Making Everyday Streetwear Outfits Look Expensive

We love rocking brand name streetwear clothes as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s just not that practical. You could walk into a store and spend a couple of hundred dollar bills, only to leave with a single shirt or pants--sometimes even a single belt! It’s certainly tough on our wallets overtime, and truth be told, not the most efficient way to shop. So the question is, how can we dress ourselves to look streetwear sleek, without breaking the bank? Today, we’re going to explore some tips and tricks on how to make cheap streetwear outfits look expensive. 

Tricks to elevate your cheap streetwear clothes


It’s no secret that accessorizing is key to a complete outfit. While your overall cheap women's streetwear outfit might lack depth, you can bring back some of that dimension with key accessories. Some of the most common way to dress up your cheap streetwear outfit is with pant chains, face masks, thigh high socks and jewelry.

Pant Chains

Chains are all the rage in streetwear attire. They are versatile and can be worn with your pants, plaid skirts, or even looped into your tops. Chains allow for movement in an otherwise streamlined and boring women's streetwear outfit. The weight and sway of the chain help draw the eye to areas of the outfit that you might want to bring a little depth towards. In addition to adding layers and dimensions to your plain outfit, the metallic contrast will also give a pop of color in comparison to your overall look. However, chains are not limited to your average stainless steel look but can be branched off to complement your outfit through a variety of monochromatic colors such as white and black. 


statement chain in 3 colors close up and flat lay


Face Mask

Streetwear face mask fashion has always been around, but with the pandemic, it’s really just a bonus to always have a face mask ready. So why not a fashionable one? Wearing a face mask not only helps round out your outfit by bringing the eye higher up towards the face, but it also creates a sense of mystery of identity that makes streetwear so cool. 


streetwear mask folded and close up flat lay


Thigh High Socks 

As a rule of thumb, we generally like to pair any streetwear outfit that incorporates skirts or shorts with some thigh high socks. Much like how streetwear face masks help bring the eye higher and extend the outfit, thigh-high socks do the same thing but bring your eyes lower and extend the outfit from the ground up. It bridges that empty space with colors and textures that help add more detail to an otherwise blank canvas. It also bridges the aesthetic that connects the shorts/skirt to your shoes. 

thigh high socks flat lay and close up


While some may find jewelry a bit of a hassle to work with, there is no denying the way it completes an outfit that seems to just be missing a bit of detail. Jewelry extends the outfit by bringing the eye to all ends of your body, creating unity in colors and textures that otherwise might be lacking. By matching metallic tones with your necklaces, rings, and bracelets, you create a clean added touch to an otherwise flat streetwear outfit. Try playing around with different tones whether it is silver, gold, or rose gold jewelry. 

Mixing high-end pieces with low-end pieces 

The key here is to blend in your lower end streetwear pieces with your designer streetwear pieces. This is a practical and budget-friendly way to still rock your favorite brands while keeping your funds in the bank. Have your higher-end streetwear pieces featured as the statement or main focus of the outfit. This can be a logo piece that is featured prominently on your top or bottom. Fill in the rest of your outfit with similar themes and color tones to finish off the outfit, in a way that complements and draws attention to your higher-end streetwear clothes. 


Much like the previous point about accessorizing, textures also help bring some dimension into your outfit to help elevate and make it look a little more expensive. Mixing textures will help differentiate your pieces, especially when it comes to layering. While layering is always key to creating depth, having various patterns and textures show through will create several focus points. Try playing around with fabric that differs in thickness, whether it is a sheer and silky fabric or a warm and thick fleece. 


While we all like to dress in black, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming as it tends to drown you in the color. A good rule of thumb when wearing black is to play with the monochromatic color scheme. A pop of dark grey and whites in your overall black streetwear outfit will help bring emphasis and focus into certain pieces. By drawing attention to different areas, you will be able to create interest in an otherwise boring or cheap streetwear outfit. 

Streetwear outfits under $100

Let’s explore some cheap streetwear outfits that you can buy for under $100 while still looking expensive.

womens streetwear outfit in all white by lychee the label model


In this outfit the model is rocking the Meringue Drop Chain Tube Top ($33.90) with the Chardonnay Cargo Pants ($64.90). Here you can see the play on textures through the metallic finishes against both bottom and faux leather material. The monochromatic theme of varying shades of white is also incorporated into this cheap streetwear outfit. You can get this whole outfit for only $98.80!


womens streetwear outfit

In this outfit the model is rocking the Shoyu Strap Sleeve Crop Top ($64.90) with the Truffle Strap Cut Out Shorts ($29.90). Again, various textures are put into play, with a thicker textured crop top against the smooth touch of cotton. Color blocking and colors within the same monochromatic scheme allow for focus and emphasis on the clothes you want to showcase. You can get this whole outfit for only $94.80.


plaid suspender skirt and matching crop anise shirt on lychee the label model

In this outfit the model is rocking the Anise Bustier Chain Crop Top ($33.90), the Salt n' Pepper Suspender Skirt ($39.90) and the Dango Streetwear Face Mask ($10.90). This cheap streetwear outfit uses various accessories to elevate the look. The model can be seen using chains to bring focus and dimension into her outfit. The face mask also helps extend and round out the look. The monochromatic shades of blacks and whites, as well as the patterns of plaid bring interest back into the outfit as well. You can get this whole look for only $84.70!


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February 01, 2021