Cute Asian Fashion Trends You Need To Try 

During these last few years, it seems like cute Asian fashion has taken the world by storm. Whether it was the popularization of Kpop fashion that inevitably made its way to the West, or the viral video trends of Asian girl fashion on Tik Tok, the growing interest in cute Asian clothes cannot be dismissed. Of course, for one that is trying to get into the cute Asian clothing scene, it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start when it comes to building your closet. Here at Lychee the Label, we are experts in Asian girl fashion, and hope to share with you some of our popular finds when researching for cute Asian fashion trends. Today, we’ll be guiding you through the top picks for Asian girl style and discuss cropped sweaters, pastel colors, plaid skirts, streetwear, cut-out shorts and dresses. 

4 Cute Asian Fashion Trends

Cropped Sweaters

Some might say cropped sweaters are the perfect combination of modest and cheeky. The cropped effect takes away the bummy look that might be associated with something too oversized and ill-fitting. This allows you to still stay cozy and comfortable while sporting something that says you’re still presentable and fierce. For countries in Asia, cropped sweaters are an absolute staple. With modest and traditional roots in several Asian cultures, the thought of wearing anything too revealing is still frowned upon in society. The sweater aspect, despite being cropped, is enough to be worn and accepted in day to day wear. 

The variety of cropped sweaters is limitless, as they are worn in a number of styles. Whether chunky and knitted or light and breezy, the look is an accepted part of all cute Asian outfits. Lychee the Label’s winter themed cropped sweaters such as Shoyu Strapped Sleeve Sweater or Buttercream Knitted Cropped Sweater are thick enough to withstand the cold winter, while still appealing to the asian girl fashion of the cropped aesthetic. Conversely, Lychee the Label also offers summer themed cropped sweaters like Daifuku Button Sleeve Cropped Top and Pumpkin Spice Slit Sleeve Cropped Top which are breathable to wear during the hot summer days, while retaining its modest aesthetic. 

lychee the label models in a collage of four photos

Pastel Colors

The reason why pastel colors are so sought after in cute Asian fashion is because lighter colors are always associated with a more youthful appeal. Whereas the west and their fashion might cater more to a sultry and mature look, Asian girl fashion largely appeals to a more cutesy and younger aesthetic. Due to the prioritization of looking youthful, you would often see cute asian clothes featured in light and pastel color schemes. 

Pastel colors can be integrated into your Asian girl outfit in a number of ways. You can decide how much pastel you’re willing to wear per outfit - whether it’s just a pop of pastel or as your overlying theme, incorporating pastel colors in general will send you in the right direction for your Asian girl style. Lychee the Label has a variety of pastel-themed cute Asian clothes online. The Honey Oversized Varsity Striped Cardigan comes in a creamy white along  with a sakura pink highlight. Parfait Zip-Up Crop Tank comes in the exact color scheme to match. The Hibiscus Striped Joggers are a sporty take on a pastel color theme that is available in both white and pink with the respective highlighted colors. These can be worn together or separately as a base to build your Asian girl outfits. 

Plaid Skirts

Pleated plaid skirts have always been such a classic. But In Korea, it is an everlasting trend that never seems to go away! Plaid skirts are often found in a style that resembles the traditional Asian school uniform. Due to this youthful association, the plaid skirt is popular amongst young adult women who want to emulate this youthful look. This cute Asian clothing piece comes in a variety of styles, from simple to edgy, that can be very easily paired with due to their diverse styling nature. 

Plaid skirts are no longer limited to just a simple school girl style aesthetic. Due to the popularization of Kpop outfits, a lot of styles now tend to modify themselves to meet a more edgy and dramatic appeal. The traditional plaid skirt that has been trending amongst Kpop groups can be seen in similar style as Lychee the Label’s Latte Slit Skirt and Macchiato Slit Skirt. While retaining the school girl plaid aesthetic, this cute asian dress has a twist, in the sense that it has a cut-out slit side that allows for your inner shorts to shine through. This same look can be achieved through a non-pleated plaid skirt, as seen from the Goji Plaid Slit Skirt that offers a similar aesthetic. 

lychee the label plaid skirt in a collage of three styled plaid skirt


While streetwear may have you thinking of themes that are a little more edgy and hard, this style can be seen being worked into cute Asian fashion! Streetwear style doesn’t necessarily have to be so dark and dramatic. This can be seen in the ways a lot of cute Kpop fashion incorporate streetwear elements while making it still cute and youthful. 

Genderless shapes often seen in streetwear and hip hop inspired clothes can take away from the cute asian fashion factor. By incorporating elements like lighter colors or feminine shapes to pair with the outfit, the streetwear outfit can be made more youthful. Lychee the label’s Chardonnay Cargo Chain Pants is an example of this style made cute. 

lychee the label streetwear model wearing all white

Looking for more cute Asian clothing to add to your wardrobe? Check out Lychee the Label’s collection of Asian streetwear for more closet inspiration and for cute Asian clothes online.

May 05, 2021