Kpop Apps You Need To Try Right Now

Ever wondered what apps Korean idols use on a daily basis? Or perhaps you’re looking for Kpop apps that can help you connect you with like minded fans? We got your back! After investigating some of the most popular and trendy Kpop apps out there, we have compiled our top 5 best Kpop apps that you can download right now! We found the most legit Kpop apps to connect you with your favorite Kpop star during their live streams or apps that simply connect you with other fans to discuss the latest news. We also explored apps that are most famously used by Kpop groups for their photo finishes and filter. Check out our list and test out our take on the best Kpop apps available right now! 

5 Must Have KPop Apps 

V Live

The hottest Kpop app right now is V live, a social platform that allows Kpop idols to communicate and talk to their fans. The app, based in South Korea, functions as a live streaming service, allowing many Kpop idols to have live Q&A or conversations with their fans. Yes! This means you can talk to Kpop idols through this app! Idols are often seen streaming their performances, award shows, and even reality shows for fans to interact with. With over 1300 channels, this Kpop idol app features extremely notable Kpop stars such as Blackpink, BTS, Big Bang, Mamamoo and Exo just to name a few. You could even say the large majority of them can be found on our list of 10 best Kpop girl group of all time! Fans are notified when their favorite Kpop artist begins a stream or uploads content. In turn, fans are able to comment, ask questions and send hearts in real-time for their idol to see. This Kpop idol chat app also has unique features such as their “chemi-beat” function, which allows a fan to increase their chemistry stat with specific idols. The higher the stat you gain from constantly interacting with your idol, the higher your chances are of winning certain events within the app. Users also have the option to sign up for a subscription-based version of the app that allows fans to access hidden broadcasts and posts. Fans that don’t speak Korean as their native language are saved by their V Fansubs service, which allows for translations during live video. Check our V live, the app Kpop idols use for Kpop chat and have the chance to interact with your favorite Kpop idol live! 

an image of kpop apps v live in two screenshots



This Kpop centered app is a fan’s paradise! Amino is an all inclusive platform that functions much like most social networking site, with the exception that is specifically focuses on Kpop. This kpop app is the source for the latest translated updates, fan arts and projects, appreciation posts and more. Likeminded international Kpop fan can communicate amongst each other to discuss all things Kpop, from their performances, music, gossip and fashion inspiration. For the latter, we also have our own tips on Kpop fashion inspiration on our blog post BTS outfit guide or more specifically, Jimin fashion.  Users can start their own discussion and engage with other fans through sharing thoughts, photos, blog posts and more. The featured page allows for users to see the trending post of the day - think of this as something similar to reddits popular page. The simplicity of catching up on your daily dose of Kpop news all within your fingertips. Our favorite part about this app is the ability to connect with other fans and meet friends with the same interest and stans. Check out Kpop amino, the kpop idol app, for a social networking based Kpop app. 

screenshot of the kpop app amino website

Coverstar - Dance Challenges

If you’re obsessed with Tik Tok and Kpop, look no further, because we found the best of both worlds. Coverstar is a kpop app that features a community of creators that jam out and record covers of the latest kpop dances and choreography. Currently this app is rather new and is promoting itself as the latest social platform that is rapidly growing. They pride themselves as being an american based company. Check out Coverstar if you’re looking for a kpop app that you can dance along to your favorite kpop covers! 


Snow is one of the most popular Kpop idol selca apps out right now. They have been around for several years but have only continued to rise in popularity due to their constant update of new selfie templates and filters. This Kpop edit app is popularly used by Kpop idols to overlay cute filters and moving animations onto their selfies. From cat ears to hilarious bowling pin filters, the amount of overlays to choose from is truly limitless! In addition to their adorable overlays, the app naturally filters the photo for the smoothest skin, making you camera-ready at all times. Snow, the Kpop app for iPhone, also allows for video features as well! Their library features a vast selection of Kpop songs for you to choose from, including artists like BTS and Blackpink. Show your support for your favorite Kpop group by recording a video and rocking out to your favorite BTS tunes, with the added option of adding BTS stickers as a final touch! You can check out Snow, one of the most popular Kpop apps for selfies in your app store! If you are interested in similar Kpop idol selca apps, check out the sister app B612 that has similar features. 

cute selfie from jennie blackpink using snow kpop app



If you’re looking for apps kpop idols use, this is one that we often find featured in their instagram stories and post! This Kpop edit app adds a dreamy sparkly effect to your camera! The term Kira Kira itself actually means to “glitter” or “sparkle” in japanese, and it does just that. We love adding a little extra bling to our selfies, and Kpop idols do too! On top of the main sparkly feature this Kpop app presents, this app also comes with a variety of endless filters for you to get the perfect glowy skin or dreamy background. This app is so simple to use, you just have to point, shoot, and apply your glitter and filters! Try checking out KiraKira+ on the app store for your next selfies. 



Eggbun - The simple chat-style app that allows you to pick up phrases and learn to type and communicate in Korean. The cute style of this app keeps it fun and entertaining to use!

Superstar - A fun and easy going music game that uses a lot of KPop tracks! If you're in the mood for some light hearted KPop music to jam out to and have fun with, this is the one for you. This game is popular amongst the KPop fandom. 

Audiomack - This is a free music streaming platform that has many of your favorite KPop song readily available to listen to! If you're lucky, you might even find some song covers from your favorite idol! 

TheQoos - Similar to Amino, this app is a well rounded KPop app that is your one stop shop for all KPop new sources, to chat with like minded fans and to explore what the community has to offer! 

Soompi - Looking for more news coverage outside of just your favorite KPop artist? Soompi is a well known site that gives you the latest news on all Korean superstars from Kpop artists to Kdrama actors! 

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April 28, 2021
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