How to Do a Music Festival Right

It’s no surprise that part of the fun when going to a music festival is the preparation that comes with it. Specifically, the outfits that we can mix and match, whether it’s a costume theme or a look you’re trying to twin with your best friend. The best part about music festival outfits are the wide variety of looks you can create, really allowing for your creativity to let loose in a judgement free zone. 

Music Festival Outfits 

What makes festival clothing different from everyday wear is the fact that it can be a little wild and out there. In fact, the more eye catching, the better! We’re talking about every style you can think of, bohemian, streetwear, rave wear, lounge wear etc., but with a radical twist that would be a little too outlandish for your day to day wear. That is the heart and soul of festival wear. 

What we all love about the freedom and creativity of music festival clothes. Is that there are no rules to how you can wear something. At the end of the day, it’s about having a good time and looking dang good while you’re doing it. 

Music Festival Tops

A good rule of thumb when picking out your music festival top is to first decide on the theme you are going for. Are you going for a softer boho music festival outfit? Or perhaps you want to go for a dark and edgy theme. Here are some of our recommended picks for music festival tops that you can rock on your next one. 

Espresso Mesh Buckle Waist Top 

If you’re going for an assassin type streetwear tech wear vibe, then look no further because we have the perfect music festival top for you. This top is the perfect combo piece for any dark theme outfit you want to rock. Most commonly paired with strappy shorts or the like, this top can also be worn with baggy joggers for a hip-hop aesthetic. The Espresso Mesh Buckle Waist Top is light and breathable, and can be worn in the sun all day long. The waistband is conveniently adjustable, making it comfortable to wear whether you are jumping around to your favorite artist, or laying low and sitting on the grass chilling.  

espresso top close up flat lay

Sesame Cross Strap Cropped Bandeau 

Another alternative to a darker and edgier style top can be the Sesame Cross Strap Cropped Bandeau. For those that overheat easily, the best bet is to rock something that gives you the most amount of space to breath. Although it may look like a plain bandeau at first, the cross strap detail and matching adjustable waist band brings a hard edge to an otherwise simple top. 

cropped bandeau close up flat lay

Gelato Reflective Cropped Buckle Bomber

There’s nothing we love more than being a little extra. The Gelato Reflective Cropped Buckle Bomber is the perfect way to make a statement at a rave because you stand out in a flash, pun intended. A reflective piece for festival fashion is always a popular choice among music festival goers. Pair this reflective bomber with reflective bottoms or accessories to complete the festival look! 

reflective bomber close up flat lay

Festival Shorts and Skirts 

When deciding on your bottoms for your next festival outfit, you want to be sure about the look you’re going for. Shorts, skirts, joggers and leggings all change the overall tone and theme of your outfit, so be sure to pick one that is right for the festival look you are going for. Here are our top picks on some bottoms you can rock for your music festival outfit.

Caviar Reflective Mesh Joggers

While some may feel the most comfortable rocking a pair of shorts shorts, maybe you’re looking for something with a little more coverage for your music festival apparel. In that case, a pair of joggers would be your best bet staying covered and most importantly, comfortable. Dress up your choice of joggers by opting for one with reflective detailing in the spirit of music festival outfits. This Caviar Reflective Mesh Jogger is breathable for dancing all day long, while still retaining elements of streetwear and edge to really make your outfit stand out in the crowd. 

reflective mesh joggers  close up flat lay

Azuki Lace Up Slit Skort

A simple solution to avoiding the discomfort of wearing a skirt to a music festival, is to simply wear a mock skirt - or a skort if you will. Not only will you still retain that feminine and girly vibe you’re going for, but you can also rest assured that you will be comfortable and protected by those hidden shorts! The Azuki Lace Up Slit Skort is an edgy streetwear style skort that has all the elements of edginess and all things extra to have you turning heads everywhere you go. 

lace up skort close up flat lay

Music Festival Dresses and One Pieces

One of the easiest things a girl can slip on is a dress or one piece and call it a day. No only do you look like you’ve really put some thought into that outfit, but it’s so effortless too. A great reason to opt for a dress or one piece for your music festival outfit is simply the ease in it, if you’re one of those girl that just can’t be bothered with spending hours trying to mix and match for your festival outfits. 

Rosehip Leg Strap Dress

A head-turning look you can rock can be easily done with the Rosehip Leg Strap Dress. This dress has all the streetwear elements, from the metallic detail to leg straps, its festival fashion that makes you feel as good as you look. Try it in either white or black, depending on the theme you’re going for! 

leg strap dress close up flat lay

Music Festival Shoes and Accessories 

We know a music festival outfit is never complete without the help of a few accessories and footwear. Sometimes, it’s the details that make a look, and in this case it is no different. We recommend mixing and matching with colors and styles that best suit the festival clothing for women you’re going for. 

Sago Reflective Lace Up Socks

Who says socks have to be boring? This pair of reflective lace up socks will have your legs the center of attention. With the quote “GOOD MOOD” stamped right across the back of each socks, these cheeky little accessories will be sure to complete your festival apparel. 

reflective socks close up flat lay

Festival Fashion

Still at a loss on what you can wear? Looking for complete festival clothing for women that you can simply have mixed and matched for you? Here are some of our top music festival outfits that we think you can rock that will be totally festival wear ready! Ready to start your festival clothing wishlist? Check out our rave outfits collectionWe've also got some inspiration for rave couple outfits! Don't forget to pack these rave essentials and stay prepared.


January 27, 2021
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