top is classy and the perfect amount of edgy to let him know exactly who you are. The dangling back chain draws attention to your silhouette as you pass by and adds movement to the outfit. Pair this top with a pair of sleek, slim-fitting pants that play to the same theme of metallic edge with zipper and pleather belt detailings. 

flat lay of viola pleather belt pants close up

Dinner Catch-up with the Girlfriend 

Alright, you want to look your best because it’s been a while since you two caught up. After all, the pandemic certainly made it difficult to hang out every Friday night like you used to. Try sporting a cropped chain bustier top for your cute going out outfit. It’s got a little feminine edge with the puff sleeves and sweetheart neckline. A top like this would match beautifully with a pair of strappy shorts and black thigh high socks to wrap this dark and edgy night out outfit together. As a plus, you two can match and look edgy and extra cute in any duo photos you take together.


Drinks with the Girls

When was the last time you got to go out in a dress? We can’t remember either. Celebrate your night out with the girls by wearing a statement piece of a dress that comes decked out with straps and metallic hardware. This head turner would be a conversation piece that will have your girls asking where you got it from! A great thing about opting for dresses is that they make for cheap outfits as a whole in comparison to buying multiple pieces. This Lychee the Label dress in particular already comes accessorized. There are decorative waist belt details, extra shoulder strap details, and our favorite: an adjustable thigh strap finished off with a metal hardware heart clasp. 

flat lay of Rose hip leg strap dress close up


Accessories, Makeup, and Hairstyle Ideas

Cropped tops 

You’re hitting the town tonight, no need to be so modest. We love a good crop top as a staple to any going out outfit no matter the occasion. How much skin you want to show is personally up to you, but just remember a little skin never hurt anybody. Crop tops are a great way to accentuate your figure by giving that waistline a little peep. It adds a layer of cheekiness and sensuality to your sexy going out outfits and will have you looking as confident as you feel. 

Play around with the type of clothes you have, whether it is a cropped tank, a cropped sweater, or a cropped bandeau, you can always mix and match it to something that will either elevate it or keep it more low key. 

Cross-body Shoulder Bag

You’ll thank us later when you’re a couple of drinks in and realize you could have totally forgotten your wallet if not for the miracle invention that is the cross strap bag. In general, having a bag with you at all times is a must for part of your womens going out clothes. Forget about men, we don’t know how they manage to go out with just their wallet and keys and call it a day. On top of our own keys and wallet, we have our lipstick, our lip balm, touch up powder, travel size perfume spray, our menstrual essentials (because who knows) and now, of course, we’re adding hand sanitizers to the list. Having a mini crossbody bag will ensure that you have everything you need at the moment you need it, without having it easily lose itself when you’re having a little bit too much fun. 


Not everyone can rock a heel for all hours of the night and come out alive. Ease your way back into nightlife by compromising and getting yourself a nice pair of booties that will still have you looking fine in your sexy going out outfits without sacrificing your comfort. Booties are the easiest way to elevate your outfit into a night time look by eliminating the casualness that you normally would get from a pair of flats or sneakers. 


We know you want to look like a total bombshell in your going out outfit. But let’s not totally forget about being practical, especially during the colder seasons. A great piece to have is a light or sheer layering piece that won’t take away from your outfit. It should serve its purpose in keeping you covered when it gets chilly and be compact enough to stuff into your bag. Throwback to our college going out outfits, when we risked it all and would come back sick - we’re getting a little too old for that now. Let’s try to stay practical. 

Statement Piece

Last but not least, you need a statement piece to differentiate your going out outfits from something you would just throw on and wear to any other occasion. Statement pieces can come in all forms, including Kpop accessories, a jacket, or just a really great pair of edgy going out pants. We find pieces that stand out from the crowd could include a really great pant chain that will really shine through when it’s late. Tops with metallic hardware or pants with strappy details are great examples of statement pieces for your night out outfits


If you want to stand out you’re going to have to go a little darker on that smokey eye. Part of the fun in rocking a great going out outfit is getting your face to look just as smoking hot. We love playing with blacks, browns, and a little bit of that heaty red tone if you’re feeling more adventurous. 


There are only two ways we see this going. Either you’re going to have to straighten the heck out of that hair and have it looking pristine and sleek, or you’re going to have a wild mane and give that head a bunch of voluminous messy curls. There’s literally no in-between. 

With this handy guide on what to wear when going out, you’re now completely ready to face nightlife once again. Whether it’s a casual catch up, date night, or drinks with the girls, you have an outfit for every occasion! For more going out outfits, check out our Lychee the Label collection of Bestsellers to see what’s trending now. Take our guide on what to look for in your womens going out outfits and see what you can mix and match for a whole new versatile look. Don’t worry, any combination of our bestsellers are bound to have you being the star of the night.

November 18, 2020